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My brother pumping my pussy

  • Saturday, April 12 2008 @ 12:42 AM CDT
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Well, after I sucked my brother's cock in the barn it wasn't long before I was wanting it inside of me. It was about four months later. I loved being licked and having his tongue in my pussy but I wanted that long hard piece of meat in me. So we were out in the barn and I brought a blanket to lay on. We started out doing the 69 and taking care of each other. I was even more excited and creamed his face faster. I slowly was sucking his cock and kissing it with small kisses and rubbing my face with his precum. Then I went down fast and hard on his cock then he came in my mouth. Then this time we laid beside of each other. I reached over and kissed him. Then we made out like boyfriend and girlfriend. I felt his hand in my pussy and pressed my tits in his chest. Then he began sucking them. I was moving my hips faster. Fucking his hand then he slowly put the cock in me. I was breathing faster and then as he sucked my tit he pumped me and I felt his warm cream going in me. I was riding him like a cowgirl. I leaned down and kissed him hard on his mouth. The cream flowed from me and he licked it up. I couldn't believe my virginity was gone. I didn't know what to do for a moment. Then I primed his cock again and climbed on for a ride of my life until my cum met his. He fucked me again but this time I felt the cock in my ass. I sat up and he massaged my tits with his hands coming around to the front. I was moaning to my delight when the barn door opened and my dad walked in. He saw us and smiled. Then said," don't stop now, I like watching this stuff." So we continued and we came together. I loved the feeling of him inside me. I looked up and saw my dad long and hard in front of me. I looked at my brother and he just shrugged his shoulders. My dad looked down and said, "hey, little slut swallow my cock." I realized he was drunk. But I decided it looked huge and I wanted to try. My brother decided to load his cock in dad's ass while I pumped him. I started licking him and kissing the head. Then slurping his head like it was an ice cream cone. Then I put the cone in my mouth pumping it in motion with my brother and he put a load in my mouth. He passed out and I laid on top of him and my brother guided the cock in me and I rode him. Then I laid on top of him and slept. My dad woke up with a start finding his daughter nude on top of him and his nude son at his back. He asked what we had done. I told him , " you had me suck your cock, then I rode it and brother pumped your ass with his cock." He looked surprised then rolled me over and started fucking me while kissing my tits. He said," might as well enjoy it." Then when we were finished I watched him insert that big thick cock in my brother. We met in the barn at least once a week. I love sucking cock and even more having it fill me. I love it when they both do it at the same time. I know they feel each other but at least I am included.


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