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Dad Step-Son

  • Sunday, June 15 2008 @ 05:16 PM CDT
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My wife had to leave early for work Friday morning leaving my step-son and me behind. Steve, my stepson was in his bed sound asleep and I was propped on my side whispering to the little woman saying goodbye at such an early hour. “Lay flat for a second,” she said smiling ear to ear. “What are you up to?” I asked and chuckled.

She tugged at the sheet covering my naked body. She tittered staring down at my bone hard cock stuck to my gut. “I love your morning erections,” she whispered leaning over giving the head a hard suck. “I love sucking him before you awake each morning,” she whispered kissing the underside of my dick before giving him one hell of a squeeze. “Don’t leave now” I moaned. “Gotta run, later,” she sang waving goodbye.

The wife asked if I’d drive Steve to his first class later that morning around 9. “Fine with me,” I said telling her she’d be late if she didn’t run.

In the shower I stroked my big dick again. I began thinking of my sexy 18-year-old stepson, Steve. I closed my eyes stroking my cockshaft picturing him buck-naked with his hard body and a cock to die for, not that I had ever seen his pecker but I knew he had a big one.

My wife had told me about her son having a big cock. “If he is as hung as his late father's penis then he has a whopper between his legs,” she had said giggling.

I don’t know why but I could feel Steve easing his monster meat into my ass. I wanted the stud to fuck me silly. I had to have him, I just had to but how, I asked myself releasing my bone hard erection.

He was asleep flat on his back with his head turned to the wall when I entered his bedroom. My stepson looked so fucking hot and then I noticed a twitch neath his top sheet south of his waist.

“He’s in the process of springing an early morning woody,” I whispered to me gazing at his tenting sheet.

He looked awesome stretched out, five-feet ten inches and one hundred and fifty solid pounds. He wasn’t wearing a top nor was he wearing underwear not with the tent he was sporting.

My cock sprung to attention inside my white boxers. My knob tented the left side of my underwear stretching the cotton material with my 7.5 inch thick prick trying to set itself free.

“You awake Steve?” I asked whispering. “Uh-huh” he muttered turning his head the opposite way keeping his eyes shut. “Time to get up,” I murmured. “K-Dad,” he muttered. “Hurry now,” I added turning.

“Hey Dad,” Steve whispered with me looking over his shoulder. “Sorry I had to wake you Steve,” I murmured catching another sight of his erection under his sheet. “I don’t mind, I’ll get up now,” he stated. “Better take a pee first,” I said exiting his room. “Guess so, eh,” he said and chuckled.

It wasn’t the first time I had seen my stepson tenting his bed sheet. It was become routine after my wife caught sight of it one morning and told me saying, “I don’t think I better wake him any more if he's springing boners with him not wearing underwear to bed. You should go and wake him up from now on.”

I walked out of the shower wearing a light towel around my slim hips. Passing Steve’s bedroom, I peeked inside. His mop of hair was still wet from taking a shower before me. He was wearing boxers sitting on the side of his bed. “Oops” I exclaimed dropping my towel accidentally on purpose. “Sorry bout that,” I said and chuckled. “No problem,” my stepson said locking gazes.

“I’ll drive you to school later,” I said stepping inside my stepson’s bedroom when I finished dressing.

He was in the middle of stuffing his legs into a skintight pair of jeans. He sucked in his flat hard gut fastening the single brass button. I stared at his basket of goodies, his bulge after he zipped his fly.

He had the hottest body of any 18-year-old I’d ever seen since my first year at university.

His denims hugged his hot looking bubble-butt ass-cheeks. I nibbled my upper lip checking it out several times while my stepson rifled around in a drawer looking for just the right T-shirt to wear that day.

“Are you not working today?” my stepson asked. “Not today,” I answered. “You know what Dad?” he asked. “Do tell,” I replied. “I’m not feeling all that well today. I think I’ll stay home and take it easy.” “Are you sick” I asked. “Not really, you know,” he said closing his dresser drawer without removing a T-shirt.

“I could make us a proper breakfast?” I asked. “Great Dad,” he replied. “We could always watch a video a little later since it’s such an ugly day outside with the pouring rain,” I said looking out his bedroom window. “You always know what to do,” he said thanking me unbuttoning the top of his pants after kicking off his shoes. “Shouldn’t you be calling in and telling someone,” I began. “Thanks Dad,” he said leaning to the side grabbing his telephone with me staring at his crotch and biting my bottom lip.

Steve entered the kitchen wearing a loose pair of boxers. He parked at the kitchen table telling me breakfast smelled great. “I’ll grab the coffee,” he stated.

He thanked me for the awesome breakfast including fried green tomatoes. “Anytime son,” I said and smiled reaching across the small table ruffling his blonde curly locks. “Feeling better” I asked. “I’m not sick, just wasn’t in the mood for school today,” he murmured. “I understand” I replied. “I hope you do,” he said and guffawed before he and I moved into the great room.

“Which video” I asked with him sitting on my favorite lazyboy chair leaning back and reclining with the attached footrest bolting upward. “That’s my chair,” I said and laughed. “You know what video,” he said smiling. “I do” I asked. “One of your special videos,” he answered. “Excuse me” I asked. “You know the ones, go get one Dad,” he said and winked.

“Grab your new digital camera while you’re in there!” my son shouted.

I shook my head side to side not really knowing if my stepson was being real or playing head games.

I sat on the side of my bed with two of my special videos in hand that had been buried within the pit of my closet on the opposite side of the room where my wife’s walk-in closet was located.

“Dad” my son asked standing at my bedroom door. “You okay?” he asked sticking his head inside the room. “Fine thanks,” I said turning and gazing into his bright eyes. “Got the video and your camera?” he asked. “Step inside here a minute,” I said turning and placing the two videos face down on my pillow. “Sit beside me” I said to Steve patting the bed at my right side.

Steve smiled ear to ear dropping to his knees crawling toward me and wedging himself between my legs after parting them with his hot fists.

Steve stood upright. He was sporting a tent in his shorts. He turned sideways and parked his ass on my left knee.

My stepson turned to me pinching my chin. “Look up Dad” he whispered.

“I know you’re bi, you know I’m gay, don’t you?” he asked. “I do now,” I whispered. “Where’s your new camera that I got you for Father’s Day last week” he asked?” “In my top drawer,” I answered.

He rose to his feet and walked over to my bureau opening the top drawer. “Here it is” he said. “Catch Dad” he stated. “Don’t do that” I said surprised catching my digital cam.

“Snap a few pics with me sucking your cock,” he said dropping to his knees between my legs tugging at my shorts.

He whipped my boxers down to my ankles before tugging them off my feet. Before he touched my legs, he lowered his boxers around his knees. His cock bolted upright bone hard. His eyes were locked onto my stiff prick. “Feed him to me,” he asked murmuring.

He took the head of my cock in his mouth! I thought that I was going to pass out from the sheer ecstatic thrill.

He was hungry for my dick and didn’t waste a precious second bobbing his head up and down with me trying to take a few snaps of him devouring my dong.

His fingertips locked onto my smooth balls. He tugged my nutsac taking my cock deep in his mouth and then his throat with me gasping and grunting knowing I’d soon express a more than significant orgasm is my stepson didn’t slow down devouring my cock.

I knew he was related to me by blood and I was thankful even though being twice his age plus a few years to boot.

He pulled his hot mouth and tight lips off the end of my sensitive boner. He looked up and into my eyes. “Fuck me please” he murmured rising to his feet with his hands gripping the top of my thighs.

I didn’t expect to feel his hot lips kissing mine but he did and I returned his sweet kiss.

He removed the remainder of his boxer shorts. His cock stood upright bone hard curved to the left with the head of his dick almost touching his sunken gut.

He crawled onto the bed beside me digging his knees into the side of the mattress. He wriggled his bum left to right offering his bubble butt ass to me.

I knelt on the floor placing my hands on his hot ass-cheeks before mashing my face between his hot buns. He was taken by surprise. He giggled at first and then began moaning and groaning with me trying to hold him steady by his thighs drilling his pucker with the tip of my tongue. “Oh Daddy” he muttered several times.

“Eat me out Daddy,” he begged pushing his ass back into my mug. He told me that my handlebar moustache was teasing and tickling his ass. “Fuck me” he begged.

Before screwing my stepson I captured him taking several snaps with my new digital cam. He flipped over posing buck-naked for me with his magnificent boner standing upright.

I couldn’t wait to get my cock into his hot looking tight boy-pussy.

He said he had to suck my dick again before I fucked him hard deep and fast.

“Tell your Daddy; tell him, how bad do you want his cock stuck up your tight ass?” I asked slapping his butt-cheeks with the side of my bone hard oiled stiffy.

“Yeah Daddy, spank my ass with your big hard cock before you fuck me,” he replied swishing his ass side to side.

The head of my cock entered his tight asshole with me climbing on top of him forcing him down flat on his gut on the bed with my cock sinking halfway up his tight ass. “Oh fuck” he growled. “Fucking right” I added digging my hands under my stepson’s chest. “Feels so good,” I whispered moving my hips forward and rolling us on our sides.

“Toss your left leg up for me son,” I said twitching my cock a little more than halfway in his tight ass.

I pulled my dick out of his ass before stuffing my knob back inside it several times before he begged me to leave my man tool within his arse telling me, his Daddy to fuck him. I fucked his man-pussy before we turned twisting our bodies. He ended up flat on his back and I was on my knees pulling his rear end into my lap with him tossing his legs over my shoulders. Fuck me Daddy fuck that ass!”

Steve started cumming between us. It felt so fucking hot stuck to our guts and chests that it made me so fucking horny, I busted a nut deeply within his ass but I didn’t stop fucking his butt not by a long shot!

Steve squirmed and I was panting and gasping. His chest and mine were soaked in his spent seed. “Stroke your cock, come again Son, hurry, I’m going to cum again in side you!”

“I can feel your hot cum in my ass,” he said pumping his bone hard dick faster and faster and faster with his ass squeezing the fuck out of the base of my fuck post.

“Fuck me Dad fuck that ass and fuck it,” he said releasing his cock. “No son, don’t stop stroking,” I whined. “I’m cumming again,” he said grabbing both sides of my head lifting his noggin squishing his hot lips into mine.

I started cumming again deeply within my stepson’s tight ass. His butt squeezed my cock so fucking hard I thought he was grinding my nuts to dust at the same fucking time.

I ground my hips forward sinking every centimeter of my fuck stick in Steve’s ass until I finished blowing every load I could manage.

Steve and I had sex many more times that day and into the evening before his mom, my wife came home late that same night finding me in bed out like a light and her son in his bed dead to the world dreaming of me, his step-dad.


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