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!st Tiime with a Guy

  • Saturday, May 28 2011 @ 05:20 PM CDT
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When I was in college in San Francisco, I went out with woman who was kind of wild. She was 6 years older than me and we had a few 3-ways. One time, she noticed I was getting really turned on watching her suck this guy's big cock. She commanded me to join her, so I did!

About a month later, we picked up two guys in a nightclub. My girlfriend took one dick in her mouth, while she sucked another dick. Then while she was taking a cock up her cunt, I came up behind her and slipped my cock into her asshole. She wasn't crazy about it at first, but soon became really turned on.

After I came back from the bathroom, she asked if I was ready for a surprise. Sure, I said, and she told me to suck those two dicks. I took turns swallowing one, then the other cock. I was sucking one guy's dick when the guy with the bigger tool came around and starting rubbing his dick head against my asshole. Come on, my girlfriend said, I know you want it. She sucked his dick to lubricate it, then sucked mine while I felt the cockhead enter my asshole. He took it nice and easy and pretty soon I couldn't get enough of that big dick. Then the cock in my mouth exploded and as I swallowed it, the cock in my ass tensed up and started shooting cum deep up my ass. It was great and I was hooked on cock!


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  • !st Tiime with a Guy
  • Authored by: SinCityA on Monday, May 30 2011 @ 01:17 AM CDT
I love this story!

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