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The one

  • Monday, March 17 2014 @ 10:03 AM CDT
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!7 year old Mandy was alone in the charity shop where she worked one day a week, it was near closing time and she had pulled the shutters down when 12 year old Colin walked in, Colin was bullied by other kids on the estate and was not happy. Mandy locked the door as Colin looked at books she turned to Colin and said " why do you let the kids bully you we know who you are and you could stop them just give the word and we will stop them " Colin knew Mandy belonged to a sect but no more, Colin looked at Mandy and said " who am I " Mandy replied " your the chosen one your the master your our leader everything about you is right " Colin looked at Mandy who then said " we wont hurt you we will do anything for you we are yours for you to command and us to obey" as she said this Mandy bowed her head, Colin smiled said "ok strip naked" he could not believe his ears when Mandy said " yes master " and started to undress, he watched as Mandy removed her tee shirt revealing her naked tits and started to undo her jeans, after a few minutes Mandy was naked, Colin had an erection he was staring at Mandys shaved cunt, Colin undid his jeans letting his 4 inch hard dick spring up he looked at Mandy and said " suck me off " Mandy knelt and started to suck on Colins dick, Colin had only ever dreamt of this happening and now it was happening, the way Mandy was sucking him was driving him mad he was loving it, Mandy kept sucking him til Colin's knees exploded and he climaxed shooting his juice into Mandys mouth. Mandy stood and Colin saw her nipples were very erect, he reached out and rubbed Mandys tits. After awhile he stood back and watched as Mandy fingered herself to climax.
To be continued
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