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Dad and Joey went camping part 3

  • Monday, October 19 2009 @ 03:06 PM CDT
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This story is pure fiction. The content of this story does not reflect the habits of its author nor does the author encourage such activities between any adult and a minor child.If this type of activitiy or language offends you to any degree, then please stop reading.The author has presented this material for interainment only and not to encourage such activities.

The next morning dad and Joey woke up early and headed for the shower.............together.

Standing there watching his son under the shower head....working the soap bar over his chest and then down to his crotch. Joey took time washing last nights dry cum off his cock and balls.

"Hey Joey.......you got any room in there for me?"

"Sure dad.......come on in......".

They both stood under the warm water together letting it soak into their bodies and feeling the expirence of sharing the morning.

"Dad........do you ever get hard in the shower?"

"Sometimes Joey."

Joey looked down to his dads cock as the water rinsed off lathers of soap.

"God dad, you sure do get hard.......I like looking at it....."

"Thanks Joey."

Dad pointed his cock to the shower wall behind Joey and let loose a spray of piss just missing Joey by an inch or so. Joey stuck his hand into the stream to feel his dads piss through his fingers. Bringing them up to his lips, he licked his thumb.

"Tastes pretty damn good dad."

"Your mom thinks so too Joey. We do it all the fucking time at home when you are not around."

"Here Joey........do something for me."

"Take this washcloth and clean my asscrack for me."

Joey turned dad around and took the wet cloth and washed his dads butt.

"Soap and water is the best thing for caked on shit dad." Said Joey.

Joeys finger lingered on his dad's hole pushing it up his dad to the second knuckle.

"Goddamn fuck Joey, that feels awsome.......keep doing that......."

"Don't worry dad..........I've had practice before..."

"Who did you practce on Kid?" said dad.

"Like you always say dad..............later."e

"Ok Joey................have it you way."

They both stood there in the shower laughing and singing to high shit.

Then dad reached down and kissed his son on the lips, his tounge parting his mouth and reaching for Joey's tounge. Joeys eyes closed and pretended his dad was licking on his asshole.


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