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16 year old Mandy was hiding from the school bullies on the roof of one of the buildings wishing people would stop bullying her, Mandy started to move when she heard running water she looked through a skylight and got a surprise there was 17 year old Mark the leader of the bullies naked under the shower his 7 inch hairy dick hanging down in front of him, Mandy settled down to watch enjoying the sight, she got her phone and started to film him, to Mandys delight Marks dick started to stiffen and soon it was standing up in the air at about 9 inches and thick, Mandy watched spellbound as Mark started to play with his dick slowly stroking it getting faster all the time and suddenly squirting in 4 long spurts, Mandy watched as Mark cleaned up. Mandy got down from the roof and went home. Mandy loaded the film onto her computer then sent it to Mark with a message to phone her. Mark was soon on the phone to Mandy who told him to call round and see her or the film would be all round the school. Mark did as Mandy requested and after a chat from Mandy stripped naked in front of her and her 12 year old sister.
To be continued.


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