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Roof Top

  • Monday, December 09 2013 @ 07:26 AM CST
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I am Bengali boy of 12 went up on roof of our flats with 3 mates also 12 we saw Mandy a 16 year white girl who is member of a street gang and a right tough bitch, everybody is scared of her. She was smoking weed, we left went to my flat my parents were away everybody knows I stay on my own. After a few minutes there was knock on door it was Mandy, we knew if we did not let her in she would kick door open so we let her in, she asked us not to tell she had been on roof smoking or she would be sent to a youth offender centre for 4 years. She said she would do anythng, one of my mates said get naked, to my surprise she pulled zip on her top down and took it off, we watched as she undressed, I could hardly believe it she was soon naked her tits looked real good her cunt had no hair, she said what now my mate said lay on the floor she did, we were all soon rubbing her tits and fingering her her nipples were sticking up and she was wet, we all stripped and she sucked each of us.


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