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Total surprise

  • Sunday, July 27 2014 @ 12:12 PM CDT
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The bus was coming to the end of it's journey, 14 year old Ahmed was sitting at the back of the bus hardly believing what he had been seeing for the last 20 minutes, 16 year old Mandy was sitting near him the zip on her hoodie was partly down and Ahmed was seeing a good bit of cleverage. Mandy was a school beauty queen but was also a racist bitch.
The bus pulled into the bus station Mandy was first off closely followed by Ahmed who spotted three other Bengali boys that he knew, he went to them told them about Mandy, they all looked at Mandy who was now on the canal towpath, the boys all followed her, the boys walked behind Mandy on the deserted towpath watching the way her bum wriggled inside her very tight jeans, the boys caught up with Mandy and started talking to her, they told her it was not safe to be alone on the towpath this time of night, Mandy smiled said "why" when the reply you could get fucked Mandy smiled said " he been looking at some of my tits done fuck all so I think I am safe from him" Ahmed reached out and rubbed Mandy's bum to the boys surprise she did not react. one of the older boys put his hand between her legs Mandy just stood there, the other boys started rubbing her tits one boy pulled the zip on Mandy's top right down her tits popped out she had no bra on two boys started rubbing her bare tits her top came off one boy said get her fucking jeans off, Mandy felt her jeans being undone and slid down soon she was naked, one of the boys said " fuck is she wet" the boys as he slid a finger up her, the boys lifted Mandy and carried her to the play area where they lay her on her back, Mandy watched as 3 16 year old and 1 14 year old Bengali boy stripped naked each supporting a full erection, Mandy smiled as Ahmed knelt down between her open legs as Ahmed slid in her she said " at last you took your time" after a a hour all four boys had fucked Mandy, she lay there looking at them as they dressed and left. Mandy went to the towpath got her clothes dressed and headed for home
To be continued.
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