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Dad and Joey Went Camping part 4

  • Wednesday, December 30 2009 @ 06:06 PM CST
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This story is pure fiction. Do not think for one minute it is true. Please stop reading this if explicit taboo's offend you.

"So dad you promised that you would tell me how you shit on little girls" Joey demanded.

"Well son if you want to know............then here it goes."

They sat on the floor both naked stroking their cocks. Every once in awhile dad reached over and grabbed Joey's little cock and gave it a pull. Joey did the same to his dad.

"Well son to begin with it was with my friends daughter Julie."

"You see he had been fucking her for maybe a year or two and they wanted to bring in another person...............so that person was me."

"My friend invited me over one afternoon after his wife left for her job and I found him and his daughter naked on the living room floor. He was pounding her little cunt."

"Julie looked up at me and said...............he is here dad...."

"My friend kept sticking his cock into her as her little ass bounced up and down on the floor.

I then explained how Julie wanted me to shit on her as her dad fucked her cunt. My mind was racing as I pulled my jeans down and slipped off a pair of briefs. Squatting over Julie's face and facing her dad I felt the first turd slip out of my ass and fall onto her cheek. Her dad took one free hand and began mooshing it into Julie's face.Then another long piece dropped out and then another one only this time smaller. The smaller piece was wet and runny to say the least. After that Julie's dad moved me out of the way and he squatted over his daughter and began to unload his bowels onto his daughter.

"Goddamn fuck dad..............that was awesome." said Joey

"Did you keep doing it after that?" quizzed Joey

"Oh fuck yes Joey."

I explained how together the three of us all took turns shitting on eachother. Julie shitted on me, her dad dumped more shit onto my cock
and I got to shit on my friend. I told Joey how my friend sucked on my dirty cock then he had Julie suck on it too.

"Goddamn dad..........I want to shit on a girl." Joey said.

"Do you think Julie and her dad will do it with me?" asked Joey.

"Will you do it with us too dad?"

"Sure Joey...............anything you want."

My hand was raping Joey's cock as hard as he could take it. I stopped just for a moment and laid back on the floor as Joey straddled my face.

I found the taste of Joey's shit in my mouth to be somewhat sweet.

With out saying a word.............he turned around and put his mouth down on my mouth and delighted in the taste of his own shit.

"Goddamn you are good dad"

"You are pretty goddamn good yourself Joey."


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