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University Colleague, Part 03

  • Saturday, March 13 2010 @ 10:22 AM CST
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University Colleague, Part 03

Peggy and her 3 teenage brothers.

I ended my sessions at the convention in San Diego and had some spare time to look up Peggy, the wild 18 year old baby setting slut I met at my friends house this week. I made sure to give her a call before making a visit to her home. I remembered she said her parents were going to be in Denver for the rest of the month and she and her brothers had the house all to themselves. I wonder if she had just make up the story about fucking around with her brothers and uncle, but I was curious to find out. She had invited me over to watch her get fucked by her 19 year old brother and perhaps her other brothers as well. She was a hot looking girl and a great cock sucker, as I had discovered earlier.

I found the house and parked my car a few feet from the driveway. Two young boys, which I assumed were her brothers, were playing catch in the front yard. I walked cautiously up the driveway, up the sidewalk to the front door. The boys nodded as I rang the doorbell.

“Hi Mr Dick. I've been watching for you since you called.” She called out to her brothers. “ Hey you guys come in the house and eat your dinner before it gets dark.” She opened the door and motioned for me to come in.

The brothers came into the house and said a quick 'Hi', then headed down the hall to the kitchen.

“I'll introduce you to the 'brats' later. Come on up stairs. Robert my older brother will be home soon, but we can reminisce while we wait for him.”

I followed Peggy upstairs and was admiring her firm round buttocks as she led me to her bedroom. I wondered if she like to take it up the butt as well as she like to suck cock and drink cum.

As soon as we entered her room she started pulling off her blouse. She has a nice firm pair of well developed tits with small protruding nipples. I started to set down but she started unbuckling my belt and unzipping my dress pants. I started kicking off my shoes and before I knew it, she had my pants off and was pulling my boxer shorts to the floor. I wasn't completely hard, but before I could set down, she had her lips to my uncut cock and her tongue swirling around the opening of my foreskin, cleaning my cock head from my pre-cum juices. She was a hungry slut for my cock.

With her talented tongue devouring my cock I became firm quickly. She held onto my low hanging balls and went down on me before I was completely hard. If she continued with her expert cock sucking I would be unloading my first load of the day into her welcome mouth.

I heard footsteps of the boys coming up the stairs. Peggy had left the door open and anyone could see us from the hallway. She looked up at me and assured me it was okay. I stood in the bedroom, completely naked while she kept sucking my cock.

“It's okay. They know what's going on. I'll call them in and introduce you.“

“Hey guys. Did you get enough to eat? Come on in here and meet Dick. This is the dude I told you about that is visiting here from back east. Dick. This is Bill and Tommy.” They reached out nonchalantly and gave me the 'fist' greeting.

“Nice meeting you Dick. Wow. You do have a big dick.” Bill said. “Hope mine gets that big someday. Can I touch it Sir?” He didn't wait for my okay but gave it a nice firm grip. “Come here Tommy. You want to see a manly looking dick? Give it a kiss to show him you like it.”

“Aw. Come on Bill.”

“No that alright.” Peggy said. “Give it a nice big kiss Tommy. Taste the sweet juices dripping from his piss slot.”

I was beginning to feel like a slave at a slave market. I was starting to get soft but as they were talking about my cock, I started to get hard. Bill was holding onto my cock and Peggy was directing little Tommy to lick the juices from the head of my cock. Wow. What a way to meet Peggy's family. I discovered Bill was 16 and Tommy had just turned 14 this week. Both the boys were handsome and well built studs.

Tommy leaned over and licked the head of my cock, then licked it again. I was getting hotter but didn't want to cum in the boys mouth, at least, just yet. He seemed fascinated with my foreskin and pulled it back over my tulip shaped head. Bill seemed interested in my low hanging ball sack and fondled them gently. I trembled with excitement. Peggy smiled then said.

“Why don't you guys get your clothes off and take a shower while Dick and I play around. We'll wait for you, but hurry before Robert arrives because he'll want to use the shower the minute he gets home. Now get!”

“Sorry about that. We don't have too much company that we can share and the sight of a big cock is a pleasure to them. Wait until you see Tommy's dick. Even though he is only 14 I think he already has 7 inches. Pretty good size for his age, and Bill is good size too. Now lay down on the bed and let me suck that first load out of your cock. I know you can cum several times and I want you to enjoy this evening.”

Peggy had taken all her clothes off and had placed her body between my legs ready to give me one of her good blow jobs. I was already so hot by being touched and admired by the boys and knew I could cum off real quickly.

I was laying back enjoying being sucked off when I realize the boys had quickly showered and were standing by the bed completely naked. Tommy got on one side of the bed and Bill set on the other watching their sister Peggy give me a blow job. Bill leaned over and started sucking on my tit and rubbing the hair on my chest while Tommy got up on the bed and started playing with my balls. Soon I was ready to shoot my load. I gasped and squirmed with pleasure then lifted my buttocks off the bed to empty my nuts into Peggy's warm mouth. I took Bill's cock in my hand and held it while he continued to suck on my tit. His hard dick was about to cum and when I came, I slightly jacked on his prick while he whimpered and shot his boy cum in my hand.

Peggy drained my nuts and licked me clean, then she motioned for Tommy to get on the bed so she could suck him off. He kneel next to me and played with my balls while Peggy guided his 7 inch cock to her mouth. I watched her as she slurped down his hard cock. After she went down on him about 4 times he grabbed her head and started cumming in her mouth. She didn't miss an ounce of his sweet young cum. This excitement caused my dick to start to get hard again. It was a wild experience. This whole family were sex sluts and I loved it. I was anxious to see what the older brother was like and I still wanted to watch him fuck Peggy.

I had to go piss and I headed to the bathroom. As soon as I was about to shut the door Billy was right behind me. I stood over the stool to piss and he joined me. I was surprised but flattered when he looked at me and ask if he could hold my dick as I pissed. I didn't know what to expect but continued to piss as he held by cock.

“I've always wanted to hold my brother Robert's dick as he pissed but was afraid he'd think I was weird.”

“Nah. Thats okay. Kind of nice to have a warm hand around my cock as I piss.” I smiled sightly at his request. When I seem to be finished pissing he even shook it for me.

“Can I taste the last few drops of your pee? I've often wondered what another persons pee taste like.” The he leaned over the bowl, took my cock in his hand and put his mouth over my cock head and milked it down. His warm teenage mouth was warm and gentle. I think this young steer is gonna be a good cock sucker some day. I might give him the chance to experience it later and even try to bust his cherry if I got the chance.

As we stood naked in the bathroom with Bill's mouth over the head of my cock tasting my piss, I heard another voice in the hallway. It must be Robert the 19 year old brother. I gently pulled my hardening dick away from Bill and washed my hands. Bill and I exited the bathroom to join Peggy and Robert. I felt strange meeting her brother for the first time while I was still nude, but no one seemed shocked at each others nakedness.

“Hi. You must be Robert. I'm Dick.”

“Yeah. I can see why they call you 'Dick', with a big one like that. Nice to know you. Peggy has told me some nice things about you. Welcome to our home. I need to jump in the shower before I join you, so if you'll excuse me, I'll be back in a few. Bill. Why don't you join your brother in your bedroom and play some video games. Perhaps you can join us later if the mood is right. Okay little brother?”

Robert seemed to be in charge when the parents were gone. He left us alone and went to his bathroom shower to join us later in Peggy's room. Robert was a physically fit young man. He was about 6 feet tall, had dark hair and complexion and bright sparkle eyes. He must have come from the gym because he had on a tight body shirt and tight fitting jeans. He was a hot looking stud. I looked forward to seeing him naked and watch his performance in bed.

I watched him walk down the hall towards his bedroom and fantasized about rimming his tight muscular ass. No wonder Peggy wanted her brother to fuck her. He was very masculine and sexy. I might even try to get him to fuck me too. I could see a nice firm bulge in his pants so he must have a big dick.

Peggy and I lie in the bed talking until she started sucking on my cock again. Soon Robert came into the room with a small bath towel around his waist and still drying his hair. He had a fantastic looking naked body. He tossed his towel on the near by chair and crawled on the bed, wet a couple of his fingers and inserted them in Peggy's pussy. Peggy stop sucking my dick and looked around at her big brother.

“You don't have to stop sucking his dick. I know how you love sucking cock.”

“No that's alright Robert. I'm all geared up to watch you fuck. You look like you have an equally big dick. I'll set on the couch and watch for now.”

Bill quietly came back into the room and set on the couch next to me.

“Okay little brother, if you're gonna watch you can make yourself useful. Get me some lube from the bedside drawer and one of those large size condoms. Come here and I'll teach you how to put a condom on before you fuck. We don't want to get your sister pregnant.”

Bill eagerly obeyed his brother and was on the bed in no time flat. Robert told him to open the condom package and roll it back on his cock, but first he had to get it hard. Bill surprised Robert by leaning over and placing his cock into his eager teenage mouth. He was going to show Robert he wanted to get him hard before he fucked. Robert gave out a sigh of pleasure and let Bill suck on his cock.

“Oh yeah, bro, I didn't know you liked sucking cock. Mum. Very good. Very good.”

Robert let his brother suck on him until he was hard, then he motioned for him to put the condom to the head of his cock and slowly roll it back until it was all the way down to the base of his dick. Robert patted Bill on his head then told Bill to guide his hard cock to Peggy's wet pussy hole.

“You know I'm on the Pill Robert so no need for the condom.”

“I know but I thought it would be good experience for Bill to put the condom on my cock, besides I liked the attention. You know, he's a pretty good cocksucker so you better watch out. You have new competition.” Robert slowly inserted his large fat cock into Peggy's pussy until it was all the way in. He sighed and kissed her tits before he made his next move.

Bill came back to the couch with me and set on the floor between my legs. He turned, looked up at me and caressed and licked my balls. I started slowly jacking off as I watched Robert slowly fuck his sister. It was hot. I had a good view, even though I wanted to get on the bed to lick on Robert's balls and cock shaft as he fucked. Bill took my cock in his hand and started jacking me, then got up on his knees and put his mouth to my wet juicy dick. He slowly started sucking my cock.

Robert was slow and gently fucking Peggy at first, then he increased his speed and started really pounding her. I could hear his balls popping against her butt. He stopped, pulled his hard cock out and told her to get on her knees so he could fuck her dogie style. He turned and motioned for me to join them. I was enjoying Bills cock sucking but wanted to get a closer view of Robert's cock going in and out of her pussy.

“Get your head between my legs and look up to get a better view.” Robert instructed me.

I positioned myself between his legs and had a great view of his cock sliding in and out of the pussy. I reached up and touched his big balls and put my fingers around the base of his prick. Bill joined us on the bed and continued to suck my cock. What an exciting happening. I couldn't resist raising my head and lick on Robert's balls. I heard his moan and knew anytime now he was going to cum. He pumped faster and faster then all of a sudden pulled out of Peggy's juicy pussy, pulled off his condom and shot a huge load of cum on her cunt and ass.

His cum dripped down Peggy's cunt and onto my face and lips. I quickly devoured as much of their juices as I could. I licked on Robert's balls to clean off the overflowing cum. Robert set back on my face with his sweet ass hole over my mouth. Peggy lay down on the bed and rested for a while then headed to the bathroom.

“Bill. Get around here and lick the cum off my prick. I need to be cleaned. Meanwhile find the used condom and save the cum so you can drink it later, cock sucker.

Robert was still setting on my face. I made the best of a good thing and started licking and tongue fucking Robert's musky asshole. He spread his ass cheeks so I could go deeper with my tongue. Bill had stopped sucking my cock and was now licking and cleaning his brother's cum off his cock. Robert moved off my face and tongue and edged back to my hard cock. He was now guiding my cock up his ass.

I was about to fuck Robert. My dream had come true. He struggled a few times then finally got it into the opening of his anus. My cock wanted in his ass and soon it popped thru the opening and deep into his body. He moaned, then paused to get use to my 8 inch hard cock. Bill had moved back to my balls and started licking them again. I was in a fantastic erotic ecstasy.

I looked up at Robert's hard rippling abs. He looked down at me and smiled. “It feels great. You're only the second person to fuck my ass. My football coach has fucked me a few times, but this feels even better. Mm huh. Oh Yeah. I hope you are enjoying this as much as I am. Gawd. That's a great sensation.”

Then he started jacking on his cock as he bounced up and down on mine. I was so turned on from everything that was happening, that I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. He was so warm and tight. I was gonna cum. I gripped his muscular buttocks and helped him fuck my cock.

“Oh yeah, Dick. Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass! Oh man, this is great. Fuck me hard. I'm gonna cum again. Bill. Get your hot mouth around here and take my load. Hurry. Take my load I'm gonna cum again. Umm yeah. I'm cumming.”

Bill left my balls and quickly took his brother's shooting cock into his mouth. When Robert started to cum his anus muscles tighten around my cock. I started to empty my nuts deep into this hot muscular stud. What a fantastic feeling. I came, and came, and came, until I could feel the overflowing juices coming from his asshole and dripping down my balls. Bill's mouth was overflowing with Robert's cum and some of it was dripping on my face and into my mouth.

Bill was practically setting on my face. I started licking his balls as he jacked on his hard cock. As he was drinking his brother's cum, and I continued to lick on his balls, he started to cum and shoot all over Robert's abs and on my face.

What a fantastic time we all had at that first meeting. I knew more things were going to happen in the future. I was convinced now I would move to San Diego and live with my University roommate Terry and enjoy all the new sexual live I had recently found.

Story by Richard Barber

Word Count 3202



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