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The boat

  • Tuesday, February 04 2014 @ 07:14 AM CST
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The small boat rocked gently as it made its way towards England, the six teen passengers all happy with the thought that they were going to be able to get into England at last, despite being locked inside a cage they knew they were safe, 16 year old Mandy was steering the boat while her 14 year cousin Karen was preparing food, in a cabin on his own was 12 year old Amhed he had paid extra to be on his own.

Mandy cut the engine leaving the boat to slowly drift on the drag anchor, she went and helped Karen, after putting the food on plates Karen went to the cage while Mandy went to serve Amhed. inside the cabin Mandy put the plates on the table as she did the front of her tee shirt fell forward slightly Amhed saw a lot of cleveage his eyes almost popped out his sockets. Mandy saw him looking smiled and said " you looking at my tits" Amhed just smiled and carried on looking, Mandy lent forward a bit more giving Amhed a better view, Mandy stood up collected the empty water jug and left. Amhed was over the moon he had just had a good view of part of Mandys tits his dick was hard. The door opened and Mandy came in again with a full water jug Amhed saw the front of her tee shirt had two tents in the front and when Mandy bent to put the jug down he saw down the top of her shirt again this time he saw more he saw her complete tits her nipples sticking up, Many smiled said " better view" Amhed smiled said " yeah " Mandy smiled stood and took her tee shirt off giving Ahmed a full view of her naked tits she then undid her cut off jeans letting them drop to the floor and stepping out of them giving Ahmed a full view of her naked body. Mandy looked at Ahmed smiled picked up her clothes and went out of the cabin.

To be continued.


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