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The Bi-Boy Exchange - Part 2

  • Tuesday, January 25 2011 @ 05:49 PM CST
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All the usual disclaimers apply. The following story is
entirely fictional and contains explicit descriptions of
sexual activity between adult males and women. READ
NO FURTHER if you are under the age of eighteen or
offended by such material.

- - -

To: xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.co.uk
From: xxxxxx@hotmail.co.uk
Date: Saturday, 21 February, 2009, 11:07 AM
Subject: Re: Superb story

Hello Andy,

More, more, more! Send more!

Have you any clips or images from the 70's tapes? I really
liked the Colin look-alike pics. Do you have any pics of
Mary and/or Karen in similar poses?

All the best,


- - - - -

To: xxxxxx@hotmail.co.uk
From: xxxxxxxxx@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Tuesday, 24 February, 2009, 10:37 PM
Subject: Re: Superb story

Hi Simon,

Sorry, the answer to both questions is no. I tried to get
the tapes transferred to DVD last year, but the software
didn't work and the tape I was copying got a bit scrunched
up in my old video player.

I was thinking of buying one of those VHS/DVD-R recorders
and trying again. I'll keep you posted on my progress in
that department.

Now, back to part three of my report. Please note: the
interview room was not located in any of the hospital's
operational buildings. Also, the dialogue throughout this
part of the report is either made up or cobbled together
from fond memories.

* * *

The public bar was packed with West Indians when Mary and I
entered the Bedford Arms. Mary was clearly enjoying all the
attention she was attracting, but I was more worried about
our safety.

A bald-headed man in his fifties, sporting a prominent gold
tooth, put his hand on my shoulder and told us to follow
him upstairs.

'I recognized the two of yer, straight away,' he shouted
over the hubbub of the throng we were wading through. 'You
two are stars in this neck of the woods; those tapes are a
big hit.'

Mary giggled when someone in the crowd playfully slapped
her arse and said something I missed.

'See. They all want a piece of yer,' he continued.

We climbed the stairs to the top floor and entered the room
that had been converted into a photographic studio.

The room was extremely large and separated into three
areas: the one to the left had a black leather settee at
its centre; the one to the right had a large double bed;
and the area in the centre was filled with an untidy array
of lighting stands and camera tripods; and intermingled
amongst this equipment stood the naked cast - Karen and
three black men - and the fully dressed crew - Iain, Arnim
and Colin.

Arnim acknowledged us with a smile and a wave as he stood
listening to Iain's plan for the next session. Apparently,
prior to our arrival, one of the men had seduced Karen on
the settee, stripped her naked and pleasured her with his
fingers and tongue. Then, once he was naked, Karen had been
surprised by his two naked friends and 'encouraged' to
service all three men. The next session would see the men
carrying Karen across to the bed and fucking her brains

'Fucking thing,' said Iain, as he continued to fiddle with
the tripod that was refusing to hold the video camera in

'I told you to use another tripod,' rebuked Arnim. 'We've
got three of the bloody things around here somewhere.'

'Well, bugger me,' said Iain, throwing his arms up in
delight. 'Andy and Mary must have brought us some good
luck. The thing's stayed put this time.'

Arnim looked at Colin and mumbled something uncomplimentary
about Iain under his breath. He then switched on the
photofloods and waited for Karen and the studs to step into
the limelight.

'Okay, let's get this show on the road,' said Iain,
cheerfully. 'And don't forget, Leon. I want to see that
cock of yours really hard by the time I zoom in for the
first close-up.'

Karen smiled as Leon came up behind her, kissed the side of
her neck and squeezed her tiny arse-cheeks. Arnim put a
reassuring hand on Iain's shoulder to let him know that
they were still friends; and as he did so, the old black
man signalled that Mary and I should get out of the way and
stand over by the curtained windows, which offered a better
view of the developing sex-romp.

Karen and the three studs were quick to get into their
stride. The young housewife was carried over to the bed and
thrown unceremoniously onto it. The men then clambered onto
the bed and crowded in around her.

'Ace,' said Iain, with a tremor in his voice. 'That looks
so-o-o sexy.'

'Kiss and lick those cocks, sweetheart,' suggested Colin.
'And Leon, pinch her nips .... She likes that.'

As the romp continued under the photofloods, Gee, the old
black man, took hold of Mary and started playing with her

Leon did as Colin suggested, which prompted Karen to give
out a low moan of satisfaction as she wrapped her hands
around Cy and Preston's erections. The sight of a skinny
white girl having sex with three burly black men was far
too stimulating for words. All I could do was stand and
watch, open mouthed.

'Okay, Karen,' said Iain. 'Move forward and let Leon's
fingers go to work on that lovely pussy of yours.'

The girl spread her legs, leaned forward and placed her
hands flat-out on the bed. She then turned and smiled
directly into the camera's lens as Leon began fingering her
'lovely pussy'.

'That's it, that's it,' Iain enthused. 'It's a pity we
don't have another camera up and running. We could have
done with a close-up of both her head and tail.'

'Just concentrate on the head shot,' said Arnim.

I stood by the curtained windows and watched Karen's body
tense, relax, and then tense again in response to Leon's
probing fingers. I became very envious of the girl when I
heard her cooing and sighing with such intensity. It was
then that I heard Gee tell Mary to spread her legs, lean
forward and take hold of her knees.

For some ten minutes, Mary and Karen were treated to an
exhilarating and mind-blowing bout of fingering. My wife's
whole body quaked with excitement as Gee used the tip of
his fingers to keep her pleading for 'more, more, more,' -
just like Karen was doing on the end of Leon's fingers.

'That's it, Gee,' said Arnim. 'Get her ready for the next
session. We can fuck her on the bed later, after the boys
have finished poking Karen.'

The camera zoomed in to capture a tight close-up of Karen
struggling to cope with Cy's nine-inch cock - her mouth was
simply too small to accommodate the whole thing in one go.
Unfortunately, I missed out on what happened next. Mary's
head dropped as she gave out a howl of satisfaction - Gee's
fingers had struck gold and I was right there to cash in on
his lucky strike.

Mary grasped her knees, shook her head and said, 'don't you
dare stop'. I couldn't keep my eyes off the old man and his
dirty, little slut.

'What a horny little bitch,' said Arnim. 'She certainly
likes all that attention you're giving her, Gee.'

'Don't over do it,' put in Iain. 'We don't want her shagged
out before the big event.'

I shuddered with excitement as my imagination conjured up a
vivid image of the 'big event': Mary was going to be fucked
by dozens of big, burly men. They were all waiting on the
staircase, and they were all naked and extremely horny.

'Come on, Sugar,' said Gee. 'Let's fool around on the
settee .... It'll be more comfortable.'

'But,' Mary said in a disappointed huff.

'No buts!' chide Gee. 'The settee awaits us.'

>From the glint in his eye, I knew that Gee was expecting my
wife to reward him for all the hard work he had put in so
far; and sure enough, the instant they were on the settee
he assumed the position and invited Mary to suck on his
hard-standing cock.

'That's it, Sugar,' he cooed, as Mary ran her tongue over
his cock-head. 'Keep doing.... Ah! Yes, yes, yes-s-s-s.'

Meanwhile, on the bed, Preston and Karen were locked in a
passionate embrace. The camera had been moved to a new
location, to get a better view of the action, and Iain and
Arnim were waiting for Preston to end the scene by turning
Karen on to her front and spreading her legs apart.

'That's grand,' said Arnim. 'Now, in the next scene I want
to see you climb aboard and take her for an anal ride. And
don't go worrying about being too hard on the bitch, she
can handle it.'

As Preston reached for the Vaseline, Iain announced that he
needed to replace the tape in the camera; a task that only
took a couple of minutes to complete.

With a new video cassette in the camera, Iain signalled to
Arnim that he was ready to resume taping.

'Okay, everybody,' said Arnim. 'Let's get this show on the
road. We have a hole to fill and an audience to please, so
chop, chop.'

Karen sniggered and braced herself for the scene ahead. She
had been arse-fucked before, but never by a cock that was
as big as Preston's.

Karen winced when Preston's cock-head entered her arsehole,
and she shuddered as the Vaseline coated cock pushed its
way into her rectum.

'Spread those legs apart, sweetheart,' boomed Colin. 'And
don't look so glum. It's good to have a cock up your bum.'

Iain looked up from the camera and gave an exaggerated
sigh: he had heard the same old line from Colin before.
Karen was too preoccupied with Preston's lust for her arse
to take much notice of the joke. She just shut her eyes and
grimaced when the man's powerful buttocks began hammering
her body into the mattress.

Because of all the attention she had received from the
three studs, Karen was far too exhausted to watch her
replacement being stretched out on the bed and fucked by
Arnim and Gee. The two men managed to put Mary in the same
exhausted state as Karen. In fact, the two girls spent a
good hour recovering on the settee while their lovers drank
beer and discussed their sexual prowess.

* * *

A month after that first gang-bang at Iain's flat, the
shrink asked me to help him salvage an observational
project that was going awry at the hospital. He lost me in
a jungle of jargon, but kept emphasizing how important the
project was to him, and how he was hoping to publish a
paper on it.

We arrived at the hospital at eleven o'clock on Sunday
morning and left around two in the afternoon. Beyond the
main gate, the hospital grounds seemed to go on forever.
Old Victorian buildings filled the entire site, and most of
them were in desperate need of renovation. I sat in silence
as Iain drove his Bentley to the psychosurgical unit.

Once there, we made our way to his office. Iain put on his
white coat and picked up a bunch of keys from his desk. We
left the office and walked up several flights of stairs and
along a wide corridor to our destination, which was an
interview room on the top floor of the building.

Unknown to me, a Mr L Worthington was also in the building.
He was scheduled for experimental psychosurgery which, it
was hoped, would reduce his sexual urges and curb his
aggressive behaviour toward the weaker sex, i.e. young men
who couldn't fight off his amorous advances. Worthington
was a sexual predator, but he was nowhere near as mad as
those held in Broadmoor; however, Iain was taking a big
risk by letting him loose on me.

Once inside the interview room, which had no windows, I was
told to strip naked. I was then ordered to stand in a
corner of the room with my legs apart and my hands behind
my back. I clenched my teeth and shuddered when the light
went out and I heard the door open and then close behind
the exiting psychiatrist. Iain locked the heavy wooden door
behind him and went back to his office to fetch a hospital
gown and a pair of regulation slippers.

I stood in the darkness for what seemed like forever. Iain
had switched off the light, locked me in the room and
carried off all my clothes. My vivid imagination began to
focus on the motive behind the good doctor's visit to the
hospital. What if I was being set-up? Iain may have
arranged for me to be sectioned under the Mental Health
Act, and no one would be able to question the decision.
After all, what would a sane person be doing wandering
around a psychiatric hospital in the nude, and when
questioned, have no idea why he was there?

I considered leaving my post, but I didn't have it in me to
go against Iain. Besides, where could I go, even if I did
manage to get out of the interview room?

The sound of a key turning in the lock brought me back to
reality. Iain opened the door, switched on the light and
told Worthington, the man standing behind him, my name and
age. The deal they had struck was quite straightforward:
Worthington would comply with all the hospital rules for a
month and agree to undergo a few painful tests; and in
return, he could fuck a wimp while the good doctor watched.

Iain locked the door as Worthington took off his gown and
slippers. He then watched the burly nutter grab hold of me
like a hungry bear. I was lifted off the floor and carried
to the centre of the room, where a wooden table was bolted
to the floor. I was spread out on the table and had a
finger forced into my mouth. It was then that the nutter
grabbed hold of my ball-sac and squeezed it real hard.

'Don't you go biting, boy,' Worthington warned. 'I'll rip
off your bollocks and stuff 'em into your mouth if you do.'

'He won't bite, Lance,' said Iain. 'He likes being bossed
around; he's famous for it.'

'Good. That's good,' said Worthington with a smile.

The feeding frenzy went on for almost an hour and a half.
The nutter pushed and pulled me around as if I were a
child's rag doll. I didn't resist his advances or complain
about his heavy-handed tactics; but equally, I didn't
comply with his demands as readily as I should have done.
Later, I put this lack of enthusiasm down to the resentment
I was feeling toward Iain at the time, and the way the
arrogant bastard had casually pimped me out to a convicted

The walk back to the office, dressed only in a hospital
gown and slippers, was a very uncomfortable journey for me.
Iain led the way through the security doors and down the
stairs. We passed no one on the way, which saved my blushes
as I hobbled along the corridors in the ill-fitting gown. I
swore under my breath as I recalled how Worthington had
used and abused my body, and how Iain had encouraged him to
do so.

My cock twitched as I remembered how helpless I had felt
during the ordeal. It twitched again when I recalled the
moment I was impaled on Worthington's sex starved cock,
which was as big as Arnim's, but far more demanding. My
cock began to rise beneath the gown as I realised how
exciting and dangerous it had all been. Being thrown in at
the deep end had initially made me angry, but now I was
warming to the idea of being pimped out to randy, dominant

* * *

Mary and I were both naked and ready to receive our guests
when the doorbell rang.

'I'll get the door,' I said. 'You sit on the floor by the

The opening edge of the front door hit me full-square on
the forehead as Arnim and his friends burst into the flat,
drunk - the five of them had decided to meet in the Royal
Oak before the planned fuck-fest. I was sent flying and hit
the wall with an almighty thump. The sight of a naked white
boy sent the men into an uncontrollable frenzy.

The front door slammed shut as I was pinned against the
wall by the inebriated black men. My air supply was cut off
several times by hands pressing against my throat; my feet
were trampled on by a variety of shoes and boots; and my
nipples were pinched and pulled by some pretty powerful
fingers. I tried to struggle free when my cock and ball-sac
were pulled in two different directions. Unfortunately,
this act of defiance only made matters worse.

'Come on, rarse,' said Lloyd. 'Let's make a fight of it.
I like hurtin' bum-boys who don't wanna play ball.'

'Ease up, Lloyd,' said Arnim. 'He's only had a couple of
rough sessions so far. I think five onto one might be too
much for him. Besides, we have his sexy wife to look after

'I want to look after this long streak of piss,' snapped
Lloyd. 'Carl and I will fuck him up good while you three
take care of his bitch.'

'Fuck off, you rarse,' were the words I was hoping to hear
from Arnim, but he remained silent as Lloyd pulled me away
from the wall by my cock.

'He's a nice looking boy,' said Carl, running his fingers
through my hair. 'Let's find him a comfortable bed to lie

Arnim, Leo and the other man stepped back as I was frog-
marched along the hallway by Lloyd, who was pulling on my
cock, and Carl, who was holding my hands behind my back. I
didn't say a word as I was pushed and pulled into the spare

'Stand with your feet apart and your hands behind your
head,' ordered Carl.

I did as I was told. This was clearly the calm before the

The two men circled me like sharks.

Suddenly, and without warning, Lloyd punched me in the
stomach. I doubled up and stumbled back into Carl's arms.

'I'll bite your fuckin' cock off if you start playing up,'
snarled Lloyd.

'Is that clear, rarse?' added Carl.

Winded, I reply by nodding my head.

'I can't hear you,' said Lloyd, punching me again.

'Yes-s-s,' I spluttered, as Carl released me.

'Button it, arsehole,' interrupted Carl. 'Now get on the
bed and start playing with yourself.'

I spread myself out on the stripped-down bed and took hold
of my flaccid cock. The two men watched me intensely as
they undressed.

'Now I need to punish you with this,' said Lloyd, holding
up a twelve-inch, wooden ruler. 'My old teacher always used
a wooden ruler to punish me when I was naughty. What did
your teacher use?'

'The same,' I lied, sycophantically.

'Good, good; so you're happy for me to punish you with this
little beauty?' asked Lloyd.

'Yes,' I lied again.

I thought the bastard was going to use the ruler on my
hand. However, I was taken completely by surprise when he
pulled my hand away and whacked my hard-standing cock

'Fuckin' hell!' I shrieked, sitting up abruptly. 'That
fuckin' hurt.

The second blow brought tears to my eyes as Carl ensured
that I didn't try to cover my genitals with my hands. He
then had to use some considerable force to prevent me from
fending off the third blow.

I was still f-ing and blinding when they rolled me over on
to my front and began punishing my arse-cheeks and the
soles of my feet. I buried my face in the mattress and
yelled at the top of my voice as the ruler went to work on
my backside and feet.

'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' I continued to yell when the ruler was
replaced with an onslaught of biting and slapping. My arse
and feet were bright red from the assault, but still the
two ruffians kept hurting me.

It was only when I stopped swearing and made a promise to
be 'dutiful' did they pull the plug on the pain. However,
the sex that followed was just as manic and uncomfortable
as the stuff that had gone on before.

For most of the time I was held in an agonizing jack-knife
position, with my head stuck between my feet and my arse up
in the air. The two men, who both had some pretty heavy
stubble, took great delight in grazing my arse-crack, anus
and ball-sac. My inflamed cock and arse-cheeks were also
treated to the stubble's rough caress.

'Let's see if you can bend over a little more and suck on
that knob of yours,' said Lloyd.

'I don't think I can.'

'Nonsense,' said Carl, as he pushed down on my arse and
thighs. 'Let me give you a helping hand.'

'Argggh!' I shrieked. 'It hurts, it hurts.'

'What a baby,' chide Lloyd. 'Let me help.'

The two men pushed and pulled me into a variety of painful
and contorted positions before finally admitting defeat.
They then took hold of my ankles and dragged me off the
bed. I hit the floor with a bump, and was kicked in the
side as Lloyd ordered me to lie flat out on my back with my
mouth open.

Carl's hard-standing cock filled my mouth as the weight of
his body pressed down on my face. I was gagging on his cock
and fighting for air at the same time, and as I struggled,
Lloyd began hitting my cock with the twelve-inch ruler

For ten to fifteen minutes I was forced to endure Carl's
brutal face-fucking and Lloyd's spiteful assault on my
cock, ball-sac and feet. I was a total wreck by the time
they threw me back on the bed and spread my arse-cheeks

Carl was the first to fuck me. His cock replaced Lloyd's
Vaseline-covered fingers and stretched my rectum to the
maximum. The man then pounded my body into the mattress
while I lay, in a daze, on a sweat-soaked sheet.

'Fuck him harder, Carl,' said Lloyd. 'He can take it.'

Sweat continued to pour off me as the man held me down and
fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He then stopped for a
moment, feigning a possible respite, before plunging in
again and humping me even more ferociously.

I was huffing and puffing like an old steam engine by the
time Carl gave up his seed. The bedroom echoed to the sound
of animal-like grunts and groans as Carl came down from
cloud nine and collapsed on top of me.

'Fuckin' sweet!' exclaimed Lloyd. 'What a show! What a
fuckin' horny show.'

Carl rolled off me a few minutes later and called on his
friend to take over. I was mounted and lanced to the spot
before I had a chance to request a five-minute breather.
Lloyd's hard-standing cock was less formidable than Carl's
impaler, but still it took its toll of my burning hole.

'Come on, man,' said Carl to Lloyd. 'Ride him hard! Make
him cough up your cock-head.'

Lloyd renewed his efforts by grabbing hold of my shoulders
and increasing his stroke rate.

'In, out! In, out!' chanted Carl.

I raised my head off the mattress and shook the sweat from
my brow. The man was power fucking me like Worthington had
done a week earlier.

'In, out! In, out!' continued Carl. 'Fuck his brains out.'

The two of us began grunting and groaning in unison as my
inner sanctum was flooded by yet another load of man-seed.
Lloyd's climax lasted a good deal longer than Carl's, and
still he continued to fuck me in fits and starts for some
time after.

'The poor sod's done in,' said Carl to Lloyd. 'Let's call
it a day and hit the showers.'

* * *

That's the end of my report. I await your reply with bated



- - -

Copyright (c) Andy Caulden, January 2011


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