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Me, My Sexy Daughter and Hot Son

  • Sunday, June 04 2006 @ 10:59 PM CDT
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My Sexy Daughter and Hot Son
I had been fucking my hot Chubby son since he was 11. I couldn't wait to get into my sexy Chubby daughters pants.
Sean was 15 asking if we were gonna fuck around again.
"I'll let you know later, where the hell is your sister?" I asked.
"Liz went to the mall again Dad but she should be home soon. Why do you want to know where Liz is?" Sean asked.
"Because a good Dad should know where his kids are at all times," I replied.
"She's probably buying herself a birthday present," my Chubby son stated.
"When's her Birthday, I forget," I said.
"Tomorrow Dad, Liz is gonna be 13," Chubby Sean replied.
"Thanks, remind me in the morning to pick up a Birthday cake and a gift for her alright?" I asked my hot looking son.
"Yeah sure Dad. Are you horny? I sure am," Chubby Sean stated.
"Later Sean," I replied hearing my Chubby daughter Liz entering the house upstairs.
Sean and I were downstairs in our basement.
"Hi is anybody home?" Chubby Liz called out.
"Down here Princess, be right up," I replied smiling.
I grabbed my crotch when Sean wasn't looking. I had to adjust the position of my itchy prick.
"So what are you kids doing tonight?" I asked after Liz cleared the kitchen table right after dinner.
"I'm going to see a moive with Philip," Sean replied.
"I'm staying home tonight," Liz replied.
Liz and I were sitting watching TV when Chubby Sean popped in to say goodbye.
"Have a good time son see you whenever you get home," I stated smiling tossing him a wink.
"Yeah OK Dad, bye Liz," Sean said.
"Bye Sean have fun say hi to Philip for me," Chubby Liz said.
"So it's your thirteenth birthday tommor eh?" I asked turning my head to look at my Chubby daughter Liz who was sitting at the opposite end of the sofa stuffing her face with popcorn, extra butter.
"You remembered Daddy!" Liz exclaimed.
"How could I forget my Princess' birthday?" I asked chuckling.
"I know Daddy you never forget. Mom used to forget my birthday all the time," Liz replied.
"She's gone she can forget we ever existed," I replied.
"She probably already did. I hate her Daddy," Chubby Liz said.
"You're not the only one Princess," I replied.
"What did you get me for my birthday tomorrow Daddy? Did you buy it already?" Chubby Liz asked.
"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Why are you asking Princess. Why don't you snuggle with me anymore. You used to snuggle up with me all the time but you stopped," I said looking sad.
"Did you buy me a watch Daddy?" Liz asked.
"Maybe I did," I replied chuckling.
"You did Daddy you did I can tell. I'll snuggle with you Daddy," Chuby Liz said shuffling her big fat ass towards me at the opposite end of the sofa.
"That's my Princess," I said wrapping my arm around her Chubby shoulders turning my head kissing the side of her head.
I leaned my head against Liz'.
My right arm slid down behind her Chubby back.
Tenderly I held her Chubby roll of baby fat that excited me.
"Daddy that tickles," Liz said chuckling.
"I'm not trying to tickle you Princess," I replied feeling so fucking horny feeling my boner rising rapidly between my legs.
I turned my head kissing the side of Chubby Liz' head several times.
"You're my Princess," I whispered.
"And you're my Prince Charming Daddy. I wish I had a boyfriend just like you but the boys at school don't like me Daddy. They call me all kinds of nasty names," Liz said.
"You give me their names and Sean and me will go beat them up everyone of them," I whispered kissing the side of her head again.
"No Daddy you can't do that," Chubby Liz said.
I lowered my head kissing the side of Liz' Chubby left cheek.
"You're more precious to me than anyone or anything else Princess," I whispered.
"Even Sean, Daddy?" Liz asked.
"Un-huh he's a big boy. He can take care of himself but I have to protect my Princess don't I?" I asked kissing her cheek again.
"Yes Daddy and I know you'll always protect me won't you Daddy?" Chubby Liz asked.
I squeezed her Chubby roll of Baby fat while looking down at her fat Chubby little boobies.
"Un-huh, give your Daddy a little kiss. It's been a long time Princess," I said sweetly holding her nice and tight.
Chubby Liz turned her head. She pecked my lips. Her Chubby full lips felt like silk.
"Mmmm, nice Princess, nice," I replied.
Chubby Liz stretched forward placing the empty popcorn container on the coffee table in front of us giving me time to shift my body as she leaned back into my embrace.
"Mmmm nice," I stated.
"You smell so good Daddy," my Chubby daughter Liz said.
"Un-huh, Irish Spring when I took a shower before dinner. Did I tell you that you're the best chef around?" I asked smiling.
"I'm not a chef Daddy but I like to cook. I liked dinner tonight too," Chubby Liz stated.
Using my left hand I stretched it forward touching Chubby Liz' left arm giving it a little tug as she moved in closer. I held her left hand. It felt sweet and Chubby.
My darling Chubby daughter Liz licked her right hand fingers.
"Mmmm, tasty isn't it Liz?" I asked.
Chubby Liz chuckled.
"It's butter Daddy," Liz said.
"Let me taste it too," I asked hearing my Chubby Princess giggling.
"Yummmm," I replied sucking the tips of her fingers hearing Chubby Liz chuckling.
"Do you think I'm too fat Daddy?" Chubby Liz asked.
"No way Princess you're not even fat, you're just right," I whispered kissing the side of her head inhaling deeply.
"I think I should try to loose at least a couple of pounds Daddy. My tops are getting too tight," Chubby Liz stated.
"No they're not Princess. You're perfect to me," I replied kissing the side of her head again feeling my boner oozing.
"Daddy can I tell you something?" Chubby Liz asked.
"Of course you can Princess," I said to my Chubby daughter.
"Don't get upset okay Daddy?" Liz asked.
"Liz you can tell me anything. You know that. I want to know every little thing about you no matter how big or small you think it is sweetheart," I replied.
"Okay Daddy.... Daddy I had my first period two weeks ago," Chubby Liz whispered.
"That's wonderful darling now you're a woman. I'm so proud of you Princess. Was it okay?" I asked genuinely concerned.
"Yes Daddy it didn't hurt or anything," Chubby Liz said.
"That's wonderful sweetheart, I love you Liz. Do you still love your Daddy?" I asked.
Chubby Liz turned her head. Our foreheads pressed together. My Chubby Princess smiled.
"I love you so much Daddy really I do," my hot looking Chubby Princess daughter said to me thrilling me sending shivers up and down my spine before I turned my head placing my lips of hers.
Trying to wedge the tip of my tongue into Chubby Liz's mouth my left hand moved covering her Chubby left tittie.
"Daddy!" Chubby Liz exclaimed pulling her head away from mine.
"What Princess? I thought you loved me?" I asked.
"I do Daddy but you kissed me, you really kissed me," Liz said covering the back of my left hand with her palm as I pressed her lovely left boob.
"But I do darling, I do sweetheart, I do Princess and now that you're a woman a real woman I want you to be my Queen just mine Liz just mine my darling," I replied turning my head ready to kiss her again.
"But you're my Daddy!" Chubby Liz exclaimed.
"I'm you're Prince Charming, Princess don't you want me to be your King?" I asked tenderly massaging her left tit moving my hand towards her nipple.
"But Daddy!" Liz stated.
"But Liz, but Princess, kiss me darling, kiss me Princess, kiss me Your Royal Highness, kiss your Prince, make me your King my sweetheart," I replied touching her lips with my full hot lips.
As my Chubby daughter and I necked I flipped over my left hand that was massaging her small boob. I clasped her right hand leading it to my crotch. I opened her Chubby hand pressing her Chubby palm down squishing my rock hard boner tent hearing my Chubby daugther gasping for air after I had sucked her tongue.
"Squeeze him for me Princess," I begged feeling my boner pulsating.
"But Daddy," Chubby Liz said.
"You have to sweetheart he's yours now," I replied.
"But Daddy," Chubby Liz said.
"Do it for me sweetheart for me darling for that gorgeous watch I got for your birthday my Princess my Queen," I pleaded.
"Daddy can I have diamond studded pierced ear rings too?" Chubby Liz asked.
"For you anything Princess even my heart my Queen my love my bride," I groaned feeling my Chubby daughter's right hand squeezing my knob making me ooze so much as I moved my head down feeling Chubby Liz leaning back as I teasted her left nipple thru her overly tight top.
"Oh Daddyyyy it's so sensitive," Chubby Liz said feeling the tip of my teeth nibbling her perky nipple.
"Come with me Princess my Queen," I said to my Chubby daughter Liz rising to my feet turning to accept her Chubby hands pulling her up to her feet.
I wrapped my arms around my Chubby darling daugter exclaiming my love for her digging my crotch into her large roll of baby-fat.
"This way darling, this was sweetheart Liz," I said leading Chubby Liz upstairs into my bedroom.
"Right over here Princess, yes sweetheart right here," I said leaning down pecking Chubby Liz's sweet tender lips.
I had stripped her bare with 60 seconds. She stood before me looking like a hot Chubby Queen perky boobies and all and a touch of peach fuzz betwixt her Chubby thighs.
I removed my shirt. Chubby Liz stared at my muscular furry chest and rock hard abs.
"You're so strong Daddy," Chubby Liz said.
"Because I'm your Prince Charming darling about to make you my Queen," I said removing my pants, underwear and sox standing nude in front of Chubby Liz her eyes aglow.
I thurst my muscular hips forward.
"Touch him Liz he can't wait for your darling hot hand to touch him.
"I've never touched one before Daddy and yours is so big!" Chubby Liz exclaimed.
"He has to be darling Liz, he's yours and he'll make you a Queen, my Queen my bride forever darling," I replied grinning ear to ear.
"Really Daddy really? I love you Daddy," Chubby Liz replied.
I reached forward fingering her big roll of baby-fat using both hands hearing my Chubby Liz giggling.
"Touch him Liz, touch him darling, he needs to feel you touching him sweetheart," I said staring into Chubby's Liz' dark brown cow eyes.
"Like this Daddy?" Chubby Liz asked wrapping her fist around my 9'' uncut rock hard prick.
I gasped, I groaned and moaned grunting nodding my head up and down.
"Sit on the edge of YOUR bed Princess," I said staring into Chubby Liz' eyes.
"It's your bed Daddy," Chubby Liz replied parking her fat ass on the side of my bed.
"It's yours now my darling. What is mine is yours my Princess soon to be my Queen, MY QUEEN," I stated smiling blowing Chubby Liz a hot little kiss tossing in a wink.
My hard pecker was inches from Chubby Liz' lips.
"Open wide my darling," I said slowly peeling back my foreskin.
"Mmmmm!" Chubby Liz moaned feeling me inserting more than half of my throbbing penis inside her hot sweet mouth between her Chubby cheeks.
"Suck him my Princess suck him nice for your Prince," I begged trying to move my hips back and forth just a little.
I told my Chubby daughter Liz to give me her Chubby hands. I placed them on my lithe hips.
"You know what a blowjob is Sweetheart," I said moaning telling Chubby Liz to suck my swollen oozing knob.
"That's right sweetheart my Princess soon to be my Queen," I said thrusting my hips back and forth very slowly touching the sides of my Chubby daughter's head.
"Keep sucking Princess that's right and play with my balls too darling. Stretch them Princess Liz fumble them darling that's it my Princess satisfy your Prince Charming," I groaned talking to my Chubby daughter Liz.
Liz was doing an excellent job for a Chubby cocksucker.
"Now you have to drink my seed Princess, all of it my darling if you want to be my Queen just your Daddy's my love," I said bucking my hips telling my Chubby daughter to squeeze my nuts since they were'nt whacking her chin bu they would the next time I assured her.
"Drink deeply darling, drink my Prince Charming seed Liz just for you Princess oh yes Liz oh yes Liz my love yesssssssssss," I said filling her hot Chubby oral cavity as she swallowed my hot Daddy Prince seed.
My Chubby daughter laid flat in the center of 'our bed.'
I propped her up tucking two pillows beneath her head. I kissed her leaning over her kneeling between her legs spread wide before I sucked her tender nipples hearing my Princess moaning and gasping before I muff dived my Chubby Liz.
My Chubby daughter had several orgasms while I muffed and finger fucked her.
My Chubby Liz squirmed and giggled.
"Time to make you my Queen my love" I said staring down at my Chubby daughter Liz.
"Stretch you beautiful legs apart my darling keeping them flat against our mattress," I said taking a push-up stance holding myself up using only my left palm while digging the head of my uncut prick into my Chubby Liz' hot virgin cunt.
"Oh Daddy oh Daddy it hurts," my beautiful Chubby Princess moaned.
"No it doesn't my Queen, my Queen, my love, my wife," I droned working my prick deeper and deeper inside her hot young quivering Chubby pussy chute.
"Oh Daddy, oh Daddy," Chubby Liz moaned.
"Relax my sweetness my love relax for your King, that's a girl that's it Baby, raise your hips a little more, arch your back darling. Pull the pillows out from under your head and stuff them under your beautiful bum my Queen, my love, my wife, mine Liz all mine." I grunted.
I told my Chubby daughter to look at me.
"Don't you love your Daddy? Don't you love your King. Don't you love your husband my darling, my love, my lover, my wife?" I asked begging to hear her reply.
'Yes Daddy yessssss," Chubby Liz replied.
"I love you too Dad," my Chubby son Sean said standing at the entrance to my I mean Liz' and my bedroom door.
"Come in son come in Sean say hello to my Queen my wife," I said gasping forcing my hard prick deeper and deeper into my Chubby daughter Liz's hot tight fucking pussy chute.
"Dad, why are you fucking Liz? You said you'd only fuck me," Chubby Sean stated.
"Come here son, undress Sean, hurry son," I cried out working my fuck post faster and deeper and harder into my Chubby's Liz' swollen pussy hearing her screams bouncing off my bedroom walls.
"Daddy, Daddy it hurts it hurts," Chubby Liz bellowed.
"No it doesn't Princess relax your royal pussy I'm going to make you orgasm so many times and you'll beg me to do it again and again and your Prince, your King, your husband is going to fill you with more of my seed," I replied plowing her sweet young Chubby cunt.
I told Chubby Sean to play with his sweet looking Chubby pecker kneeling beside me and Chubby Liz.
"Kiss me son," I said tunring my head to the side digging my fuck post deep inside my Chubby daughter's hot tight pussy chute.
"Mmmmmm, yummmm, yummmm," Chubby Sean moaned as did I necking with him.
"Grab your brother's hot balls Princess, play with them for him," I said looking down staring at Liz who calmed down finally!
"So good, so hot, I love you son almost as much as I love your Chubby sister my Queen Liz," I replied.
"Love me more Dad," Chubby Sean said.
"If you fuck my Queen I'll love you just as much my Prince," I replied before pecking his lips.
"Alright Dad I'll fuck her too," Chubby Sean said.
"Liz are you listening to us? Are you listening to me?" I asked my Chubby daughter.
"Yes Daddyyyyyy," Chubby Liz moaned.
"That's good Princess. Your Chubby brother Sean is going to suck your boobies and I want you to suck his cock at the same time as I fuck you alright my Queen?" I asked digging my dick deeper and deeper feeling my Chubby Liz' hips squirming knowing she was close to having an orgasm.
"Yes Daddy yessssssssss," Chubby Liz moaned having her first big prick stuck in her tight cunt orgasm.
"Chubby Sean's great big roll of baby fat was smothering Chubby Liz as he sucked his cock. Liz had to keep pushing up digging her palm into Sean's big roll of fat as she continued sucking his know as Chubby Sean worked her nipples.
"Bite them Sean nibble them, stretch them using the tips of your teeth just like when I'm working your boy titties," I groaned pumping my prick fucking my Chubby daughter's tight pussy.
Chubby Liz was having multiple orgasms.
I was ready to fill her hot cunt with my jizz.
"Here's your Prince's jizz Liz my Queen. This will make you my Queeennnnnnnnnnn," I replied squirting twice deeply inside her hot tight pussy.
I yanked my big prick out of my Chubby Liz's hot smoking quivering cunt.
"Ram your prick in Liz's hot pussy now Sean, she's nice and loose, fuck her hard son do a great job and maybe I'll fuck you when you're finished," I replied chuckling watching my Chubby son and my Chubby daughter fucking their brains out!


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