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Daddy and my hand in my privates

  • Sunday, May 18 2008 @ 12:33 PM CDT
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I was twelve and walked into my parents bedroom. My dad was in the shower and I saw his long hard cock. My privates twitched and I felt wetness. For the rest of the day all I could think about was that view. Later that night I went on the internet and watched cock being sucked by women. I put my hand down on my privates and my panties were wet so I put my hand in my panties in my slightly hairy privates. My fingers were wet. I brought them up to my face and smelled my fingers and then licked them one by one. I heard a noise and looked up to see my dad watching me. His cock was getting hard in his pants. To this day I don't know what I was thinking but I took my fathers hands and pulled him in my room and shut the door. Then I unzipped his pants and pulled it out. I started kissing it up and down. Mesmorized by his size and the hardness. I rubbed it on my face and moaned. I looked up and he was looking at me with a shocked face. Then he smiled as I put it in my mouth. I went up and down on it like I had watched the porn earlier. He sprayed warm cum into my mouth. Then I stood up and pulled my panties down and rubbed his wet cock on my wet privates. I was moaning and he pulled it away from me. He moved me to my bed and he straddled me and I watched him guide his cock on my privates. I was too small to take it all so he put his middle finger in going back and forth on my pussy as he called it. Then he went down and kissed my top part of my pussy. Then sucked on my folds in the privates. He kissed and sucked. I loved it when he pulled on the folds. Then his tongue went in and out of my hole. Then he would do a big lick up and suck my folds. I found myself holding his head forcing him into my privates. He worked me harder and as he sucked he put more fingers in me pumping me with them. It felt so good. Then noticed his face was covered. He took his fingers and put them in my mouth for me to suck them. It tasted so good. Then I licked his face clean. He laid down beside me and I was still horny so I spread my pussy and rubbed his cock back and forth with my privates. I could get the tip in my hole.So when he was about to spew forth I aimed it in me. I kissed him on his cock and lips. We kissed for several minutes with his fingers in my pussy. We fell asleep that way that night. Later before he went back to his own bed he allowed me to suck his cock dry. Now when I see him in the shower I join him when mom isn't around. He says it is a treat for him because mom never puts her mouth on his cock. I love seeing how much of him I can get in my hole. He now watches the porn with me so I can suck him while watching it especailly when we learn a new way.


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