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Two weeks ago I got an "E" mail from an old friend. My wife and I hadn't seen him since we moved away some years ago. We had all promised to stay in touch and visit but lives get so busy that a lot of times you loose touch. He was my best buddy for years and we shared my beautifull wife in bed every Friday night. It didn't start out with both of us fucking her, and it took us quite a while to nail her. She didn't mind letting him see a little when we were sitting around drinking beer and talking dirty, but she wouldn't fuck him so I could watch another man shoot his cum deep in her. I was begging her to do it but couldn't get her to do more than let him feel her big tits once in a while. In the mean time my buddy and I would try a new plan to nail her every week. I always took nude pictures of her and would take them over to Ted's house and we would get so horney looking at them and talking about how we would do her and how I could finally get to see her take another mans cock, we would strip and end up jacking off. One day things changed! As usual I went over to Ted's house and put a pack of new pictures on the table. Ted scooped them up and soon was wide eyed. I had written his name on her belly with her own lipstick! It said "TED'S WHORE". She looked down at her belly, then into my eyes. " I know what you do with these pictures, Ted told me. Now he'll see this and think I want him to fuck me infront of you so you can get off on making me a whore. Why do you need to see another guy do me? What is it"? My answer was to straddle her big tits and push my dripping cock in her mouth and start fucking her mouth while begging her to cuckold me. Just as I was ready to cum I pulled out and shot rope after rope of thick white cum onto her belly coating the writing that said "Ted's Whore". She just laid there staring at her belly while I snapped pictures. Ted was breathing hard while he spread the pictures on the kitchen table. For some shots she sucked her belly way in and in others she blew it up as far as she could. The writing ,covered with cum was so hot. Her smoothe shaven cunt was oozing her juces rite below my cum oozing down her belly over the writing. Ted said we should get naked and get on his bed to look at the pictures and talk about her. So we did. We laid on our backs side by side and passed the pictures back and forth while our stiff cocks oozed pre cum on our bellys. Then it happened! I rolle part way on to Ted, and lowered my mouth down onto his puffey nipple and began to suck. "OOOOOOhhhhh," he groaned, his breathing making his soft belly go in and out in quick jerks. I pressed my fingers deep into his belly, feeling how soft it was as he groaned, then rolled off him and moved down the bed so my head was by his big cock. " Go ahead! Suck me ! Suck your wife's new cock! I'll pretend You'r her!" I looked at his beautifull meat, long, fat and with a big bluish head. It was bigger and harder than I'd ever seen it during our jack off sessons. His pre cum was oozing from the hole in the big head as I lowered my mouth as far down the beautifull meat pole as I could. I sucked hard as he slowly pumped it up into my mouth deeper and deeper. I couldnt believe I was doing this! I couldn't believe I was sucking a man's cock and loving it! Suddenly he dropped the picture he was looking at and began hard fucking my mouth, calling me a cum whore and yelling he was cumming. I got my first throat fucking along with his HUGE load of hot cum in my mouth and throat! I was stuned as his big cock flopped out of my mouth and on to his belly,still heaving and jerking. My cock was so hard it hurt as I tried to take in what we had just done! I had just let a man pump his cock in my mouth then empty his balls in me! Ted moved up and took my bloated cock into his mouth and began sucking while he gave me a deep belly massage. It didn't take long before I was shooting my hot load in his pumping mouth. We both fell back on the bed in silence, our minds racing from what just happened. After a couple minutes Ted said "Did you like it"? I didn't answer. I slowly put my head over on his belly and took his soft cock deep in my mouth and started a slow pumping suck. He said I don't believe it! I let him flop out of my mouth and rolled back onto my back. Ted looked into my eyes and quietly said,"Tell me to do it. Tell me you want me to fuck you! You might as well since you know you need to suck cock from now on. I'm going to use you for my cum whore from now on and one day I'm going to fuck you infront of your wife! He said if I wanted cock every day to spread my legs and take it like a woman. He went out of the room and I spread my legs like he said. When he came back in his cock was all greased and standing streight out as he bent over my belly and wrote "TED'S WHORE" on my belly with his wife's lipstick. It made me so hot that I told him from now on he could do anything he wanted to me as long as he would mouth fuck me every day! He shook his head as he crawled between my spread leggs and laid on top of me. My cock was silpery between our bellys making me want to pump off against Ted's belly. He reached one hand down between us and guided his greasey cock head into me, giving me about two inches. I wanted him to fuck me the same way he was going to do my wife! In he pushed, starting a slow deep pump till he was in me all the way. "Are you my whore? "he asked. "Yes Ted, I know I'm a cock sucker now and I want your cock shooting your thick hot cum in my mouth. " OK, Ted said ramming his cock deep and hard, can you feel me up in your belly?" OOOOOHHHHhhhhhh , it feels like your punching me in my belly! Hurt me, hurt me Ted, make me a Bi cum whore! I screamed. He hammered me for a long time then suddenly pulled out and shot his big load of hot cum onto the writing on my belly, along with my own cum that erupted from my cock after Ted rammed me deep. Suddenly he went to the dresser and turned back around with a camera in his hand! "OK, bitch, pose your belly just like your wife did! so I did, imitating her belly movements while Ted took pictures of the cum covered writing on my belly. When it was over Ted told me he was going to use me in my wife's place untill she finally fucks him, and so he did, and yes she did fuck him so I could watch her get worked over every Friday night, and other men through the week. She made my wildest dreams come true, including her calling me into the bedroom to watch a guy breed her! She uses me to suck her lovers hard, and some times likes to entertain her by having her girl friend's husbands fuck me while her and her girlfriend tell him to hurt me, or " gut him with your cock" , And she calls me either Cunt or Whore. So you see, Ted "E" mailing me brought back the best memories ever, and we are going to get togeather soon. Thought you all might enjoy the true story of me going Bi. P.S. , The week after this happened, my wife was laying on our bed fucking her self with a big dildo while I enjoyed watching her from a chair, she told me to get out of the bedroom! I told her I needed to see some sexey stuff to help me jack off. "Here whore she smiled, tossing me an envalope. Jack your cock to these!" I opened the envelope and there were the pictures Ted took of my cum covered belly . The pictures were in order and matched so that my belly pose corisponded to a like belly pose of my wife in the pictures I took of her. " Next weekend you get your wish Jimmy, after Friday night we'll both be Teds Whores !


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