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The Co-Worker and my Wife

  • Tuesday, November 29 2011 @ 11:19 PM CST
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It all started about 6 years after my wife and I married. We were laying in bed one night after having amazing sex, just talking. She asked me if there was one person at work (we work together) I would like to fuck, who would it be. I answered with Jill. Jill was a pretty hot woman, but not as hot as my wife. So I asked her the same question. Her repy was Alan. This turned me on. My wife never knew before that I had been with men before. She thought I was straight, not bi.

I asked her what she wanted to do to him and she told me a few things, which at this point I was already getting hard again and extremely turned on. She noticed this. She began to jerk me off and continued talking about what she wanted to do and how she was going to do. I blew my load in no time at all. She chuckled and asked if that really turned me on, which I denied.

The next few nights went on like this, her talking about Alan and all the things she wanted to do and me cumming in no time at all. Finally one day she asked me if I was bi. Of course I denied. I did not want her to know for fear she would leave me. I loved her and did not want to lose her. She then started talking about how hot it would be to see me go down on another guy and have 3 ways with Alan and such. I finally admitted to her that I was bi. She was totally cool with this.

We talked many nights about what we wanted to do with Alan together, but was never sure if he was bi or not. He seemed to be, but was always talking about women.

One day in the lunch room, my wife, Allan a couple of other co-workers were sitting around talking. My wife is a quiet person, so all the co-workers think. Another lady mentioned about a news article where a guy paid $500,000.00 for sex. People laughed. My wife Althea, then stated for that amount I would have sex with anyone. I caught the look on Alan's face, which was surprised.

After a while, everyone went back to their stations, except Alan and I. We started talking about all the hot woman in the office, when I came across an article about a woman being upset that her husband wanted her to have sex with his friends, which I stated outloud to him. His reply was there is nothing wrong with that. So we went back to talking about the women in the office. He could think of 5 hotties, and I could only think of 4. He named only 4, the same ones I was thinking about. I asked him about number 5, but he would not tell me. I then stated that I would count my wife, but she is my wife and I see her all the time. His face got red, so I knew that is who he meant. After enticing him, he finally admitted he thought my wife was hot, the hottest out of all of them. We then left the lunch room and went back to work.

A few days later, we were outside smoking and Alan came out. Just the 3 of us. I brought up our conversation and told my wife how he thought she was hot. He got embarrassed but, then my wife looked at him and said thank you, I think you are hot as hell yourself. She asked if he wanted to fuck, which he looked at me. I explained I did not mind, as long as it is just sex. He replied hell yea, and you could notice the hard on through his pants.

I asked my wife over the next few weeks if they had planned a date, which she replied they had not.

About a month after asking, I decided I needed to work late to catch up. I stayed till about 7:30 pm and went home.

I got home and walked through the door, I could not find my wife. Her car was in the driveway. I walked upstairs to our bed room where I could hear moaning.

I slowly opened the door. There laid Alan, 5 foot 9 inches tall about 140 lbs, ripped chest, six pack abs, nice V curve, nicely trimmed pubic hairs, and a 11 inch cock laying against his stomach, laying spread eagle on our bed. My wife, 5 feet 2 inches 120 lbs, sitting ontop of his face. My 9 inch cock was instantly hard. Alans cock was so huge and thick it could not stand straight up.

I watched from the doorway for a while. My wife finally got off his face and moved to sucking his cock. She had a hard time with it at first, but he clearly was enjoying it. She played with his balls while she licked and suck that massive thing. He sat up a short while later and grabbed a hold of my wife. He stood up and lifted her onto his cock and put her back against the wall and started to fuck her. I was so turned on by this, I almost came in my pants. They continued like this for about 10 minutes. He then laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her. Within 5 minutes, my wife was screaming with an orgasm. Alan was also moaning quite load until he pulled his cock from her pussy and blew his load all over her stomach and chest. The laid there and stated it was totally great. Alan then asked when I would be home and if he should go.

I decided this was the time for me to enter. I opened the door and walked in. He nearly jumped right out of the bed and just looked at me. I told them both that I had just watched from the doorway.

I noticed he started to get hard again. I directed him to lay down on the bed so she could have some more fun. My wife started to stroke his cock with her hand. I took my clothes off this time, showing my extreme hard on.

Althea took notice and asked if I wanted to suck. I looked at Alan, and he replied, it is just sex man.

I quickly jumped on the bed and began caressing his balls with my hand, licking his shaft. My wife also began to lick, together. I started to feel his hard chest with my hand when I noticed my wife move up to his mouth and started to kiss him. I was not sure how much more I could take.

My wife then came to me and started kissing me. I felt his hot mouth around my cock. I hoisted my wife up onto my shoulders and began to her her pussy, while he continued to suck my cock.

I laid my wife down on the bed and continued to eat her pussy. Alan had moved up beside her so she could suck on his cock. I tried to concentrate on her pussy, but could not get their hot bodies out of my sight.

After I looked away and really started to go to town on my wifes pussy, I felt fingers on my ass. He was lubing my ass. He slowly inserted his massive cock into my ass and began to pump.

It was not but a few moments before I shot my load. I moaned with excitement, which caused my wife to cream my face. As I put my face deeper into the bed, I could feel his hot cum inside my ass. God it felt so good.

Now, we get together 3-4 times a week. Sometimes he sleeps over and we all shower together. There are some times when it is just him and my wife. Then there are times when it is just him and I.


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