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In a news theatre

  • Monday, January 31 2011 @ 12:47 PM CST
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I had just missed my train and there was an two hour wait for the next one. Leaving Charring Cross railway station Station (London) I walked down the Strand towards Leicester Square when I passed the Charring Cross news theatre. (this was back in the mid 50's when apart from radio's, you only got the news from the cinema's or in a news theatre). I entered, paid the admission, and entered the darkened theatre. I sat in the middle of the centre row of seats, and watched the various news items showing on the screen.
A middle aged man sat next to me and put his raincoat over the arm of the seat between us. Part of the coat landed across my lap. I did not think anything of this and continued to watch the screen. Suddenly I was aware of a hand gently stroking my knee. For some reason I did not flinch. The hand continued it's stroking, but gradually moved up my thigh, higher and higher until it reached my fly. My prick had become very hard and although (at 16) I had been with girls, I had never experimented with boys, and I wondered what it would be like. The hand started to open the buttons of my fly ( in those days the zip was not used in men's trousers) The hand gently eased me prick out and begad stroking it, up, down, up, down and I experienced the most beautiful feeling tingling throughout my body. Even my hair was tingling.
I must have given some sign known to those in the homosexual community, for he leant over and gently sucked my dick. The feelings I had as his lips closed around my now rampant dick was like nothing I had ever felt before. The sucking was making me gasp and squirm in my seat. It was not long before I was cuming and instead of him removing his head, he swallowed my massive load of cum. I could not remember a time when I had cum so much.
I was in heaven and when his hand moved to my neck and gently pushed my head into his lap where his prick was already out and pulsing with his heart beat. I opened my mouth and for the first time in my life I had a man's prick in my mouth. I started to suck whilst moving my mouth up and down his prick and when he pushed up and came, I followed his lead and swallowed a load of spunk.
Later, in my twenties I married and thought no more of the incident, but in my fifties the incident came back to me and I started visiting gay clubs and sauna's without my wife knowing. Even to this day I love sucking cock and I still swallow, remembering the first time I did so.


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