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My wife Knows I fuck my sister

  • Wednesday, October 15 2008 @ 05:15 PM CDT
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"Bill please fuck me like you fuck your sister!!!!!!!!"
"I didnt know you knew I was fucking her."
"Christ I've known that all along. Actually she told me. Stick your goddamn cock up your wifes cunt and fuck the shit out of her just like you fucking fuck your sister baby"
"Oh christ I love it when you swear."
"I fucking know you do baby."
"So give me that goddamn fuck pole up my cunt"
"ahhhhhhhhh,you fucking feel good......."
"Give it to me you bastard. You like the feel of your sisters cunt dont you. Tell me you bastard.....Fuck me,fuck me,fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh fucking Bill I'm fucking cummmmmmmmmin.."
"Goddamn Jesus Christ Bill FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!"

"Now tell me when was the last time you fucked her goddamn twat?"
"Oh maybe just a few days ago.Why do you ask?"

"Because I want to be there the next time you take her cunt baby.I want to watch you fuck your sister then you turn it on me and fuck my cunthole just like you fuck her. I want to finger my cunt as you fuck her."

"Goddammmit you are hot girl."

"Can you fucking arrange it?"

"Christ yes girl."

"Call the bitch today."


"Ok. Now get the fuck out of the room. I have to fucking go to work now."

"Anything you say dear."

To be continued..............


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  • My wife Knows I fuck my sister
  • Authored by: bell on Sunday, December 21 2008 @ 11:46 AM CST
well, my cunt is always wet for you...bell

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