First of all I am not bi,but my husband whom I met here a few months ago is.The trouble is he can not find a date.I have offered him this plan & if you agree will you kindly write & give him some encouragement
Shortly after my first husband & I married,he brought up this scheme of watching me as I fucked his buddies to get his rocks off,During the sixties Dr Ruth chalked this up as homosexual tendicies,which he refused to admit
Over the course of a few months he would dress me up in mini skirts or hot pants,remember those?? & I would leave on a date with an old boyfriend,or one of his customers from work.Married woman?allowed to date?wore hooker clothes?? duh.the neigbors would watch me get in a cab & slam their blinds shut.A lot of the times my dates would just wait in the driveway for me & toot their horns,one of my old boyfriends {also married } would have my panties in his pocket before we got out of the yard,he never would have believed my husband was watching us from a window,but althouigh I loved my freedom {& the sex}we agreed it was for him.As sopon as I got home I was wisked off to bed & he would bury his face in my pussy & suck me clean.The only way he could get his limp dick in me,was for me to tell him step by step of how Teddy kissed me,how I sucked Teddys cock,& how Teddy fucked me
He just would not admit he was gay.One night I told him I had a great surprise coming & that he could peek from a closet while Teddy was fucking me,he got so shakey,I thought he would die.On the given night he helped me into his favorite blue hot pants outfit,just a tad short of immoral,& I hid him in the closet.Teddy was quite impressed with no motel bill to explain to his wife,he was every bit an asshole,for running around on my best friend { his wife } but we began our dance of love.I had never told my husband how big Teddies cock was,but I loved it,I could not get enough of it when dating,or at that moment,but I could swear I saw the closet door jolt ,when I took down his pants & it popped out.With one gulp I swallowed it & hubby could no longer contain himself.Wiith one lurch hubby was laying on the floor in front of us.A million threats were made into the wee hours in the morning,but we all agreed on my ultimatum.Teddy liked fucking me.I liked fucking Teddy.hubby wanted to suck Teddies dick
In the end Teddy agreed halfheartally in order to keep this affair quiet
Would you all please reassure Gary my new husband,that this is a good plan or at least say one way or the other

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