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My Sister’s Horny Boyfriend

  • Friday, October 20 2006 @ 08:10 PM CDT
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My Sister’s Horny Boyfriend
When my twin sister and I were 14 years old, she and I, Jack, began having sex with one another. It was both Mary-Ellen’s and my idea. Many twins seem to think along the same lines, the same things at the same time, sometimes often. Mary-Ellen and I finish one another’s sentences. Even our parents are amazed.

“I could understand if they were fraternal brothers,” mother would often say about me and my twin sister talking about how close we were with one another. Dad said the same thing but not as often.

Mary-Ellen and I fucked around with one another until we were 17. I told her I was tired of fucking pussy, explaining to her I was gay! “I knew something was different about you these past six months!” Mary-Ellen replied telling me it was fine with her if I was gay and she straight, forever straight saying how much she loved my cock in her cunt or ass. I never penetrated my sister’s pussy without a condom, Mary-Ellen made sure of that! I had asked her several times if we could bareback but she always said no, no matter how fucking horny we were saying she didn’t want to take a chance having in having my kid!
I told her I’d miss her tits but not her pussy. Mary-Ellen replied saying she’s miss my prick stuck in her vagina or ass and also telling me if I wasn’t going to be fucking her any longer she’d also miss my 8’’ uncut upwardly curved boner and there'd be no more oral from her either!

“So who are you gonna have sex with,” she asked. “Some guy, I suppose!” “You suppose?” “I’m sure, eventually!” “And who is gonna fuck me now?” “How should I know?” “Well don’t you know anyone, a mate of yours?” “There’s always Scott McDonald!” “He’s such a hunk, not as good looking as you but close!” Mary-Ellen said smiling pecking my cheek. “Want me to ask him for you?” I asked. “Not like that, you have to be, well, you know what I mean.” “Discreet!” “Yes Jack, discreet, do you think Scott would be interested in me?” “Sexually or otherwise? Scott’s is only looking for a girlfriend, a serious girlfriend,” I said knowing what I was saying to my twin sister was true. “I could be his girlfriend, I think that would be hot, he is hot isn’t he Jack?” “Actually, yeah he is,” I replied chuckling. “Don’t tell me you and Scott!” “No, Mary-Ellen, I’ve never done anything with another guy as much as I want to.” “Alright, ask Scott is he wants to take me on a date.” “How could he refuse, you’re gorgeous!” “Thanks Jack, you are too, tee, hee, hee,” my twin sister giggled.

I pinched Mary-Ellen’s nipples thru her blouse. She yelped slapping my hand saying, “I thought you were gay?” “I am gay, I couldn’t resist the temptation,” I replied chuckling. “Keep your hands to yourself from now on Jack!” “Don’t worry Sis, I will, I will.”

“Hey Scott, how’s it going?” “Not bad Jack, you?” “Great, I was wondering?” “Yeah Jack, what is it?” “Are you interested in my sister, Mary-Ellen?” “Do you have another sister?” “No Scott, answer me, are you or not?” “What guy in school isn’t, of course I am.” “Would you take her on a date, she really likes you, she thinks you're a Hunk?” “She does?” Scott asked amazed. “You know she does, she’s just a little shy, that’s all.” “Fuck Jack, like when?” Scott asked excited. “You tell me, I’ll tell Mary-Ellen,” I replied.

"How’s tomorrow night, around 8 o’clock?” “Great Jack just great. Does she want me to pick her up?” “You better and listen to me Scott, you treat her like she’s your sister, no fast moves okay?” “Yeah okay Jack, I’m excited!” hunk Scott declared. “No booze, no drugs, EVER!” “I’m not into that shit, you know I’m not.” “Alright Scott, don’t you forget she’s my sister, she really wants a boyfriend. “Does she really, me too Jack, me too.” “You want a boyfriend?” “Very funny Jack, you know what I mean, ha, ha.” “Gotcha, I know, I was just kidding.” “How come you don’t have a girl Jack?” “Why don’t you have one?” “Yeah okay Jack but I have a funny feeling something good’s gonna happen between me and your sister.” “Like what.” “She’s gorgeous Jack, man oh man she gorgeous, my kinda girl, like forever Jack, thatnks man thanks.” “Don’t rush things with Mary-Ellen, Scott.” “I’m not Jack, it’s just a feeling, I’m usually right when I get really good vibes, okay?” “Yeah Scott okay.”

“You playing hockey after school today?” “Yeah, you?” “Sure Jack, we’re on the same team aren’t we?” “Last time I looked we were, wanna change, wanna be goalie today?” “If Coach says its okay, you okay playing left wing?” “Yeah but I’ll switch with Sanders and play right wing!” “You’re too much Jack, fine with me, later man!” “Later Scott!”

“I think Scott’s in love with you!” “What?” my sister asked grinning. “Just a feeling, he’s so fucking excited about dating you.” “I think he’s sweet, does Scott have a big dick like you?” “Never mind and I told Scott to treat you like a Lady and I told him to behave like a gentleman.” “Why?” “Knock it off Mary-Ellen, and don’t try to get into his pants on the first or fifth date, you’ll scare him off or he’ll think you’re fast and loose!” “Who me, little me?” “Very funny Sis, don’t say I didn’t warn you.” “I’m just teasing Jack, I wish I could find a guy for you.” “Don’t worry about me but you can let me pinch your tits every now and then like right now!” “Stop, don’t Jack, you hurt my nipples when you do that don’t touch them anymore.” “Or any less?” “Stop it Jack, we’re over as a couple as the old saying goes.” “Fine Mary-Ellen, let me pinch your ass for good luck eh?” “STOP THAT!” “That was the final pinch Sis, thanks for the good times. Now I have to find me a MAN!” I said chucking rubbing my crotch. “You’re a PIG!” “I know I am, ha, ha!”

“Jack, it’s only been a month and Scott gave me a ring!” “What?” “His school ring, I’m officially his girlfriend.” “I thought you meany engagement ring!” “Don’t be ridiculous!” “Sure Mary-Ellen, as if you wouldn’t have accepted an engagement ring from Scott, right? I can see you’ve fallen head over heels in love with him, I know you inside out.” “So what, I think Scott loves me too.” “You guys haven’t, have you?” “No Jack, I’m still a virgin!” “Keep saying that to yourself and you’ll soon convince yourself you are Sis!” “Don’t be rude, I’m a virgin!” “Whatever you say Mary-Ellen and I’m a virgin too.” “Haven’t you found a MAN yet?” “I’m looking, I’m looking, gimme a break eh?” “Yeah Jack alright, happy hunting.” “Thanks Sis, can I pinch your tits?” “Stop it Jack don’t you dare.” “Just kidding Sis, just kidding.”

“Scott’s gonna propose to me Christmas Eve!” Mary-Ellen stated the late November rushing into my room. “Why?” “He loves me, he’s told me how much he loves me a hundred times and he knows how much I love him.” “But you’re only 18, you’re still in high-school!” “We know that Jack, so are you.” “Yeah, I know but it seems so sudden.” “Jealous Jack?” “No Sis I’m not, don’t be like that.” “I still don’t know why you don’t have a boyfriend.” “I’ve fucked around with a couple of guys, nothing serious.” “But I want you to be as happy as me.” “Thanks Sis, I know, I appreciate also, I’ll find a guy eventually.” “Yeah Jack, I know you will.” “Are you and Scott practicing safe-sex?” “Of course we are, how did you know we’re having sex?” “Who’s your twin?” “You!” “Right Sis me, who knows you.” “Did Scott tell you?” “No he did not.” “He’s such a gentleman and did you know Scott is hung too?” my twin sister asked chuckling. “I never would’a guessed, like I’ve only seen his big dick hundreds of times.” “That’s right, you and Scott are still on the same sports teams. He loves my big tits.” “Does he pinch your nipples?” “Ask Scott!” “Very funny. Sis.”

“Hey Jack can we talk?” “Yeah Scott, what is it?” “I’m going to ask Mary-Ellen to be my wife!” “You’re what?” I asked acting surprised.
Scott told me the details. I wished him the best. He asked me to be his best man whenever the happy occasion arose even if it was five years down the line. I accepted and Scott gave me a big hug. I hugged him in return.

“You and I’ll be going to the same University, Jack.” “Yeah Scott the following summer. "I know that.” “But Mary-Ellen will be staying in town attending Community College, I won’t get to see her often.” “And I won’t be able to get home as often either,” I replied.

My sister’s fiancé Scott and I located a cheap bachelor apartment off campus. Neither he nor I wanted to live on campus with so many restrictions.

“Two single jocks on their own now eh Jack?” Scott asked slapping me on the back after we got settled into our new digs. “I’m single, you’re not!” “You know what I mean.” “Yeah Scott.” “I still don’t understand why you’re not going steady with some chick or why you don’t have a regular girl!” “Scott, I gotta level with you, I’m gay!” “You’re what?” he asked stunned telling me I couldn’t be gay. “I’m gay, stop looking like a truck hit you, I’m gay, no big deal, son't worry, I won’t attack you, I should have told you last year.” “You knew last year?” “Listen Scott, do you want to live on campus, I can afford this dump alone, you can’t. “No Jack, I’m just in shock!” “Well, get over it, I’m gay, are we still pals?” “Sure Jack sure, of course, I don’t have anything against gays!” “You sure now?” “You know I don’t, you’ve never heard me knock gays or lesbos,” Scott replied. “Lesbians, and I’m gay, a homo-queer dude not or never a lesbo!” “You just said lesbo!” “I’m joking around, call a lesbian whatever you wish, and remember I’m Queer!” “Alright Jack.” “Thanks Scott but keep in mind if you ever get cold during the middle of the night and can’t get warm just call eh?” “Ha, ha, very funny.” “I’m serious especially if you’re horny!” “Knock it off Jack and don’t talk about horny!” “Miss Mary-Ellen eh?” “I don’t talk about what she and I don’t do or might do.” “She does!” She does?” “Just kidding.” “Thanks!” “But she did say she loves your big dick!” “You’re kidding right?” “Yes Scott, I’m kidding.” “Well I know you’ve seen my dick tons of times and I’ve seen yours. I hope you don’t talk about my dick in front of Mary-Ellen.” “I wouldn’t dream about it, just everyone else except my twin sister, relax!” “I wish I knew when you’re joking or aren’t joking.” “Ask and I’ll level with you,” I replied telling him to relax.

“So, like, do you have a boyfriend?” Scott asked the following weekend. “No Scott, you offering to be my boyfriend?” “It was really cold last night wasn’t it Jack?” “Ha, ha, Scott, you’re funny.” “Wanted to know if you remembered what you said, that’s all.” “The offer is still open Buddy.” “Sure Jack sure, thanks, thanks for nothing!” “Keep it up Scott and I’ll come over there and hop into bed with you!” “Don’t you get horny?” “Of course I do!” “I miss Mary-Ellen, it feels like it’s been forever!” “Six weeks, that’s all.” “I know Jack, I know!” “Close your eyes, wrap your left fist around your pecker.” “I’m right handed, ha, ha.” “I wasn’t finished.” “What else?” “Pretend your left hand is someone else’s, someone you miss and jack off, have a blast!” I replied heartily laughing. “Very funny, I’ve tried that like a dozen times already!” “Sorry Buddy!” “Yeah Jack me too.” “Why?” “Oh nothing!” “Why Scott, why did you say you’re sorry for nothing?” “I’m cold Jack, so cold!” “Ha, ha.” “I’m freezing Jack.” “Nice try Buddy!” I replied laughing turning over saying goodnight to my best friend, my twin sister’s fiancé.

“Jack,” I heard Scott whisper. “What is it Scott?” “I’m really cold aren’t you?” “What’s up with you Scott besides being horny?” “I’m cold, isn’t it okay to be cold?” “You’re trying to get me going but it won’t work, ha, ha, go to sleep Scott.” “It’s too cold Jack.” “Keep it up Scott and I’ll come over there and jump into bed with you and don’t forget I sleep nude.” “I know Jack, so do I, I’m cold!” “One more time Scott, don’t push or you’ll regret it!” “Jack?” “Yeah Scott?” “I’m cold!” “That does it Mister,” I said tossing back my sheet and blanket hopping out of my single bed.

Moon rays shining thru our solitary undraped window cast a glow upon Scott’s magnificent hard naked body. Scott had tossed his sheet and blanket aside lying flat on his back with room enough beside him for me to lie next to him. “I’m cold Jack,” Scott said twitching, tweaking, jolting his big hard cock with him staring at my upwardly curved uncut boner.

“You better not be trying to fuck my head!” I stated. “I’m cold, how many times do I have to say I’m cold?” Scott replied beaming a smile.

“You must be so fucking horny you don’t know what you’re saying,” I said lying beside my twin sister’s fiancé. Scott rolled onto his side placing his right hot palm on my muscular chest. I squirmed feeling little goosebumps appearing all over my smooth skin. Scott propped himself on his left elbow lightly rubbing my peck before his hand moved down to my washboard abs. My left palm landed on top of Scott’s hot hand. He tried moving it but I pressed down hard stopping him. Scott moved his head closer to mine. I turned mine to the side facing my bed on the opposite side of the room as Scott’s hot lips pecked my chin. “Do I remind you of someone?” I asked whispering. “A not as pretty Mary-Ellen,” Scott replied whispering. “Thanks a lot,” I said trying to chuckle, not being very successful. “Look at me Jack.” “Why?” “Are you afraid to look at me?” “No not that, I’m afraid you’ll try and kiss me.” “I’m going to kiss you and stop squishing my hand, move yours aside.” “Why Scott?” I asked sliding my hand to the side of my body. “Because I want to touch this!” Scott replied digging his fingers under my hard prick squeezing it with his left hand listening to my grunt and sigh covering his hot right hand with my left hand turning my head to look up at him. Scott smiled lowering his head turning it a little planting his lips on top of my full lips. Mumbling, Scott whispered, “Kiss me back Jack!” I turned my body on a slight angle closing my eyes releasing Scott’s hot hand. He squeezed my hard dick. I felt the tip of his hot tongue poking my full lips. Scott murmured and sighed moving his head a few degrees moving his bulk closer and closer. I felt the underside of his big hot cock digging into my side with me stuffing my right hand under my side. “Kiss me Jack,” Scott mumbled pressing his hot full lips more firmly against my lips. My left hand cupped the back of Scott’s head. We began kissing and kissing and kissing, deeper and deeper, feeling exotic, hot, sexy, lustful and passionate bordering on rapturous. Scott flipped his hand over gripping my hard dick slowly pumping it up and down while listening to me whimpering with our lips sealed, my tongue inside his mouth, Scott sucking it before shoving his hot tongue into my mouth for me to suck his tongue in return.

I wiggled my right hand from underneath my body. Scott was turned on a 90-degree angle, his hot body pressed into my side. I wiggled my arm and hand between our bodies with me slightly turning on an angle facing him. My fingertips touched the head of Scott’s oozing cock knob. Scott groaned sucking my tongue listening to me softly moaning. Scott retracted my generous foreskin. The base of his palm cupped my knob giving it a good squeeze. Scott’s hand slipped off my prick from me oozing so much nectar into his hot palm. Scott grabbed my slippery prick wrapping his fist around it again pumping my cock a little faster. Scott seemed to be oozing as much as I was drooling nectar.

Gripping his cock hard I began pumping his big prick underhanded. Scott groaned fisting my prick faster and harder. He sucked my bottom lip stretching it. I pulled my head away. Scott and I were gasping and moaning but not for long as his hot lips returned to my lips reacting like powerful lip magnets.

I pulled my head away from Scott’s again. “Why are you doing this?” I asked panting. “I know you’re gay, I’ve know for a long time,” Scott said. “But you’re not!” I replied groaning feeling him pumping my cock faster and faster. “I’m bi, I thought you knew, cum Jack cum!” Scott demanded pounding my dickmeat.

“If you’re bisexual, suck it!” I shouted.

Swiftly, Scott moved. He was kneeling on all fours between my legs telling me to offer him my cock telling me to feed him my aching prick.

“I’ll suck you off, cum fast!” Scott demanded. “Suck it, suck it, oh fuck yes, yes, yes, suck it,” I begged moaning feeling Scott’s hot mouth sucking my oozing knob before his hot tight full lips slid down to the root of my rooter taking the head of my swollen knob into the back of his throat. I thrust my hips up driving every fucking cock centimeter of my dick into his mouth. My ass hit Scott’s mattress. Scott held my hips steady. I couldn’t squirm no matter how hard I tried. Scott’s head was bobbing up and down working my oozing stiffy. I was on the verge of shooting my spunk. “If you keep sucking I’m gonna shoot, I will, I will, oh fuck I am, I’m shooting, I’m shooting, I’m cumming, I’m cumming so much!” I bellowed before gasping and sighing and panting. I could hear my best friend, university mate, my twin sister’s fiancé swallowing my spunk. Scott murmured and mumbled working my knob digging the tip of his tongue under my dick ridge pulling my retracted foreskin towards his puckering lips. Scott’s firm lips tugged, stretching my foreskin as he delicately pulled his head off my cock. Scott held the base of my hard prick digging the tip of his tongue into my foreskin. Tickling my pee-hole with the tip of his tongue, Scott pinched the base of my boner forcing whatever spunk that remained within my cockshank. Scott sighed and lightly moaned drinking my sloppy seconds with me grunting and groaning. Scott continued sucking and working my prick until it was semi-flaccid.

“Sit upright Jack,” Scott said kneeling upright facing me backing up a few inches.

Scott gripped his big boner thrusting his hips forward. He rubbed the perimeter of my lips with his oozing cock bulb. I told Scott I wanted to suck his cock. “You will Jack, you’re going to suck him or I’m going to fuck your face, which one Jack?” Scott asked. “Both!” I exclaimed smacking my wet precum covered lips together. “Suck him Jack, take your time, work him and then I’ll fuck your face, try to deepthroat me if you can.” “I’ll try my best I said feeling the underside of Scott’s big prick resting upon my bottom lip. Scott’s knob hit the back of my mouth half a dozen times. I pulled my head off his prick to say I was sorry I couldn’t deepthroat him. “Don’t worry Jack you’re doing great, you’ll deepthroat me cock, relax your throat Jack, it’s easy, you won’t choke, breathe thru your nose only and make sure you keep your throat relaxed, turn your head to the side a little, yeah Jack that’s it, now the other side, relax your throat Jack, yeah Jack that’s great, you won’t choke I promise. Oh fuck yeah Jack that was hot, try it again,” Scott said patiently watching me deepthroating his glorious prick.

“Let me fuck your face now Jack. That was so fucking hot, you’re a great cocksucker. We should have done this years ago when we were 12 or 13, oh fuck yeah, you deepthroated me again, oh fuck yeah Jack, yeah Jack again Jack, I’m so fucking horny. You’re gonna drink my jizz Jack every fucking drop, get ready Jack and don’t stop sucking my cock, work it Jack, work it, yeah Jack, oh fuck yeah, I’m right there Jack, so fucking close, feels so fucking good.

“Jack I’m gonna blow, I gotta cum, drink it Jack, swallow my spunk, now Jack now!” Scott bellowed squirting four ropes of hot cum into my hot mouth. Slowly, I swallowed my best friends cum. It felt hot rolling down my throat coating my gut. I kept Scott’s hot prick inside my mouth and I continued sucking it, nursing it, squeezing his prick making sure he emptied his cum tank. Scott oozed a slow rope of his hot jizz on my tongue. “Don’t swallow it Jack,” Scott said yanking his semi-flaccid prick out of my hot oral cavity telling me we had to cum kiss.

I fell in love at that very moment with Scott cum kissing him. A month thereafter Scott said the same thing to me.

“What are we going to do about Mary-Ellen?” I asked hugging Scott placing the side of my face on his upper torso watching TV with him. Scott was sitting on the floor with his back pressed against the side of his bed. I was curled up with Scott holding me in his hot embrace. I stared down at Scott’s bulge. I pinched it and he chuckled. “You horny again?” he asked. “You are,” I replied. “You always make me horny, I love you Jack.” “I love you Scott, what are we going to do about Mary-Ellen, what are we going to tell her. “I love her Jack.” “I do to Scott.” “I wish the three of us could!” “We could Scott.” “We could?” “I think I could convince my twin sister, I think I could.” “That would be so fucking hot Jack, you, me and Mary-Ellen, a family, a real family. “I ask her as soon as we see her next week on break.” “Do you really think your own sister would go for it?” “I can almost guarantee it!” I replied nuzzling my face into Scott’s washboard abs.


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