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my first taste

  • Monday, January 25 2010 @ 03:02 PM CST
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I was 18 and i was at an adult movie theater by myself. this was the first time i had ever gone to something like this, i sat in the back row, in the middle. as i was watching the movie and getting a hard on, two guys sat on either side of me, it was crowed so i didn't think anything of it. as the movie progressed it got to a part where these two guys where sucking each other off. at first i didn't like it and my dick got soft, but soon it was getting hard again. the man on the right stretched his arm and placed it on the back of my chair, i got a little uncomfortable, but soon it didn't bother me, i was rubbing my cock and then the man on the left placed his hand on my thigh, now these men were in there 40's at least. i didn't like it, but didn't do anything about it, but soon my dick was getting hard again from it. as the movie went on the other man noticed i was getting turned on, he reached over unbuckled my pants, told me not to worry i would like this, i let him alone, the other mans hands mover between my legs, i had a pair of white shorts on, his hand was warm, as the other undid my pants he reach down and started rubbing my dick, he realized i had a pair of womens panties on, they were my friends sisters that i stole from her laundry basket. they just kept rubbing me, finally i had to piss, i asked them where the bathrooms were, they told me they had to go also, but we better leave our jackets to save our seats. so we did. the bathrooms were down in the basement, we went down we all pissed and then as we were getting ready to leave, they grabbed me, told me to shut up, they put a ball gag in my mouth and led me down a dark hall to a room that had all kinds of S&M stuff in it, they took me there and tied me up told me they would be back, turned off the liights and left. It must of been a couple of hours, they came back. they told me that if i wanted to be a girl they would treat me like one.
soon they had me untied, undressed me, put me on a table and shaved all my hair of my body, except my head, which i had long hair.
then they took me over to a stuffed chair told me to kneel facing the chair soon one of them sat in the chair with his cock as hard as it could be told me to start sucking, as i was gettting on with it the other man got down behind me and raped me, i was in pain, but soon between the cock in my mouth and one up my ass i started to enjoy it. then they switched places, then when they were done, they cleaned me up then they gave me some colthes, girl clothes, lace panites, a blouse, a bra and a short skirt then the took me upstairs the place was dark, soon they brought me into the theater, but i when they turned on a set of lights i was on the stage, and in the audience was 10 guys and they wanted me, they gave me a head start, i could hide anywhere i wanted, but when i was caught i was theirs, well it didn't take long and i was raped again and again. Then i was taken out of the theater, driven to a park, told to meet them on the other side and i would be free to go home, well it wasn't as easy as i thought, but after being forced to give head and be fucked i finally made it there where i was driven back to my car, i changed and went to a motel. The next day i returned to the theater, dressed as a girl and this time i had fun.


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  • my first taste
  • Authored by: Brendab on Tuesday, January 25 2011 @ 01:24 PM CST
Hey, that sounds like a lot of fun .. want to try for a marathon contest ? lets see who pleases the most theater guys .. :)

  • my first taste
  • Authored by: SinCityA on Wednesday, May 18 2011 @ 06:04 AM CDT
Really like this story,anxious to try it

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