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Girl Scout Sluts

  • Wednesday, March 28 2012 @ 10:24 PM CDT
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One lazy, hot afternoon, the doorbell rang at my frat house, and I leapt up to answer it since few guys were around. My frat brother Ryder was coming to answer the door as well, so we both stood there, shirtless, and opened it.

On the stoop were a pair of girl scouts, about 11 or 12 years old, selling girl scout cookies. But all I could think about once I saw them was using both of their little cunts until they were gaping and gushing with my cum. When Ryder said, "Oh yeah, sure, we'll take some, but our money's up in our room, come on up with us!" I suddenly got a feeling that his thoughts might not have been all that different from mine, which I would never have expected.

The two girls naively came in and followed Ryder up the stairs with me in the rear. One of the two girls had no underwear on under her skirt, which got my cock rock hard in my shorts. We went into Ryder's bedroom and I shut and locked the door. "Oh, by the way, sorry we lied," Ryder said. "We don't want cookies."

"We do want something else, though," I said, grinning. "Take off those uniforms, please," I ordered.

The one with underwear on obeyed first, but the other one hesitated. I walked over to her and got Ryder's attention, then flipped her skirt up with one hand to reveal her uncovered pussy. Ryder grinned approvingly, and I let her skirt down and said, "Come on, now we've already seen it anyway."

"We'll do it too, to be fair," Ryder said, pulling off his shorts. I did the same, and the second girl finished taking off her uniform, and the two girls stared wide-eyed at the two giant dicks in front of them. Mine was eleven inches and Ryder's was a half inch longer, and both of us were thick as beer bottles. "Are you girls both virgins still?" Ryder asked. They nodded. "How old are you?"

"12," they both said. They looked at least 14 aside from their young faces, and both had kept their pussies bare, the way I liked it.

"We'll pay you for a bunch of cookies," I said. "As soon as we're done."

"Wanna do the honors?" Ryder asked me. I grinned and nodded, and looked at the second girl. "That one first, the one without underwear, like a little slut. I love that sp fucking much."

I saw her blush and maybe even smile gratefully at that, and I called her over to me and she obeyed. "Why didn't you wear underwear today, little slut?" I asked. "Tell me the truth."

"Well..." she began.

"Go on," I said comfortingly. "You can tell us, I promise we'll love whatever the reason was."

"Well," she said again. "My brothers are picking me up later and I kinda wish sometimes that one of them would play with me a little, secretly."

I grinned. "Good fucking answer," I said. "Come here." I grabbed her and pulled her to me and into my lap on the sofa. "Well, I'm not your brother, but I'm about to do a lot more than play with you a little, is that ok?" She nodded, still a bit nervous. "Aww, don't be nervous," I said, pouring some lube onto my cock. "You're about to get your cunt filled by your first cock, little girl. Only sluts lose their cherry before high school, and guess what?" With that I lifted her onto my cock and pushed her down so that it split her virgin cunt open wide and slid all the way inside her. I covered her mouth to muffle her cries, but uncovered it once she quieted down.

"See?" I asked her. "That's not so bad is it?"

"No," she stammered, sounding like she was starting to really love having a dick inside her.

"Your turn, bro," I said, pulling her off my cock and giving her over to my frat brother. I beckoned for the other girl, and this time she came over to me more eagerly.

While Ryder began pounding the other girl, I fingered the second one and watched her loving it. "You're even more of a little slut, aren't you?" I whispered. "I could tell the moment we got up here. Tell me I'm right."

"Yeah," she said quietly, then her sheepish look turned into a filthy, naughty look that got my cock leaping.

"Oh yeah," I muttered, and picked her up with my muscled arms and wrapped her legs around my torso. "I'm taking you to the roof," I whispered, and I carried her to the stairs in the corner of Ryder's room that led up to the roof and left the door open behind me. "Here goes," I said, and I positioned my cock head against her bare cunt lips and lowered her down so that she slid onto my throbbing beer bottle cock, her legs still wrapped around my waist.

"Fuck," I moaned. "You have a fucking incredible pussy, girl. Especially for its first fucking time."

"Thanks," she grinned.

"Oh yeah, I might have to fuck this cunt at least once a week or two," I moaned. "And if not, I'll tell everyone you know about this. Got it?"

"Yeah," she moaned.

"I bet you won't have any problem with that whatsoever, huh?" I asked. She chuckled and shook her head. "You are a fucking slut, and I love it so fucking much! Say it for me."


I plunged deep inside her and she gasped. "Say you're a fucking slut," I ordered in her ear.

"I'm a fucking slut," she whispered into mine.

"Oh I fucking love you, girl," I moaned, fucking her harder. Then I suddenly noticed that we weren't alone on the roof any longer, and I didn't know how long my frat brother Channing had been there watching. But he seemed to like what he saw. "Wanna try?" I asked him.

"Fuck yeah," he said, grinning and taking off his jeans. His cock was about the size of mine, a bit longer and not quite as thick. I lifted the girl off my cock and set her down, and Channing had her bend over the bench he'd been sitting on. Then he plunged his dick all the way into her and began fucking the shit out of her, covering her mouth to muffle her moans and cries until I gagged her with my dick. "Want me to unload in her?" he asked.

"Please," I winked, and he moaned loudly and stopped pounding her, shuddering and panting as he filled her cunt with jizz for the first time.

"Fuck, dude," he said as he pulled out. "That is a fuckin' fantastic pussy." He thanked me and headed back down the other stairs that led to the hallway, and I looked at the slut proudly then led her back down to Ryder's room in time to watch Ryder shoot his load into the other rookie slut's cunt. Right as he pulled out of her, I shoved my dick back inside and moaned loudly as I felt my very favorite thing: used slut pussy. Within a minute I yelled out and dumped a second load into her hungry cunt, and I admired the sight of a twelve year old with a gaping pussy dripping with cum.

A few minutes later Ryder shot another load into the other slut, and I moaned in ecstasy as I plunged into her sloppy, gaping cunt, which had two big loads in it already. "Two weeks from today, I better see you back here, got that?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded. "What are you?" I asked.

"A slut," she murmured back, then giggled. The second she said "slut" I cried out and shot another huge load deep inside her for almost two minutes. Ryder's, Channing's and my cuim dripped down my cock as she slid off of it, and I had both girls lick the area clean, which they did happily. Then we told them to get dressed and Ryder paid for several boxes of cookies and sent them on their way.

(To Be Continued?)


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  • Girl Scout Sluts
  • Authored by: gart on Friday, March 30 2012 @ 04:15 PM CDT
Hell yes, the next chapter please!
Luv reading about horny teen lads havin' it off, with both girls & boys!!

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