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I finally did it

  • Wednesday, January 25 2012 @ 01:49 AM CST
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Although I am now widowed I was married for over 25 years and always enjoyed sex with my wife in all ways. As time went on she came down with cancer and our sex life was less and less. I think for as far back as I can remember I have fantasized about m2m sex. In fact when I was in high school I took a class in gymnastics and became quite flexible physically, so much so that I learned I could suck my own cock. When I got horny I would do that after school at home and make myself cum in my mouth. Soon I sort of out grew that and became the typical macho mail and enjoyed lots of sex with girls.

Fast forward to later times when my wife no longer could enjoy or have the desire to engage in sex. I began to think more and more about getting with a man and seeing what it would be like. Ultimately I hooked with a man through a site on the internet and after much mental anxiety decided to meet him. I was staying in a hotel in Las Vegas and called him to come to my room if he wanted and he agreed. We met in the lobby and went up to my room. On the way down the hall he reached over and gently grabbed my cock and told me how it felt nice and big. Once inside the room we hugged for a bit and then proceeded to take our clothes off. Once we were naked I couldn't resist the chance to reach out and take hold of his cock, the first time I had ever done this with another man. I can't believe how nice it felt. I sat on the edge of the bed and held is cock to my mouth and slowly began to lick the end and then take a little of the head in my mouth. This was absolutely the first time and I thought this is real and what have I been missing for all these years. Don"t get me wrong, I still like to be with women sexually but this was an exotic and thrilling new experience. I couldn't wait to take more of him into my mouth. It was only a moment and we were both lying on the bed and almost instantly we were in a 69 and literally ravishing each others cock. At this point in time I only had one thought - make him cum in my mouth. If I came in his that would be good also but I wanted his cum. I had made the ultimate decision in my mind and I had to make the event perfect. And so it was as we both exploded together and savored each others juices. As I write this story I can almost taste him.

We spent a little more time that night together and ultimately had one more encounter several months later. I lost contact with him and that became my introduction to bi sex and I still enjoy an occasional get together but it has become difficult for me to find another man willing to be with me at my current age of 79. I still like women but I would very much like to find a gentle compatible man to once again share each others special offerings. Maybe soon.


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