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Proving my love

  • Saturday, August 14 2010 @ 09:46 AM CDT
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My wife is very high strung sexually and was not getting satisfaction from me. As much as i tried I was just not able to find the stamina to make it happen for her. So I decided to find a couple young studs to give her what she needed. After lots of searching I found a pair of college guys who were perfect for her and set up a meeting with her unaware. While we were having dinner the two of them sat opposite us at another table admiring my sweet wife. She took note about halfway through dinner and asked me if I had noticed the pair who were obviously noticing her. I admitted I had seen them watching her and confessed the idea of her engaging with them was turning me on. After some coaxing I talked her into letting me invite them to our table for some conversation. Before long she became relaxed and I knew it was time to ask them back to our place for a drink.
Though she acted innocent I know my wife was aware of my desires.
I had confessed to her on many occassions that I had wondered what it would be like to become a cuckold and submit myself to a couple hard young studs who could give real pleasure to both of us.
They accepted our offer and followed us to our place where we proceeded to talk as we took turns dancing with my wife. Soon the mood was set and I knew it was now or never. I walked up behind my wife and lifted her top over her head as she danced with one of the men. She offerred no resistance and soon was completely under his spell and the two of them went to the bedroom to enjoy themselves.
The other young man asked how I felt knowing another man was giving my wife pleasure. I responded that I enjoyed the thought and that I would like to know what it would be like to submit to a man myself. He smiled and motioned me over while he slowly stripped himself. I couldn't believe the feeling that I had as I watched him remove his briefs to reveal his marvellous boner. Without any thought I dropped to my knees and took it into my mouth. Before long his moans and groans let me know I was doing the job perfectly and within minutes I found myself swallowing his hot load.
By then my wife was moaning so loud I couldn't resist seeing the two of them, so I silently went to the bedroom while my conquest gathered his whits. Just as I reached the doorway the two of them were reaching climax. I saw a side of my wife I had never seen before.
She recieved pleasure like I had never given her.
I had to than the young man. When he rolled off her I took his tool and began to pleasure him. While his mate took over on my wife I gave him a thank you like he had never recieved before.
This was my first experience as a submissive but it will not be my last!


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