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Story by Richard Barber

I lived in California with my dad ever since mom and dad separated 15 years ago. Dad and I have always had a close relationship because we were truthful and open to each other.

Dad is 40 years old and I am now 18 as I tell this story, He and I both work out at a small gym in the Guest House and keep ourselves in great shape. I moved to the Guest House to give Dad more privacy yet we still share much of our sexual life together. I often sleep with dad especially, when one or both of us are in the mood to fuck or get fucked. I'm still fond of Dad's blow jobs. He's the best. I only moved into the one bed room guest house last year so I could have more privacy with my best buddies and girls.

I have my dad to thank for showing me the 'facts of life'. I was 12 years old when I had my first wet orgasm.. Dad was so proud of me and taught me how to jack off and other sexual things that I will tell you about later. When I was older he taught me how to suck cock, fuck ass and get fucked.. We use to take turns fucking and sucking each other all the time, and still do.

A few times dad would bring over a close business friend of his and let me suck their cock or let them fuck my ass. That was some of my favorite times when I was still a teenager. His friends got a big thrill out of watching my dad fuck me. He told me that sex was good in any form as long as it wasn't being forced upon you.

My dad has a rather long and thick penis and as I grew older I also developed a large penis just like my dad. We looked more and more alike as time went on. We were both the same height, same dark wavy hair and green eyes. We even had a small amount of hair on our chest and 'V' shape down our abs. It must be our Irish breeding.

Dad was so cool. He would often bring home a nice looking woman and let me watch them have sex while I set quietly in the bedroom closet jacking off. I was about 16 when he first began to let me watch. It was so hot watching them. Id get so horned up I'd cum several time during their sex play.

My dad was a great fucker and awesome to watch. His body movements were like a leopard ready to pounce on his prey. Most of the ladies wanted to come back for more sex and to get fucked by his big cock. He had quite a reputation with the neighborhood married women as well as some of the husbands. I'd seen him fuck some of the 'so called' straight men more that once.

One young married man brought his wife over to let my dad breed her and get her pregnant because the husband was sterile. I got to watch that from my closet along with the husband. While my dad was breed her, I was sucking the husband off in the closet. He came 3 times while his wife was getting fucked by my dad. My dad said they had to come over 2 or 3 time for breeding to make sure she got pregnant. They followed Dads advice and she finally got pregnant with twins.

I got to suck off her husband several more times during that time. Dad convinced him that I should fuck him while Dad was fucking his wife. Dad didn't get paid for the breeding but her husband gave me a new Ford Mustang to drive to school. The husband still comes over so I can give him a blow job. That was a strange experience. I must say, my dad kept his cock busy.

I also liked watching him 'eat pussy';as he would call it. He'd eat them for a while, then fuck their cunt, shoot his load in them then go back and eat out his own cum. Some times he'd let me lick off his cock after he'd fucked a pussy. He said it would get me accustomed to the taste of pussy. Usually dad would shoot me a load so I could taste his cum as well. If he used a condom he'd save the load deposited inside, and give it to me to suck out later.

One time as he was fucking this hot looking girl she saw me watching. She didn't panic but told my dad I could get closer to watch. From that time on, dad would introduced me to some of his special ladies and I was allowed to get closer and watch dads big cock go in and out of a pussy. I would often jack off and shoot my cum close to dads face. He'd turn and let my cum shoot in his mouth. This was shocking to some of the women watching my hunky dad eat his sons cum.

One time a lady pulled me on the bed and sucked my dick while my dad was eating out her cunt. Another of his regulars wanted me to fuck her pussy and have my dad eat out my load from her pussy. That was hot. We had this one woman in a doggie position while Dad laid under her with his cock in her pussy I got behind her and shoved my cock up her ass. I still liked Dad's ass better than any woman.

I liked fucking pussy especially when Dad would share his women with me. I even ate out one woman after Dad shot a big load in her. That was some thing special. I liked the blow jobs I'd get now and then but, Dad was a better cock sucker. I told him that one time and he just laughed.

While I was going to Business school I met some hot girls. I made sure they were always over 18 before I made a pass at them. Most of the girls liked me, and I would convince them to come to my Guess house. I was a good lover and usually make out with them. I found many of the girls liked to have their cunt licked out. It wasn't my favorite thing to do, until I let one of my buddies fuck one of my girls. After he shot his load in her, I would eat her out, sucking my buddies cum out of her wet pussy. That was awesome.

From that time on some of my best buddies would come over with a girl to fuck, and after they fucked her, I would eat her cunt out. I loved eating my buddies cum from a used pussy. Now and then I'd lick off my buddies cock after they fucked a pussy. Most of the time they would cum in my mouth again. My buddies started liking my blow jobs and would often come over by themselves just to get some head from me. I enjoy that as much as they did. I was told I was a good cock sucker and that was good. I liked getting fucked as well but never had the chance to let my buddies fuck my ass. Perhaps later.

One time 6 of us guys gang-banged this girl at my place. My dad came over to see what we were doing and joined in. He put on quiet a show for my buddies fucking this cunt with his big cock. From then on, my dad was tops with my close buddies. If they had a fuck party, my Dad would always be invited to join in. He was quite a showman.

I came home one day to find a hot woman setting on my dads couch. I knew dad would be late coming home from work so I talked her into taking off her blouse and show me her big tits. Soon I was feeling her up and finger fucking her pussy. She took off everything and let me eat her wet pussy. She warned me that she had been fucked that day and still had some of his cum in her pussy. This didn't bother me, in fact it made me hotter to eat her pussy with an anonymous mans cum still there.

I took off my clothes and when she saw my big cock she went crazy admiring and sucking my balls and cock. I was fucking the hell out of her when I hear my dad coming in the front door.

The woman want me to stop fucking but I kept on. I knew my dad would like some strange pussy. Dad walked into the room and said “hello” and went to the bar to get a drink while I kept fucking. He set and watched us fucking for a while before he took off his clothes. He got down behind me and licked my balls and my cock shaft to savor some of the over flowing body juices.

I lifted her so Dad could slip his cock up her ass or cunt.. I placed my legs on the couch to give dad a better position to put his dick in her ass or share the pussy with my dick. He decided to share the pussy and double dick her.

When Dad got it in her, she went wild and started cumming. I came soon after that while dad continued to fuck her. His cock slipped out just as he was cumming shooting his cum all over my cock and balls and her dripping pussy. I turned around and slurped down Dads dick and cleaned all the pussy juice and cum from his delicious cock.

We all paused and tried to get our composure after a great 3 way fuck.

“Son. I like to introduce you to my new office Secretary and your step sister, Jan.

Story by Richard Barber
Word Count. 1700


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