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idiot surprise

  • Tuesday, January 14 2014 @ 01:22 PM CST
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16 year old Mandy was pissed off she was the leader of a street gang and well feared but her school had sent her to Adams house to take him some books because he had been suspended.

Mandy did not like 14 year old Adam, he was the school idiot for ever doing stupid things his last stunt had been to set off the school sprinkle system soaking lots of people, for this stunt he had been suspended.

Mandy opened the gate to Adams house and entered the garden as she did she saw Adam through the window of his kitchen and got a shock, Adam was standing naked at the table his dick on full view, Mandy was surprised at the size of what she was seeing, there was the biggest dick she had ever seen it was hanging down limp at about 8 inches, Mandy could not take her eyes off it.

Adam saw Mandy and put a towel round himself. From the kitchen Adam could see the look on Mandy's face, he had used a developer for the last 2 years which gave him the massive dick.

Mandy rang the door bell and waited for Adam to open the door and when Mandy looked straight at Adams crutch, Adam moved to one side to let Mandy in. Mandy followed Adam into the front room where she kept looking at Adams crutch, Adam smiled and said " I saw you looking at my cock you want it" Mandy kept quiet but kept looking at Adams crutch, Adam let his towel drop to the floor, Mandy stood there transfixed not able to or wanting to stop looking at Adams dick which was now starting to stiffen, she watched as Adams dick grew to a full 10 inch erection.

Adam took 2 steps forward and put his hands on Mandy's boobs and started to rub them over her blouse feeling the 2 little hard nipples that were forcing her blouse out, Mandy just stood there looking down at the massive erection in front of her and did not stop Adam as he undid her blouse and pull her bra open revealing her boobs and did not flinch as he started rubbing her very erect nipples, after a few minutes Mandy was still looking at Adams dick and was breathing heavy she looked at Adam and said " fuck me" Adam lowered her to the settee and after pushing her tight school skirt up round her hips pulled her panties down and off then inserted his fingers up her love tube feeling how wet she was. Mandy moaned, Adam pulled his fingers out and inserted the tip of his dick Mandy moaned as Adam pushed further in till the whole 10 inches was in, Mandy groaned louder and had an orgasm as Adam hit the spot, Adam started to fuck her pounding in as deep as he could he kept pounding away Mandy came off four more times wrapping her legs round Adam as she did saying " fuck me fuck me" after 10 minutes Adam fired deep inside her Mandy came off a total of 6 times.

Adam stood up looking down at an exhausted Mandy who could hardly believe that she had let the school idiot fuck her and how much she had enjoyed it. She dressed and left headed back to school.



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