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!4 year old Mark was sitting in his dads office at the changing rooms in the park. All was quiet nobody about and Mark was unhappy, he had been tormented all day because he is gay, he was fed up with the bullying he was getting and wished it would stop but for now he felt safe sitting in his dads office in the dark with nobody about.

16 year old Steve was walking across the park with his 12 year old stepsister Cindy who had been living with Steve and his parents for just two weeks and Steve hated her, he was the leader of a well feared street gang and the gang hated her as well. Steve would rather be with his girlfriend Mandy instead of baby sitting Cindy

Cindy did not like being with Steve she did not like the way he bullied her or the way he controlled other boys and had turned them against her, she had few friends because of Steve and wanted to go home but could not.

Steve and Cindy reached the changing rooms where Steve told Cindy to wait outside for him and he would be half hour before going inside. Cindy sat on the bench out side but after a minute got up stood on the bench and walked down it, as she passed the window she noticed a big crack running the length of the frosted pane and also saw a small hole in the middle of the pane and when she looked through she saw Steve switching a shower on before going to a bench and taking his shirt and shorts off leaving him in just blue underpants, Cindy carried on looking knowing she was going to see him nude and see his dick.

Inside the office Mark saw Steve enter the change room switch the shower on and strip to his pants. Mark knew Steve could not see him and thought with luck he will end up naked and I will see his cock.

Steve was standing in just his underpants unaware that he was being watched by his stepsister and the gay boy who he really hated, Steve was standing back to Mark and Cindy when he slid his pants off and both smiled as Steve's naked bum came into view, Steve walked to shower stepped in and after a minute or two turned round and was now facing Mark and Cindy who both gasped when they saw Steve's dick. It was massive about 7 inches hanging down with thick dark black hair round it, despite being a few yards apart both Cindy and Mark had the same view, Mark now had a firm erection in his trackies, both watched as Steve soaped up liking the way his dick swung. Steve stood letting the water run over his body liking the sensation flowing through his body he felt his dick start to stiffen. Cindy and Mark watched as Steve's dick grew standing out straight from his body before growing to a full erection. Mark could hardly believe his eyes his arch enemy naked with a full hard on of about 9 inches. Cindy was well wet between the legs and rubbing herself through her jeans. Steve stood under the shower feeling the way his dick was throbbing he knew he had to deal with it and started to stroke it slowly increasing in speed as he went he felt himself building to climax and then squirted in four long spurts and two shorter ones followed by some dribbles. Mark and Cindy were well happy at what they had just seen.

Steve was drying when Mark's dad walked in and went to the office as he opened the door Steve saw Mark and when Mark's dad asked Steve if anybody was about Steve knew he had been watched by Mark when he said " no just Steve having a shower" Steve dressed and left Cindy was smiling, Steve said " what you smiling at bitch" Cindy replied " there is a hole in window and I saw you wank off in shower " Steve went bright red Cindy said wait til I tell mum Steve said "dont" Cindy said " ok but tonight you will come to my room naked when mum is asleep and let me wank you off" Steve knew he had no choice but to agree


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