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The sirens from the chemical factory, the recorded messages were still being broadcast, 14 year old Asia was fed up of hearing the siren and the message telling people to stay of the street, she had heard the explosion and seen the cloud of gas from the factory 3 hours ago and had been in her room since. Her friend had phoned her telling her that a chemical had escaped and if inhaled it makes you obey people the chemical had been designed for the military.

Asia Abdul her 17 year old cousin entering the house he was a bully and often beat her and when she had seen him nude in the shower had beat her up, Asia went to the kitchen and saw Abdul she saw the tent in his joggers and the dazed look in his eyes, she said to him "stand still" Abdul did as he was told, Asia pointed to his bulge and said tell me what that is Abdul said " my cock it is on the hard" Asia smiled and said " show me" she wathed in amazement as Abdul lowered the from of his joggers revealing his 6 inch erection. Asia told Abdul to put it away and follow her then went to her room with Abdul following once inside she told him to strip naked watching him as he did, once naked Asia took photos then said " wank off" and wathed as he obeyed, after a few minutes Asia gave a big smile as Abdul squirted in 4 long spurts getting a photo as did.

The all clear was sounded and people started to venture out knowing what the gas cloud had been and what could happen, it was not long before people were taking advantage of those who had been caught out in the open when the gas had escaped.

At the local school the 2 local thugs who are 17 at been caught by the gas the 19 year student teacher took the 2 boys into her class of 10 year old girls and told the them to strip the 6 girls stared at the naked boys and watched with wide eyes as both boys got full erections, there was a mad rush as the teacher told the boys to let the girls do what they wanted to them soon 6 pairs of young hands were roaming over the bodies of the boys who just stood there, in the cellar 12 year old Colin was wathing as his mate was fucking 16 year old naked Mandy knowing it was his turn next, In the shopping centre 17 year old Steve was walking around naked with his 9 inch eretion being admired by many girls and boys alike, 14 year old Paul was happy he had just wanked off 15 year old Mark his straight arch enemy and was now undoing his jeans as Mark was spending over the railings his naked bum in the air the group of 14 year old Bengali boys were over the moon as they fucked the 4 naked racist thug bitches.

To be continued
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