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The Cliff housing estate in East London was very quiet on new years day most of the multi national residents were still sleeping off the hangovers from the estate party the night before but 14 year old duck was working in her fathers paper shop on her own. Duck was from Bangladesh and had been given the nickname duck by her English friends because she liked feeding the ducks on the pond.
There was just one elderly lady in the shop who duck was serving when the door opened and 17 year old Steve walked in, duck gave Steve one of her greeting smiles and finished serving the lady who grumbled about the cost of stuff before leaving.
Steve walked up to the counter and said to duck " thanks for the tip off about the police raiding our house we were able to shift the gear we had to a safer place so the police found nothing" Steve was the leader of a gang and when duck had overheard two coppers talking about a planned raid on Steve's house she had tipped him off.
Duck replied to Steve " you dont harm us so I repayed you with a favour" Steve said " you did well if we had been caught with that gear we would have got about five years in prison" he then added " we owe you if you want anything or need help just ask and I will see what we can do" duck smiled said " thanks" and took another sneak look at Steve's crutch, Steve saw the look like he had done lots of time before, Steve smiled and said " you keeping looking at my crutch you wanna see my cock" duck did not hesitate in saying yes please, Steve lowered the front of his trackies revealing his 7 inch uncut hairy dick, duck said " wow that is big" Steve pulled his trackies up saying " I will speak with my mates and get them to show you thier cocks if you want" duck nodded Steve left the shop, duck carried on with stacking shelves and after a hour 16 year old Mark Steve's brother walked in he looked at duck smiled and lowered his joggers showing duck his 5 inch shaved dick. duck smiled said " thanks" as he left Mark said " Steve said to tell you come round the house tonight at 7 if you want and we will give you a big pressie. duck smiled said "ok" Mark left.

To be continued.
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