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My little sister

  • Sunday, April 06 2008 @ 12:45 PM CDT
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When I was about thirteen I stayed home from school feeling a little under the weather. Mom had her friend Mrs. Bell over so Sissy was in my room. We were laying on the bed and my little sister about six pulled her panties down and played with her clit. I just watched in amazement this was the first time I saw one up close. Then she put her finger in and some cream on her finger she started licking it. Then she put her finger in again and put it in my mouth. I licked it and sucked her finger. She asked if I ever tasted mine. I barely had noticed mine and said no. She got under the covers and pulled my panties down. Part of me said no, but then I just laid there. She spread my legs apart and started with her fingers rubbing my clit. I began to move around then she put her finger in and tasted me. She said, "nice." Then she put her tongue in and I started really moving. Then she stopped and came up to me and put her tongue in my mouth. I tasted good. I sucked her tongue. I couldn't believe I was doing this. But she headed back and I forgot it was my little sister. I was thinking of an older girl at school with tits on her that were huge. I saw her in the shower and noticed I was wet down there. As sissy sucked my clit I was thinking of sucking the girls tits. Then Sissy put her little hand in me and started pumping me as she sucked and pulled my clit. I had my first and second orgasm with my little sister. She sat on me and asked me if I would do her.So I had her lay beside me and began fingering her and flicking her clit. She was too little to be having anything real. But it was fun to move my tongue up and down her practicing for the big tit girl at school. I couldn't fit my tongue in but I did try. She was happy. We did this for the afternoon. I asked her before she left for her snack how she had learned this. She said, Oh, I watched Mrs. Bell and mom doing this. I have even gotten to lick both of them. But I can't tell anybody. But now that I do this to you, neither can you.
I saw Mrs. Bell leave that afternoon and I couldn't wait for my turn with her. Later I will "talk" to mom when the time is right. But that will be another story.


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