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My Boyfriend, My Sister & Me

  • Wednesday, July 19 2006 @ 07:15 PM CDT
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My Boyfriend, My Sister & Me
My boyfriend Jeff who is bisexual was sitting beside me on our sofa in our living room holding my hand with the side of his head resting against my shoulder. We were watching TV.

I’m Derek, I’m bi also but I’ll usually take a guy over a chick. Jeff doesn’t care one way or the other when it comes to sex.

My sister Tammy who was almost 13 was staying with Jeff and me while our parents were in Europe for a month.
A day after Tammy settled in with Jeff and I she began flirting with him. I told her to knock it off. She said, “Derek, I’m just teasing.”

“Hi guys whats’ya watching?” Tammy asked me and Jeff the following evening entering the living room wearing what I call a Baby-Doll outfit.
Jeff stared at Tammy asking her where she got her leisurewear.
“We’re not really watching anything, and where did you get what you’re wearing?” I asked.
“It’s one of mum’s, don’t you like it?” Tammy asked parading in front of Jeff and me slowly turning in a circle wearing a smile.
“You look hot!” Jeff declared.
“You’re too young to be wearing things like that,” I replied telling her to wear something decent.
“But I love it Derek, it makes me feel sexy!” Tammy said softly giggling.
Jeff looked at me. He turned his head. He whispered into my ear saying, “I think your little sister is a slut.”
Jeff laughed. I didn’t. Jeff told me to loosen up. I asked if he was referring to me or my ass. We laughed.
Tammy wanted to know what Jeff and I had said to one another.

“You like girls too don’t you, Jeff?” Tammy asked when she stopped twirling.
“Sure I do, you know I do, so does Derek don’t you Derek?” Jeff asked chuckling.
“Stop it Jeff,” I replied.
“I know you like girls too, Derek, but you’ve never really had a girlfriend or have you?” Tammy asked hands on hips posing like a model.
“You know I had a girlfriend when I lived at home, don’t you remember Daisy?” I asked.
“She was a bitch, I remember her,” Tammy replied.
Jeff laughed asking Tammy why one of my ex girlfriends was a bitch.
“I was only 10 years old at the time, Daisy was 15, Daisy thought she could order anyone around especially you Derek,” Tammy replied pointing to me.
“I was 16 not 15 but big fucking deal,” I replied.
“And now you’re 19, almost 20 and Uncle Jeff your lover is 22 aren’t you Uncle Jeff?” she asked staring at my boyfriend.
She fluttered her eyelashes.
“I’m 23, Tammy, are you trying to seduce me?” Jeff asked sitting up straight grabbing his beer.
“Of course she isn’t,” I replied answering for my sister.
“I’m wearing make-up too, don’t you think I’m beautiful, Jeff?” Tammy asked ignoring my remark.
“You’re gorgeous but you’re only 13,” Jeff said.
“Tammy, you’re acting trashy,” I said.
“I told you I’m just teasing,” Tammy replied winking at me.
“And you’re only 12,” I replied.
“Just for another 6 weeks. I’ve had 4 periods already. I feel like an adult,” Tammy said to Jeff and me.
I told Tammy to watch her mouth.
Jeff asked Tammy is she had a boyfriend.
“Not right now I don’t but I did before mum and dad went to Europe,” she replied.
“How old is he?” I asked not knowing about ‘the boyfriend.’
“He’s the same age as you,” Tammy replied staring at me.
“You’re full of shit,” I stated.
“Is he really 19-years old?” Jeff asked.
“Almost 20 the same as Derek,” Tammy replied.
“You better not be doing anything with him, and you know what I mean,” I said.
“Like what?” Tammy asked giggling.
“You’re not having sex with him are you Tammy?” Jeff asked staring at my sister.
“Maybe,” Tammy replied.
“She is not! You better not be having sex with a guy who’s almost 20 years old,” I said staring at my sister.
Tammy turned sideways giggling. Jeff and I could see her perky little boobs.
“You can see thru that thing you’re wearing!” Jeff said staring at my sister’s body.
“I know that, that’s why it’s sexy. Let me sit between you guys. I want to watch TV too,” Tammy, said wiggling her bum telling me to move over.
“You’re wearing some of mum’s perfume, she’ll kill you when she finds out you’re using it,” I said.
“Who cares do you?” Tammy asked asking Jeff is she could have a sip of his beer.
I told Jeff not to give her any beer.
“Ah c’mon Derek she can handle some beer. I won’t let her get drunk. I told you to loosen up,” Jeff said offering Tammy his bottle of beer.
Jeff tossed his right arm around Tammy’s shoulders. He tapped my right shoulder stretching his neck behind Tammy’s head whispering to me saying he loved me.
“I heard that,” Tammy said chuckling chug a lugging Jeff’s beer.
“I’ve loved your brother since he was 15,” Jeff said proudly to my sister.
“I love him too he’s my big brother aren’t you Derek?” Tammy asked squeezing my right thigh.

Tammy twisted her body. She pecked my right cheek before turning her head to kiss Jeff’s left cheek.

“So tell me Tammy, have you and your boyfriend done anything you shouldn’t be doing?” Jeff asked chuckling squeezing her shoulder.
“Maybe!” Tammy exclaimed.
“Tell me,” Jeff begged.
“Yes Tammy tell him, tell me also,” I said.
“Not if you’re gonna be grouchy,” Tammy said to me.
“Okay I promise, I wont, I’ll listen. I hope you’ve been careful if you have been fooling around with him,” I said speaking like a protective brother.
“Well …. We’ve kissed!” Tammy said giggling.
“Anything else?” Jeff asked.
“Well …. We’ve …..” Tammy said.
“Tell me, tell us Tammy,” I said encouraging her.
“You promise not to tell mum or daddy?” Tammy asked.
“I promise. Me too Tammy,” Jeff and I said.
“Okay ….. Well he’s played with my tits!” Tammy said.
“He has not,” I said not thinking.
“He has too,” Tammy replied.
“Let her finish, Derek, go on Tammy tell me,” Jeff said.
“Well ….. I’ve played with his cock!” Tammy said.
“What did you do with it?” Jeff asked dying of curiosity.
“I jerked it, I made him cum!” Tammy exclaimed.
“Really? Anything else?” Jeff asked.
“This is turning you on isn’t it Jeff?” I asked.
“Be quiet Derek, go on Tammy, what else?” Jeff asked.
“I’ve sucked his big dick!” Tammy exclaimed giggling.
“Like WOW!” Anything else?” Jeff asked grabbing his crotch with his left hand squeezing his bulge with Tammy looking at his hand.
“He shoots his cum in my mouth! I like to swallow it too,” Tammy said giggling.
“I don’t fucking believe this!” I exclaimed.
“Will you shut up Derek, go on Tammy, anything else. Has he … you know what I mean don’t you?” Jeff asked.
“Please say no Tammy,” I whispered.
“Well he has and I like it too,” Tammy said turning to face me staring into my eyes.
“Oh god, did he at least use protection?” I asked groaning.
“That’s fucking hot, you let him fuck you?” Jeff asked.
“Sure I do and he uses condoms every time,” Tammy said turning to look at Jeff.
“Every time?” I asked.
“He’s been fucking me for four months!” Tammy said.
“Did he take your virginity?” Jeff asked all hot ‘n’ bothered.
“Sure he did. It hurt so much the first time for five minutes. He promised it would start to feel good soon and it did!” Tammy exclaimed.

Tammy went into deep detail of how her boyfriend fucks her making her orgasm several times before he’s finished fucking her.

“Is he a good kisser?” Jeff asked.
“I guess so. He’s the first man I’ve ever kissed, french kissed I mean,” Tammy replied.
“Do you suck cock at school?” Derek asked.
“I started sucking dick in grade six, last year!” Tammy said telling Jeff and I that over 50% of her female peers were into oral sex.
“Oral sex isn’t real sex, you can’t get pregnant,” Tammy informed Jeff and me.
“It’s called oral SEX for a reason, it’s sex!” I exclaimed.
“Derek, you’re so old fashion,” Tammy said to me.

“Isn’t that the truth eh Derek,” Jeff asked laughing.
“Fuck off,” I replied.
“Derek tends to be a bit of a prude when it comes to sex,” Jeff said to Tammy.
“I am not, anything but,” I replied.
“When’s the last time you had Pussy?” Jeff asked.
“You know damn well when it was,” I replied.
“Two years ago right?” Derek asked.
“So what?” I asked.
“When was the last time you fucked a girl Uncle Jeff?” Tammy asked my boyfriend who is not our uncle.
“Tell her Derek, tell Tammy the last time I fucked Pussy,” Jeff said.
“Six months, let’s change the subject,” I said.
“He gets upset if I fuck Pussy,” Derek whispered to my sister.
Tammy and Derek chuckled.
“I do not Jeff, I’ve never stopped you from fucking Pussy when you want it have I?” I asked.
“Begrudgingly,” Jeff replied.
“Don’t be mean to me,” I said.
“Okay Derek, you’ve never stopped me if I need pussy. Would you stop me if I want to have sex with Tammy because I know she wants to have sex with me, don’t you Tammy?” Jeff asked.
“Yes Uncle Jeff, yes!” Tammy exclaimed.
“She’s a child!” I replied.
“I am not, you’re the child, Derek,” Tammy said.
“Stop it you two I don’t like arguing,” Jeff said.
“Jeff, Tammy’s too young. She can’t decide what she wants and doesn’t want, she’s still developing,” I replied.
“She looks mature enough to me and she sure sounds mature,” Jeff said.
“No Jeff please,” I begged.
“Are you afraid your sister will steal me away from you?” Jeff asked sitting upright leaning forward turning his head telling me to look at him.
‘No Jeff, that’s not it,” I replied.

Jeff sat on the edge of our sofa. He turned to look at my sister who was sitting back.
“Have you really had sex or are you bullshitting us?” Jeff asked.
“No Uncle Jeff really I have, many times Uncle Jeff,” Tammy said.
“How big is your boyfriend’s cock?” Jeff asked staring at my sister.
“As big as Derek’s!” Tammy replied.
“How do you know how big my ….?” I asked stopping myself remembering Tammy had walked into Jeff and my bedroom the day prior catching Jeff giving me a blowjob.
“That’s a big fucking cock if it’s true,” Jeff said chuckling.
“Is your dick as big as Derek’s dick?” Tammy asked Jeff.
“Almost as big, I’m uncut, is your boyfriend?” Jeff asked.
“He doesn’t have a foreskin,” Tammy said.
“Do you like foreskins?” Jeff asked.
“I’ve never sucked a dick that has a foreskin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one,” Tammy replied blushing.
“Have you ever seen Dad’s dick?” I asked.
“Shit yeah I forgot, daddy’s got a foreskin,” Tammy said giggling.
“Dad’s got a huge prick,” I said telling Tammy I’d seen our father’s cock rock hard a couple of times.
“Did you and daddy ever fuck around?” Tammy asked.
“No, of course not,” I replied.
“Too bad eh?” Tammy asked lightly laughing.
Jeff thought my sister was hysterically funny.

“So what do you think about fucking around with your brother and me?” Jeff asked my sister.
“Really? That would be fun!” Tammy said turning to look at me.
“Don’t look at me,” I said.
“Yes Derek, look at him Tammy. Tell your brother you want to have sex with him and me at the same time,” Jeff said not blinking an eye.
“Let’s have sex all together,” Tammy said staring at me looking truly excited.
“You guys are crazy!” I exclaimed.
“We’re going to have sex with your sister,” Jeff said to me.
“Or what?” I asked.
“Or Tammy and I’ll go into yours and my bedroom and fuck around without you,” Jeff said telling me I’d have to sleep in Tammy’s bed.
“Don’t be like that Jeff,” I said staring at my hot looking boyfriend.

Jeff knelt in front of Tammy between her legs.
Jeff told Tammy to sit on the edge of the sofa.
“Kiss me Tammy, I want to see if you know how to kiss as good as your hot brother,” Jeff said.

Tammy moved as if a bolt of lightning hit her wrapping her arms around Jeff’s shoulders planting her lips on his full lips.
My boyfriend and my young sister began necking.
Jeff held her slim waistline before his hands moved to the center of her see thru Baby-Doll jacket. Jeff unfastened the singe pearl clasp opening my sister’s top revealing a see thru camisole pink top.

They separated gasping for air. Jeff told me Tammy was a great kisser.

“Kiss me Derek,” Tammy said turning her head looking at me.
“Kiss her Derek, she’s a hot kisser,” Jeff said staring at me.
Tammy turned on an angle. Her hands touched the sides of my face. She caressed them telling me how handsome I was before she locked her hands around my neck moving her lips closer to mine. Her body turned. Tammy straddled my lap kneeling.
“Kiss me Derek,” Tammy mumbled pressing her lips into mine.
“You better kiss her Derek or I will,” Jeff said.

I couldn’t believe how turned on I was kissing my sister who was 12 going on 20, mentally.

Jeff’s hands encompassed Tammy’s waist from behind as she and I continued kissing. Jeff moved his hands up Tammy’s sides. Tammy gasped but she didn’t stop kissing me. I sucked her tongue, she sucked mine. Jeff’s hands gingerly massaged Tammy’s small breasts telling her she had hot fucking tits.

Jeff sat beside me.
“Kiss me now, Tammy,” Jeff demanded.
Tammy straddled Jeff’s lap to kiss him.
Jeff tugged at my left hand squeezing it between his torso and my sister’s chest. My hand covered my sister’s left boob.
Tammy moaned frenching my boyfriend.
Tammy’s fingertips dug into the top of Jeff’s shoulders.

I moved my left hand. I groped Jeff’s bulge. Jeff moaned. His cock was rock hard. So was mine and I was oozing.

Jeff slipped off Tammy’s top nibbling the side of her neck. Tammy was moaning and groaning raising her head feeling Jeff’s nibbling lips.
Jeff raised Tammy’s camisole. Tammy leaned back. Jeff removed it over her head. Tammy shook her long dark brown hair.
Jeff held her sides telling my sister to lean back.
Jeff licked my sister’s nipples.
Tammy whined.
Jeff flicked her small brown nipples until the were rock hard.
Jeff told Tammy to kneel upright.
Jeff sucked her left nipple tenderly pinching her right nipple.

“Derek, suck my other nipple, Uncle Jeff suck this one,” Tammy begged.
“Let’s get this hot little bitch into our bedroom,” Jeff said to me lightly laughing.
“Can you carry me Uncle Jeff?” Tammy asked giggling.
“Sure thing Babe and you better like sex as much as your brother. Once I get going I don’t want to stop,” Jeff said walking into his and my bedroom carrying her in his muscular arms.
“I love sex Uncle Jeff, I love it!” Tammy exclaimed.
“Let’s get it on guys,” Jeff said laying my sister in the center of our bed.

Tammy was propped on her elbows watching Jeff. He stripped me bare before he removed his clothes.
“Now you! It’s your turn!” Jeff exclaimed removing my sister’s Baby Doll outfit.
Jeff told Tammy she had a beautiful body.
Tammy spread her legs.

“Has your boyfriend ever muffed you?” Jeff asked kneeling between my sister’s legs.
“Not yet,” Tammy replied.
“Tell him to muff you all the time. Does he rim you?” Jeff asked.
“Just once,” Tammy replied smiling from ear to ear.

Jeff told me to lay beside my sister on my side propping myself on my left elbow telling Tammy to lay flat.
Tammy tossed her right leg over my legs.

“Suck and play with her tits and kiss her, I’m gonna muff dive her,” Jeff said to me.
Jeff dug the palms of his hands under Tammy’s ass globes. Rick pressed his face between her legs.
Tammy shouted gasping squealing feeling the tip of Rick’s tongue digging into her pussy.
I started kissing my sister again. I could hear her moans while Jeff continued muff diving her. Gingerly I pinched and tugged her small hot nipples with my tongue deeply inside her mouth. Tammy sucked my tongue. Her body was twisting.
I heard Jeff chuckling before he plowed his face between my sister’s legs again.
I raised myself higher kissing my sister again grabbing my hard 9’’ oozing prick poking her side and right forearm. Tammy caught on. She moved her hand wrapping it around my thick dick shaft squeezing it before she moved her hand to squeeze my knob. Jeff shoved his hands between my legs fumbling my balls telling me my sister’s pussy tasted like Butterscotch pudding.
Tammy’s palm was soaked in my precum nectar. Jeff told her to lick her palm clean. Tammy didn’t hesitate. Jeff told me to switch places with him.

“Oh, oh, oh Derek,” Tammy screamed feeling my hot tongue digging between her hot pussy lips.
She and Jeff kissed. He played with her small tits. He sucked her nipples.

“Can I suck your cock, Uncle Jeff?” Tammy asked when I came up for air.
“You’re gonna suck my cock and your brother’s cock right now aren’t you Tammy?” Jeff asked her pecking her nose with his full lips.

Jeff and I knelt upright in front of my sister. He told Tammy to suck my cock first.
Tammy was doing a pretty good job sucking my swollen knob as Jeff kissed me slowly pumping his prick.
“Did the tip of your tongue into my foreskin … that’s it, hold my cock shaft … tease my pee-hole … now try and get the tip of your tongue under my hood without unsheathing my cock,” Jeff said begging Tammy to suck his hot uncut cock.

“I want to suck your hard cock, Jeff,” I said.
“Show her how to suck cock,” Jeff said telling my sister to pay close attention to the way I sucked his cock.

Tammy was fucking thrilled. Jeff told her to play with his low hangers before sucking them.
Tammy worked Jeff’s nutsac before mine.

“Have you ever been ass fucked?” Jeff asked my sister telling me to grab our tube of KY Jelly.
“Not yet Uncle Jeff,” Tammy replied grinning.
“Want to see what it feels like?” Jeff asked.
“Yeah, are you going to do it or is Derek?” Tammy asked.
“I think your brother should fuck your cunt before I do, after all he’s family isn’t he?” Jeff asked lightly laughing.

Jeff told Tammy to stand in the center of our mattress.
“You work her pussy Derek and I’ll rim her at the same time,” Jeff said kneeling behind my sister with me kneeling in front of her.

Jeff held Tammy’s hips. I told her to place her right or left foot on the top of my shoulder.
“I can hold it out to my side like this,” Tammy said standing on one foot only.
I told my sister she could either grab my head or Jeff’s head if need be while I worked her pussy while Jeff worked her ass lips.

“This way’s no good. Lean back Tammy. Muff her Derek,” Jeff said.
I muffed my sister hearing her whimpers, moans, groans and gasps.
Jeff told me to stop.
Jeff told Tammy to lean over placing her hands on top of my shoulders.
Jeff rimmed Tammy’s ass. She and I kissed. I flicked her hard little nipples kissing her. Tammy was constantly moaning and groaning. Jeff worked her ass. Tammy said it felt dreamy.

“Kneel between us Tammy,” Jeff said.

Jeff and I lubed our cocks. Tenderly I lubed my sister’s hot cunt even though she said it wasn’t necessary.
Jeff’s middle finger entered Tammy’s ass lubing her behind.
Tammy screamed holding my shoulders.
“It won’t hurt much longer Tammy. Now try to relax your ass for me. Kiss her Derek, hold her, play with her nipples,” Jeff said slowly inserting his middle finger deeper inside Tammy’s ass tube.

Within two minutes, Tammy was moaning passionately.

“I’m going to work my cock into your ass now, Tammy, okay?” Jeff asked.
“Yes okay Uncle Jeff,” Tammy replied.
“Kiss me Tammy, its feel better,” I said.
“Rub my pussy with the head of your cock at the same time Uncle Jeff puts his big dick inside my bum,” Tammy said chuckling before she loudly gasped feeling Jeff’s swollen cock head penetrating her ass.
Tammy had tears running down her cheeks. I asked her if she wanted me to tell Jeff to stop.
“No Derek no, Uncle Jeff said it’ll only hurt for a minute or two right Uncle Jeff?” Tammy asked gasping.
“That’s right Babe, only a minute, play with her Pussy, Derek,” Jeff said moaning.
“It doesn’t hurt as much as when Danny first fucked my pussy,” Tammy said gasping.
“Danny who?” I asked.
“You know Danny, Danny Doyle,” Tammy said before biting her bottom lip.
I used the head of my prick to rub Tammy’s cunt lips.
“Danny Doyle is my best friend!” I exclaimed.
Rick chuckled saying it was hot, him stuffing his cock inside Tammy’s ass and her boyfriend being my best friend, straight Danny who lives on the opposite side of town far from us and far from Tammy our family home.

Tammy’s body shuddered when Jeff’s cock was deeply inside her hot butt hole.

“Take deep breaths, relax, try to relax Tammy,” Jeff said kissing the back of her shoulders after tossing her long hair over he shoulder to kiss her nape.
Tammy’s body was covered in goose bumps. Her perky boobs looked a little larger. Her nipples looked longer. The head of my cock was pressing against her cunt lips. I flicked her nipples before tenderly pinching them.

Tammy’s body shuddered again.
“She’s having an orgasm!” Jeff said lightly laughing.

I told Tammy I was slowly going to insert my hard cock inside her hot tight pussy.
Jeff didn’t move. He held the sides of Tammy’s shoulders telling her to lean back a little.

I worked my cock into my sister’s pussy very slowly. Tammy was gasping and moaning.
“Should I stop?” I asked Tammy.
“No Derek no don’t stop, I’ve never felt anything like this, I’ve never even imagined anything like this feeling,” Tammy shouted.

My short pubes crushed Tammy’s vagina. Jeff’s bush plastered Tammy’s ass.

Are you okay sis?” I asked.
Tammy nodded her head up and down. She was digging her nails into the tops of my shoulders.

Tammy sighed. Softly she moaned. Tenderly she groaned.

Jeff gripped the tops of Tammy’s thighs digging his fingers between her legs keeping her steady.

“Are you okay now Tammy, do you feel okay?” Jeff asked.

“I feel great,” Tammy replied with my cock stuffed inside her pussy, Jeff’s cock stuffed up her butt.

“That’s good Tammy,” Jeff said kissing the back of her shoulder before Jeff told me to start fucking my sister telling me he’s keep still.

“Oh Derek, oh Derek,” Tammy gasped.
Slowly I moved my hips back and forth fucking her cunt. I played with her nipples. I stuck the tip of my tongue into her mouth. She nibbled it.
I moved my hips back and forth a little faster.
Tammy moved back grinding her ass into Jeff’s stiffy.
Jeff moved forward sandwiching my sister between us.

“Can I fuck you faster? Can I fuck you harder now Tammy?” I asked a minute thereafter.
Tammy’s body shuddered again. Jeff chuckled knowing Tammy was having another orgasm.
“Every fucking time she does that she squeezes my cock so fuck hard I think I’m about to cum!” Jeff said with his chin resting on top of Tammy’s shoulder staring at me telling me to fuck her harder and faster.

“Oh, oh, oh!” Tammy exclaimed as I rammed her hot tight little pussy.

Jeff told me to stop fucking Tammy.
“Stop for a minute Derek, I want to work her ass now,” Jeff stated.
I told Tammy to kiss me.
Gingerly Jeff began fucking Tammy’s ass.
I sucked her tongue hearing her whimpering.
Jeff picked up speed fucking her butt tube faster and harder.
When my sisters body shuddered again Jeff stopped fucking her telling me to take over up front.
“Fuck her as she’s climaxing,” Jeff said chuckling.
“It’s happening again, it’s happening again,” Tammy shouted experiencing another and then another orgasm.

“Stop Derek,” Jeff said fucking her ass telling me and Tammy that he was going to flood her ass with cum.

“Fuck me, Uncle Jeff,” Tammy begged.

Jeff pinched and tugged Tammy’s nipples fucking her butt.
Tammy and I were kissing.

I told my sister to tug my nipples. She giggled.
“Harder Tammy twist them, pull them, and pinch them hard!” I demanded.

Jeff was ready. I drove my cock deeply into Tammy’s hot tight pussy. Tammy screamed. Jeff’s ground his hips into Tammy’s hot asshole.

“I’m going to, I’m going to, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Jeff bellowed nuzzling my sister’s neck filling her ass tube with his hot thick seed.

I bucked my hips fucking my sister’s cunt. Jeff played with Tammy’s tits and nipples.
Tammy body shuddered. I fucked her harder. Her body shuddered again. I fucked her pussy harder grinding my cock post as deep as I could manage.

“Cum Derek cum,” Jeff demanded.
“I can’t cum inside her, she’s my sister,” I replied.

“Yes Derek, shoot inside me, cum Derek cum,” Tammy said sounding so fucking hot and horny.

I couldn’t shoot my seed inside my sister.
I yanked my cock out of her tight young pussy.
I grabbed my prick. I began to jerk my pecker violently. I creamed Tammy’s crotch.
Jeff’s fingers were coated in my cum. He shoved two fingers inside my sister’s pussy finger fucking her with his cock stuck up her ass.

Jeff pulled his prick out of my sister’s hot butt tube.
He tossed Tammy down on her back mounting her rapidly furiously fucking her cunt.

My 12-year-old sister soon to turn 13 couldn’t get enough. She didn’t want Jeff to stop fucking her.
I was so fucking excited watching them screw.

Jeff blew another load deeply inside Tammy’s pussy.
I pulled Jeff off her when he collapsed telling him it was my turn again.
Tammy was more than receptive.
I fucked her hard.
“I’m going to cum inside you this time Tammy, right now!” I bellowed blowing two thick loads deep inside her hot little tight cunt.

Either my boyfriend Jeff or I is the father of Tammy’s first kid.

It’s a boy!

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