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16 year old Aasia had just finished her job at her dads Indian take away and was walking home it was gone midnight and quiet, Aasia decided to take a short cut through the park remembering the last time she went through there at night she had seen a naked woman and three men having sex, it had been the first time she had seen English people having sex, they had been middle aged and it was not very exiciting. Half way through the park Aasia saw a boy from her street it was 17 year old Steve a thug and leader of a gang he was standing leaning on the back of a bench as she got closer Steve stood up straight and Aasia got a shock the front of his track suit trousers were down and his dick was on full view it hung down placid about 7 inches with thick black hair at the top. Aasia looked as she walked by. After a few yards Steve caught up looked at her and said " you just see my cock" Aasia was getting scared but said " yes I saw sorry I did not know you were there" Steve smiled said " don't worry but don't go telling anyone" aasis assured him she would not and never tells anyone anything as in the Indian community girls are not believed and would be beaten for telling about things like that, Steve smiled and walked off ahead of her, as Aasia rounded the next bend to her surprise she saw Steve standing by a tree naked his dick pointing straight out in front of him, Aasia stopped and stared watching in amazement as Steve's dick grew and stuck up fully erect in the air, it stood up at about 9 inches, Steve stood there and started to stroke it Aasia watched hardly believing what she was seeing, Steve started stroking faster then suddenly his knees buckled and there were four long spurts of cum followed by two shorter ones Aasia was spellbound, Steve wiped his dick got dressed and left. Aasia walked on in a daze, at the edge of the park she saw her 18 year old cousin who asked her if she had seen wanking Aasia nodded her cousin said lots of us have and wanked him ourselves a couple of his mates do it as well. Aasia walked on knowing that from now on she would take the short cut home every night.


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