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Change of mind

  • Monday, September 08 2014 @ 01:19 PM CDT
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16 year old Dipu was entering the rundown block of flats in East London with nan when she saw 18 year old Steve the local thug who is well feared and racist approaching, Dipu was scared she knew Steve would not let them in the lift while he was there, to her surprise Steve held the lift doors open and said need a hand and picked up the sack of onions Dipu's nan was struggling with and carried them into the lift, at their floor Steve carried the onions to their door, Steve looked and said " I just got back from your country the villagers there don't have suffer I felt sorry for them things are going to change round here if you need owt let me know" Dipu said thanks and went into her flat. 2 hours later Dipu went to put rubbish out and saw Steve standing at the end of the landing smoking and as normal he was wearing just his track suit bottoms, Dipu put the rubbish in the rubbish room and walked back to her flat she looked back and got a surprise Steve had his hands down the back of his trackies which were now lower showing a large part of his bum, Steve turned walked towards his flat Dipu saw a large amount of thick black pubic hair sticking over his trackies as he passed her Steve said OK Dipu smiled said yeah Steve walked on Dipu watched at his door Steve lowered back of his trackies showing off all of his bum. Dipu heard her nan calling and went in.
Later that night Dipu was walking home from the shops when 2 boys started calling her a paki bitch Steve appeared and chased the boys off. Dipu said thanks and walked with Steve to the flats looking at his crutch as she did inside the lift Steve said you wanna look at it Dipu smiled and nodded Steve undid his trackies pushed them down, Dipu's eyes went wide she was seeing her first white dick and it was big about 7 inches thick and hairy. The lift stopped at their floor Steve did his trackies up. Dipu went to her flat in a daze.
Next day Dipu saw Steve going in his flat he looked and said wanna come in Dipu's nan was out she knew she would be hours so she went in, inside Steve said want anything Dipu said yeah show me your cock again Steve went in the kitchen when he returned he was naked, Dipu sat there staring mouth open it went even wider when Steves dick grew and went fully hard sticking up in the air at 9inches. Steve sat on the settee next to her Dipu reached out and held Steves dick then started tp stroke it. she felt it getting thicker she just carried on stroking then after 5 minutes felt it twitch and 4 long spurts of spunk flew out followed by 2 shorter ones.
Steve smiled said happy Dipu nodded.



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