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Life with Joey, Part 01

  • Wednesday, August 25 2010 @ 12:56 AM CDT
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Life with Joey Adams

Story by Richard Barber


If you are offended by, man-to-man sexual contact or you are under legal age in your country or state, then read no further, and if you are looking for role models or standards of acceptable or safe behavior, you shouldn’t be reading Erotic stories. 

Part 01, From the very beginning.

I grew up in a nice home, but when I was only 5 years old, my parents went on a boating trip in the San Francisco Bay, their boat capsized during a sudden storm, and they both were missing. I was alone until my Father’s younger brother, my uncle and his wife, took me into their home. I was relocated with them in Los Angeles, California. 

My new family was not as stable as my original parents and within a few months I was the subject of many a family argument. I had already become a burden on them because the insurance company needed proof of kinship before they would pay out any insurance money.
The new family had only taken me because of the hopes that my first family would miraculously show up or the insurance company would pay out the two million to my guardians. Neither happened and I once again was placed in an adoption home waiting for another adoption. By this time, I was 7 years old and not as desirable for adoption.  

My life in the adoption home went on as expected and I adjusted because I knew only of life without parents. Finally, another family came to the home and I was placed in another foster home until I was adopted. The family seemed nice but had three other boys that were kept by the family too. Once again, I had to adjust but now I was 14 years old.  

I was to attend public school along with the other three boys in the home. They were all older than I so none of us were in the same classes. The boys ranged in age.

There was Gary, the youngest boy at 12. A quiet boy with blond hair, light complexion, and blue eyes. He seemed to keep mainly to himself and liked to play computer games.
Randy was 13 and was a feisty guy with dark hair and green eyes. He seemed very hyperactive, played lots of outdoors sports, and rode his bike all over the area. He delivered newspapers with the oldest boy Norman. 
Norman was 16, tall for his age, had light curly hair, dark eyes, and great complexion, liked to work out, and was developing a nice body. He had a certain command about him that was obvious the minute you met him. Since he was the oldest and had seniority over us, he let us know he was boss. He made most of the decisions and he told us what to do and when to do it. He did keep us in line when we disagreed about some stupid things and kept us from fighting. We respected his decisions most of the time and felt more secure at school when some of the other guys started to hassle with us. He was our protector and we were proud to have him as our friend.  

We all slept in a large divided room with one private bathroom we all shared. The bathroom had a double sink, an enclosed toilet, a single urinal, and a large double shower. We each had a small dresser and plenty of room in the two double closets and our own single beds that could be stacked as bunks. Later on, we were given two computers to do our homework and play games. It turned out to be a pretty good situation with good surroundings. 

My foster parents were Mr. James and Joan Bradley. A Midwestern couple from Nebraska. I discovered they could have no children so that is why they fostered us. Mr. Bradley was about 42 and worked for a construction company. He was pretty serious about house duties and instructed us to keep in line, but underneath that hard exterior, was a neat guy. He and Joan had been married for about 20 years and were still very close. 

James was a good-looking man and would work out with the boys in a make- shift Gym we had put together in the shed in the back yard. I began aware of his masculine physique at an early age. I found myself watching for him to go work out, then I would rush out to the gym to join him or help him on the bar bells. I found myself staring at his big bulge many times, and wondered what was buried underneath those work out shorts. That was the first time I became aware of my desire for man-to-man relationship. 

I later took a job mowing lawns and yard cleaning in the neighborhood to make extra money. I was now 16 and was developing into a desirable young man. I kept healthy, ate well, and worked out regularly. Some of the girls at high school were beginning to flirt with me and talked to me more often.

I started to become more active in sports activities at school and joined the track team. I found myself looking forward to showering with the other boys and noticed I was pretty well endowed compared to most of the other boys, except one. I tried not to stare or notice the other boys for fear I would be labeled as a homo or queer boy. It was difficult not to get semi-hard, especially when Kevin, the one with the large dick, would shower with me. I realized he was doing it on purpose and later we both would get a boner and openly admire each others dicks. After we got used to each other and were alone in the showers, we would jack off together and shoot our cum into the flowing water.

One day he got brave, touched my dick, and manipulated me until I came. I found it exciting for another boy to touch me, and it soon became a routine thing. I started to touch his dick too and found myself exploring his testicles and even his buttocks. I had heard sometimes you could stick your dick in a guy’s asshole and cum so I was exploring the thought about Kevin. He was very popular and good in most sports, and had a nice firm body. I never in a 100 years thought we would ever make this contact and of course, we never spoke of it outside of the locker room.
One day when we were playing around in the shower, I thought I saw our coach, Robert Robertson walk by the lockers and the sudden fear of being caught, caused us to become more cautious of our sexual activity. The coach always showered after everyone else had left and we seemed to always be the last ones out of the showers. Perhaps he had become aware and suspicious of our pleasures. Coach Bob, as we called him, was a good-looking athletic man about 35. He had been a professional basketball player until he hurt his knee, then he gave up the game and started teaching athletics at our school. He was tall and had the form and grace of a basketball player. All of the girls would flutter their eyes, sigh, and do their girlish giggle after he passed them. I could understand this completely and found my breath increase and my heart flutter at his nearby presence. I got a boner when I thought how I would like to see him in the showers and let him jack me off.  

One day the coach called me into his office. I was scared that he was going to say something about Kevin and me taking late showers together, but he looked me straight into the eyes and asked me if I could come to his house this weekend to mow his lawn and prepare the yard for some spring planting. I was so relieved I immediately said yes and got his address to make a visit to start working on his yard. 

Saturday came around and I went over to Coach Bob’s house. I found him in the yard planting some plants around his front walkway. He was dressed only in jean cutoffs, body shirt, and old navy work boots. He looked very sexy but I tried to conceal my admiration for his splendid body. He stood to greet me and then showed me around the yard while he explained what he wanted to do, and how I could be of help. He wiped his brow, pulled off his garden gloves and motioned for me to follow him around his yard and gardens. 

Spring break was coming up and I would have a few days to spend at the place to work. It seemed he needed me for several days and I was happy to work for the extra money. 

His wife Bonny came out while we were in the back yard and asked if we would like some fresh lemonade, she had just made. We all 3 sat at the back yard patio and chatted while Bonny placed a rough blueprint on the patio table, with plans of the way they were going to do the yards. I could not help notice Bonny in her tight white shorts and her low cut t-shirt. Her breasts were very large, like one of my favorite models in Playboy Magazine I had in my home locker. She looked great. She wore no bra and the impression of her large nipples protruded from beneath her t-shirt. As she leaned over the table, she exposed the cleavage of her large breasts and her white shorts were so tight, and form fitting you could almost imagine the crack of her pussy.
I was getting excited and knew my cock would start to get hard as she flaunted her beautiful body before us. Coach Bob didn’t seem to mind at all and I thought I saw a quick smile when Bonny casually rubbed one of her breasts against my body. Bonny was younger than Coach Bob, probably about 28. Coach Bob married Bonny a few years ago and they still had no children. Perhaps they were either waiting or just couldn’t have kids.  

I noticed another woman in the house but assumed it was their housemaid so I tried to keep my mind on the garden plans. It was difficult for two reasons. I was sexually turned on to my Coach Bob and hoped that someday we could have a session together, and now his wife, Bonny was as equally desirable and I would like to throw her in bed and fuck the daylights out of her. I had to control myself and not show my desires for either, but I was at that age where I had a constant hard on and could cum several times a day, and usually did.
We continued to look over the plans and then I realized it was already lunchtime and should head out. I was going to excuse myself when Coach Bob insisted I stay for lunch. Bonny and her younger sister, Janice, had fried up some chicken and made some sandwiches for everyone. How could I resist? They were being so nice to me besides I wanted the sister too. Janice came out in shorts and a blouse. She had beautiful legs just like Bonny and I could see the family resemblance, even her breasts were almost as large as Bonny's. She had a cute smile and seemed to be attracted to me in a kind sort of way. I guessed she was 22 or 23 years old. Her hair was blond like Bonny and had a cute smile. They all made me feel so welcome like I was a family member. 

We had a nice lunch then Coach Bob told me to show up tomorrow morning and he would get me started. He said he had to go to an out of town meeting and would be gone a few days but he trusted me to do a good job. Bonny would be here and would also instruct me on what needed to be done. I said my good bye and looked forward to my new job.

Story by Richard Barber eyeMrich1@yahoo.com
Word Count 2081


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