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health spa

  • Wednesday, November 12 2014 @ 10:49 AM CST
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12 year old Aalia was sat on her own at the health spa waiting for the repair man, the spa was owned by her family and was always very busy but at present was closed with just her in the building. After a hour the repair man arrived it was Steve a local 17 year old thug, he set to work repairing the broken door which took him 20 minutes, after he had finished he asked Aalia if he could use the showers Aalia said yes, Steve disappeared but after half a hour reappeared in just a towel his hair wet, Aalia like seeing his half naked body and admired the muscular tone. Steve started playing on a fruit machine Aalia saw his towel slip a bit then after a few minutes it slipped a bit more showing a few dark hairs over the top then suddenly the towel fell to the floor leaving Steve naked. Aalia stared in disbelief at Steves dick hanging down in front of him at about 6inches with dark hair at the top. She had never seen a naked white boy before. Steve looked at her said nothing just carried on playing the machine, Aalia watched the way Steves dick was swing about, Steve looked at her again the said " you enjoying looking at my cock" Aalia said " yes " Steve smiled his dick started to stiffen and aalia watched in amazement as it grew and stuck up in the air fully erect it was now about 8inches and fat Steve smiled said " now I got a hard on you wanna play with it" Aalia nodded walked over took it in her hand and started to stroke it something she had done to her cousin, she stroked slowly Steve stopped playing the machine and soon was breathing heavy Aalia carried on stroking Steve was breathing heavy suddenly his kees buckled he said " Im cumming" and squirted his load in 4 long spurts and 2 shorter ones, Aalia got a cloth and cleaned Steve up, Steve went to dress, Aalia heard him use his phone and heard him say "just been wanked off by that kid from the spa she was fucking good I spunked loads" after Steve was dressed he said to Aaliay ou want to wank some of my mates off Aalia nodded said "yeah" Steve left saying I will let them know
To be continued.
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