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A large factory next door to the east London housing estate was on fire and burning out of control, the estate had been evacuated, families were being housed in different buildings while the fire was fought. the local college had lots of people sleeping where ever they could.. 12 year old Asia a Bengali girl took her 10 year old sister to the washroom it was on the top floor and not used much when Asia got there it was empty. After a few minutes 16 year old Steve who lived opposite Asia came in, the girls knew Steve and liked him because despite being a member of a well feared street gang he was friendly to them and helped them a lot. Steve looked at the girls and said " I came for a shower you don't mind do you " Asia said we can come back later" Steve smiled and told her it was ok they could stop he wernt shy and switched the shower on sat down and started to take his shoes off, Asia asked him if he was taking everything off and when Steve replied yeah Asia said " what you will naked and we will be able to see your dick" Steve nodded and said told you I aint shy none of the gang are and carried on undressing, both girls looked at each other and smiled they both sat down and watched, Steve was in his just his pants thumbs in waist band he looked at the girls smiled then removed his pants standing there naked, the girls stared at Steves naked body liking the size of his dick which hung down in front of him at 7 inches with a mass of black hair at the top. Asia said " wow that is big" Steve smiled said I know you been looking through my letter box when I been on my own this what you been looking for Asia nodded she saw Steves dick start to move and watched in amazement as it grew stuck out straight then went fully hard. Both girls stood there mouths wide open looking at Steves 9 inch erection and when he started to stoke it the girls eyes went wide they stood there watching as Steve stroked away. both girls had spied on a Bengali boy wanking but this was out of the world a naked white boy doing it, Steve groaned and exploded in 4 long spurts both girls gasped. Asia heard her mum calling both girls left taking a last look back as they did.


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