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a night with friends #1

  • Wednesday, June 23 2010 @ 05:46 PM CDT
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My hubby and I have been married for about 10 years now. We love each other, and since we are professional people, it is difficult to get enough time together, but when we do, we have been known to make up for lost time in a hurry. I have always been bi, and love both other women and men. My hubby up until 5 years ago was straight and had never been with a guy. It was my fantasy to seem him with another man, but the situation just never came up.

My best friend who I had gone through college with and then grad school as well, was also married. They lived out west, while we lived in the midwest. We only saw each other about once or twice a year. She and I had gotten together several times a year when she or I would travel. We'd normally meet somewhere in the middle between our two cities, have dinner, and, well you know. She has the better ass of us both, while my tits are larger. Putting my face firmly between those ass cheeks is pure heaven for me. She is able to cum multiple times where normally I only cum once, and then not for a while after that. Her tongue in my pussy however, changes that, ALOT! We've been making it together since college; as a matter of fact she was my first woman. Her husband found out about us before they married. He's a really open guy and didn't mind a bit, joining in with us on many occasions. Sable told me that she had surprised him one night and took him to a movie theatre. They sat in the back, and she played with him through about half the movie. Then some guy sat down next to them, and pretty soon Pete had two hands on his cock. Just telling me the story made me so hot, I had to masturbate while she was telling me! Anyway, Pete found out that night that he was also bisexual. Sable said the three of them left the movie and went to his house. What a night they must have had.

Anyway, Pete and Sable decided to come over for a visit 5 years ago. My pussy was throbbing at the thought of being with my friend and Pete again, but this time, my hubby was in for a surprise. We had been with other couples, but my hubby always stayed straight and I didn't want to force the issue. However, tonight was going to be different.

They got to our home about 3 in the afternoon. We sat on the deck and had a few drinks and chatted. About 5 we decided to go down to the restaurant and have some dinner. I could tell Sable couldn't wait to get my hubby's dick in her mouth; she had that grin on her face. Pete stroked by thigh under the table making me wet, and it became a little difficult to concentrate on my dinner. But the thought of what we were going to enjoy later got me through!

We finished dinner, and went back to the house. I don't wear clothes around the house, and Pete and Sable had seen my body enough that I wasn't the least concerned. Sable got undressed as well, and we started kissing on the deck. She grabbed my boobs, and I went straight for her ass, haha. Normal for us! Pete and my hubby were obviously getting excited judging from the bulges in their pants. "Take your clothes off before you mess in them" Sable told Pete. "You too", I said to my hubby. We got absolutely no complaints from either one.

Sable and I turned into a sixty nine position so that we could ravage each other, while the men began stroking their now hard cocks. Pete was obviously excited with my hubby's 8 incher. His was a good 8 as well, and frankly I thought Pete was getting turned on by hubby.

By this time Sable was gushing a river into my mouth and all over my face. I was trying to hold on as long as I could but was slipping fast. Finally I just gushed all over Sable, and her tongue went frantically in me as deep as she could get, sucking the last drop out of me. The boys by this time couldn't get in us fast enough. Pete attacked my pussy with his rock hard cock, while hubby was doing the same to Sable. We turned around again so that Sable's head and mine were inches apart. She continued to massage my tits and we deepthroated each other, while the boys rammed it home. OH MY I felt like I was going to explode. I knew Pete was about ready to cum, and had a hunch hubby wasn't far behind. Sable and I put our heads together and told the boys to come on our faces. They gladly obliged covering us both in massive amounts of cum! Sable and I licked each other and kissed deeply, while the boys collapsed on the floor, exhausted. I finally got up, filled our glasses with wine, and sat on the couch, cum still dripping from my face. Hubby threw me a towel and one to Sable, and we cleaned up a bit. We then sat back, drank our wine, and talked for awhile. To be continued............


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