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The Bangladesh Festival had been on for 12 hours in the East London Park and 12 year old Pavi was getting bored so she walked away from the main event and went over to the wooded area as she walked through the woods she saw 16 year Steve one of the local thugs, he was using his phone he had one hand inside his joggers, Steve put his phone away then pushed the front of his joggers back pulled his dick out and had a pee. Pavi stared as Steve had a wee, his dick about 6inches on full view, Pavi stood watching she had never seen a white boys dick, Steve looked at Pavi smiled put his dick away walked over to Pavi said you enjoy seeing my cock, Pavi nodded still looking at Steve's crutch and saw a bulge appear which got bigger causing his joggers to bulge out, Steve said " I got a fucking hard on now" Pavi smiled Steve said you wanna see it" Pavi said " yes please" Steve pushed his joggers back letting his now fully erect 8 inches spring up in the air Pavi gasped Steve looked said " go on wank me off" Pavi knew what to do reached out and held Steves dick surpised at how hard and warm it felt she started to stroke it slowly feeling Steves dick get thicker soon Steve was breathing heavy then after a few minutes said oh yeah I going to spunk up Pavi carried on Steve bucked and 4 long spurts of cum flew out into the air. Steve pulled a tissue out wiped his dick put it away looked at Pavi said don't tell anyone and walked away. Pavi stood there hardly believing what had just happened. Pavi started to walk away when she heard someone say my turn she turned and there was 17 year Mark stood there his dick out standing up in the air at about 9 inches Pavi smiled walked over and was soon stroking Marks dick.


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