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University Colleague, Part 02

  • Sunday, March 07 2010 @ 07:08 PM CST
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University Colleague, Part 02
Renewed Acquaintance
Story by Richard Barber

I got out of bed right after Peggy gave me a ‘good morning’ blow job. I was glad my host Terry and Sue hadn’t come home from their trip, but I wanted to clean up, have some breakfast, and make a few business calls before they arrived. Peggy was nice enough to have some coffee and toast ready for me in the kitchen where she was feeding Junior. She told me she had to deliver Junior to the Day Care Center before she went home. She gave me her phone number and address and asked me to give here a call later in case I got a chance to come by her home and meet her brothers.

I went to my business meeting at the convention center in San Diego but my mind was not completely on business. I found my mind wondering and continued to reminisce about Peggy’s hot mouth slurping down my cock again. That young lady sure could give a damn good blow job.

I had a semi-hard on all day long and during the lunch break I went to the restroom to masturbate. I headed for the last booth hoping not to be disturbed. I was surprised to find someone thoughtfully had drilled a good size glory hole into the next booth. It was vacant at the present time but just as I had my pants down around my ankles and my big cock in hand ready to pump out another load, a person occupied the next booth. I waited a few minutes to see what he was going to do, then I started jacking on my cock again. He quickly encircled the hole with his finger and motioned for me to stand and put my cock into the hole.

It had been quite a while since I had bathroom sex, but today I was more than happy to let a stranger drain my nuts. I stood and place my hard cock into the hole. He pulled hard dick and my hairy balls thru the hole and started to service me. He licked, kissed, and made love to my cock, and then he engulfed my whole 9 inches.

In a short time my nuts were ready to give him a good load of my sperm. He was a good cocksucker and kept my cock and balls in his care until I was about to pull out, but he started sucking on me again and got me hard and ready to shoot my second load. It had been a long time since I had a good glory hole blow job from a devoted cocksucker and I was pleased I found this place.

After I deposited my second load in the cock sucker's mouth, he cleaned my cock and licked my balls before I pulled out. When I set down to catch my breath, he slipped a note thru the hole with his name and phone number. He said he was married and would like to watch me fuck his wife. Damn! San Diego is an interesting place.

The second part of my meeting went well and I could concentrate better now that I had been drained of 2 loads of cum in the head. However, I was tempted to go back after the meeting to see if anyone else wanted to drain another load from me. Man I was horny this week, but I had always been very prolific and might as well enjoy life while I can. I just happen to love sex.

I didn’t get back for another round of glory hole sex but thought I’d save myself for Peggy if the invitation was still open. The drive back to Terry and Sue’s home was horrific. I was not accustomed to this California traffic.

When I arrived at Terry’s place, he was just walking into the drive way. He was all hot and sweaty from his jogging and looked as sexy and desirable as ever. His body smells were a ‘turn on’ and I would have liked to thrown him down on the front lawn and licked him clean.

“Hey Dick. I see you found the place again. How were your meetings today? I bet you forgot how bad the traffic can be this time of the day. Come on in thru the garage. I have to strip off these cloths and change before I go into the house or Sue would not feed me dinner. I’ve built a shower in the storage area.”

I was admiring Terry’s great physic and hot looking bowling ball butt as we walked up the drive way to the garage. He had kept himself physically fit and had put on a few more pounds since we were room mates in college.

He shut the garage door and led me to the back of the garage to a small room converted into a shower and dressing room with a couple lockers and a small single cot and a TV.

“This is my ‘get away room” where I can watch my sex films in private and jack off a few times before dinner.” Terry told me as he started lowering his shorts. “I could take a quick shower but perhaps you’d like to lick the sweat off my balls and suck my cock like in the olden days of college. What do you say Dick, or have you lost your desire for a man’s cock and the taste of cum? Sue has gone to pick up Junior at the day center and won’t be home for an hour or so. We have plenty of time to play.”

I was a bit surprised at Terry’s sudden approach, but started pulling off my clothes with out hesitation. He only had to ask once.

“Yeah. That’s it cocksucker. Get on your knees and get reacquainted with an old buddy. I see you’re still obsessed with my big cock. Lick my balls and cock before I get hard. I need my ass crack cleaned as well. It’s nice and musky after my jogging. Aw yes cocksucker. Lick my musky balls and show your buddy how much you missed sucking my cock. I might even give you a couple of loads if you think you can still handle it.“

I was still obsessed with his big 9 inch cock and balls. Terry was a hot stud at college and could have almost any girl or guy he wanted for sex. I felt privileged to be his room mate and close friend all four years of college.

We had some wild 3 way sessions. We did some Kinky things. He’d fuck a chick then insist I lick his dick clean of pussy juices. He also forced me to eat his cum from the pussy he’d just fucked. When he wore a condom, he’d tell me to pull off the used condom, clean his cock and make me drink the load from his condom and watch me jack off. He also liked to fuck me up the ass while one of his girl friends watched. Terry was the first guy that I let fuck me, but not the last. I was a favorite of the swimming coach and a couple of the football players.

I continued to get undressed and started to make love to his body as before. I was captivated by the manly odors of his musky balls. I buried my face in between his crotch and inhaled his aroma. Up and down his manly thick uncut cock I kissed and worshiped his manhood. I stuck my tongue under his soft hooded cock head to enjoy a small amount of his tasty smegma. As he stood over me on the floor, he looked down at his cock sucking pig man and smiled. After I covered every inch of his manhood, he pushed my face away from him, turned around, and leaned over.

“Okay my pig cock sucking slut, eat my ass, and lick it clean. Suck on my nasty bung hole and clean the sweat from my ass crack. Take your ass licking time. It has been a long time since I had an ass licking pig like you to take pleasure in my butt hole. Oh yeah, Oh yeah. Just like that, ass licker. Tongue fuck my butt hole. It needs a good tongue fucken. Mumm, right there. Oh yeah. Right there. Gawd how I miss your tongue up my hole each night. Just like old times, huh, ass hole pig. Oh man. That’s so fucken’ good.”

Terry kept talking as I savored and worshiped his body parts. I never realized I missed our sessions so much until today. Gawd. Terry was just as nasty as before and it was awesome.

I lapped at his ass hole and ass crack with passion. He told me to lie on the floor so he could set on my face. He spread his muscular leg over my body and set his butt hole directly over my mouth. I continue to lick and tongue fuck his butt hole. His balls rested on my forehead and nose as he jacked on his cock. I loved this man’s butt hole. It was so sweet and tender and sensitive to my tongue fucking.

I didn’t want him to cum without me taking his load. I sensed his excitement. His balls tightened. He started beating his cock faster and faster, and then he lifted his body from my face and stuck his gushing cock into my mouth. I took a deep breathe and engulfed the whole 9 inches of pulsating cock deep down my throat. I couldn’t help but gasp for air but kept swallowing until I had taken most of the cum deep down my throat. I thought I might pass out but Terry pulled out quickly just in time for me to catch a breath then he went back in. I continued to drink and taste his sweet manly load.

“Damn. I wish I could get Sue to eat my ass like that. Fuck. I sure needed that. Didn’t mean to cum just yet, but your tongue felt so damn good. Let me take that shower while you get yourself ready for a hard fucking. I think next to your tongue fucking and cock sucking, I miss our ass fucking the most. You can use that toilet if you need. I’m gonna be hard and rough today so be prepared for a good humping. Lube up good while I shower.” Terry said as he got into the shower.

I hadn’t been fucked for quite sometime but knew how much I like the way Terry would use me when he needed to get off; which was about once a day. When he didn’t get any good pussy the night before or he just needed a good willing fuck, he’d fuck me before he went to ball practice. I was always ready for his load. I was his fuck partner and gladly kept him happy as much as I could. We were never lovers yet I know in our crazy manly needs, we loved each other.

While Terry showered I douched and cleaned my fuck hole and found some K-Y for lubrication. I remembered how hard and rough Terry fucked me in college so I wanted to be ready for a good ride. When I came out of the toilet, terry was just turning off the water and drying his hair. I was naked and ready for a good fucking.

Hey. You’ve kept your body looking good although you could use some California sun on those hot looking buns. Get over here and get my prick hard. Your ass is looking better all the time.”

“Do we still have time to fuck around before Sue comes home?”

“Gnaw. She has to go to the store and pick up some stuff after she picks up Junior, besides she never bothers me when I’m in my ‘little dungeon’. I have a cell phone she can call me on if she wants me and the door locks from the inside. Forget about her and suck my dick before I punk your ass. Aw yes. Good cocksucker. Damn you’re still the best. Mumm.”

Terry assured me we were not going to be bothered. He had turned on the TV and started playing an x-rated fuck movie while I sucked on is delicious cock. He was already starting to furnish me with his sweet pre-cum juices which were good while fucking.

“Okay punk. Get on the bed dogie style while I get your hole ready for a good fucking. Oh man. Your man pussy looks great. Nice sweet pink hole. I just might give that a taste before I plant my seed in your pussy. Yum, Yum. That looks good enough to eat.” Terry stood on the floor behind me and bent over to lick my asshole. I’d seen him eat his girl’s pussy many a time but he never kisses or licks my ass. Perhaps he did miss me after all.

Terry only played with my ass for a short time and then stuck two fingers up my tight hole. I hadn’t been fucked for sometime so I was tighter than usual. He guided his prick to my hole and pushed in. It didn’t go in the first time so he tried again. I reached around to spread my cheek for better entrance. He leaned in again and shoved the head into the entrance of my man hole. He knew it was going in so he pushed and in it went. All the way to the hilt. I gasp and let out a moan of pain. He didn’t stop but kept pushing in and in. Then when it was entirely in, he paused.

“Man. You’re like fucking a cherry for the first time. Guess you needed to be broken in again. That’s what you get, fucker, for staying away from you buddies dick so long. Now you’ll just have to suffer for a while until you get use to it again. Hold on man cause once I get started I gonna plow your ass well. Damn. You’re tight, but it feels good, Feels real good. Un Huh.”
Terry continued to plunge his cock deep in my tight hole. It hurt like hell for the first 5 minutes but after a while the pain went away. I just had to grin and bare it. I wanted to satisfy my best friend again like I did in college.

Terry and I were just going at it good, when he suddenly stopped and pulled his hard cock out of my gapping hole.

“Turn over on your back and let me fuck you like I do my wife. I want to see your face and feel you muscular hairy legs against my waist and buttocks. There’s nothing like fucking a solid hard body with some hair on his chest. I’d like to nibble on your tits and make you moan. Sue always complains about how rough I am on her tits and that my dick hurts her when we fuck. Shit. I love to be rough and manly when I have sex, and only another man can appreciate the good fucking I give. Take my cock like a man and enjoy the feeling of being fucked by a man. Oh gawd. This is great.” Terry said as he slid his entire cock back into my welcome hole.

I had to agree with Terry. There is nothing better than fucking a dude that loves to be fucked rough and hard. I liked being rough fucked. I was getting into the fucking and felt his big cock rubbing against my prostate, which always caused me to cum. Terry fucked me hard and just when I knew he was about to fill my body with his man seed, I started to cum without touching myself. Terry let out a grunt and shouted how he was cumming. Cumming deep in my man pussy.

We were in unbelievable sexual pleasure. He came so much in me I could feel his cum oozing out of my well used hole and onto the bed sheets. Both of were sweating like two men in a wrestling match. Terry finally stopped his sexual spasms and lay on my chest with his head on my shoulder. I could feel our hearts beating together. He kissed my shoulders and neck then turned his head to look at my face.

“Hey buddy. That was the best fuck I’ve had since I left college. Damn you. Now I know how much I really missed you, I’m gonna try to talk you into moving in with me here in San Diego. Sue and I aren’t getting along that well and she’s made up an excuse to go visit her ailing mother in San Francisco.

So do you think you’d like to move in with me so we can fuck like this every day, like we did in college? We can still share some females now and then, but to tell you the truth, you are by far the best sex around. What do ya say, partner?

I knew I was a bi-sexual man that needed another man or men to fuck the living hell out of me. How could I refuse Terry’s invitation?

More to cum.

Story by Richard Barber
Word count 2,898


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