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it was 1973 i was station in thailand. i was bored with running the whores, it seemed like it was the same thing time and time again. I took four days off and went to bankok. there i did some sightseeing and went to a bar, met this thai man about my age, we began talking his english wasn't bad. we talke about all kinds of stuff. he asked if i was looking for a gir, i told him i was tired of the same old thing,he told me that he understood. I was getting pretty drunk, he asked if i needed a ride back to the hotel, i said yes please, so i told him wha hotel, soon i passed out in the taxie on the way.
the next morning i awoke and found myself in someones house with only this wrap round thing that the thai men and women wore, it was like a long skirt. Any way i sat up, realiising that i have been shaved, i had to body hair on my legs any where. my toe nails and finger nails had been painted, i got up went into the other room and there was the guy i had talked tothe night before. he told me good morning, i said what is going on, he said you will be my slave for the next three days and you will return to me each time you are off. i said no way, i went to the door and there i was out in the middle of no where. i sat down told him i could get into trouble if i was late getting back to the base, he told me i would not be late. we had something to eat. then he took me by the hand to a room with five other women in it, at least i thought they were women. i sat down and they started putting make up on me, then they got me a bra, i have always had tits that stick out, then they gave me a blouse, but no panites.
then i was led to another room, there i was tied up bent over a table, soon my friend came in lifted my dress and took a paddle and commence hitting me, after a about ten wacks and tears in my eyes he asked if i would do as he said and i said i would, he then told me that when i was drunk i had told him about the time in the adult theater when i was 18, so i was to walk the streets with the others and let people fuck me or what ever they wanted, he told me it would only be in thai neighborhood. so he dropped his pants and fucked me. then i was led to the town, there i was brought into a thia bar and left there for almost 4 hours, i was fucked and had to suck so many i could not walk my ass was so sore, they came and got me, took me back to the house where i was bathed and given an enema. then i was tied up outside in the court yard naked, where i was pissed on and whipped. soon as the day ended i fell asleep only to be awoken dressed again and taken back to the bar where i was raped and fucked by boys who could be older than 15. the next day as he promised, he got all the nail poliish off of me and cleaned me up and gve me a ride back to my base, he showed me a place where i could go to get a message if i needed to go back for another visit if i got bored.
well the next month i took 30 days off and went back i loved it


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