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There was a buzz of excitement on the estate, strange lights had been seen in the sky during the night people were talking about aliens having invaded but none had been seen and the lights were gone.
The park was packed, it was a very hot day despite it being mid winter. 14 year old July was talking to her mate when 17 year old Steve walked up to them stopped to talk and blocked the sun, July said " will you fuck off and get out the sun" much to her surprise Steve did as July had said and walked away. July's friend Karen who was the same age said " weird my brother did everything he was told this morning with out question and when I told the boy next door to get out our garden he did it" The girls got up walked round the park telling boys to do things and they were obeyed, soon it was clear that all the boys were under some sort of spell and doing as they were told, the girls were near the woods when they saw 16 year Marl a local gang member they looked at him and said" show us your cock" and watched in awe as Mark did as he was told revealing a 5 inch hairy dick, the girls told him to put it away Mark did, the girls took Mark further into the woods where a gypsy camp was 2 of the girls aged 10 were sitting on a wall, July knew the girls and asked them if they wanted to see Mark naked both girls quickly said yeah and when told to Mark stripped naked both girls looked at Mark wide eyed, July told Mark to let the girls do what they wanted and after telling the girls they would bring them more boys walked away, they looked back to see Mark on the floor with both girls on top of him.
Karen said lets go to the gang hut I wanna get Steve and some of the other boys, both girls headed to the hut where they found all the gang inside, July said " this is going to be fun" Karen smiled and nodded


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