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Dad and Joey went camping part 1

  • Wednesday, October 14 2009 @ 09:51 PM CDT
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The following story is fictional and never happened. If suggestive or explicit talk between an adult and a minor under 18 offends you then STOP READING this story...............The author does not condone or engage in this type of activity and advises that you use extreme caution with children with exposing them to sexual situations as it may be harmfull to them. Thank you.

The story begins here...................................................................

I decided it was time to take my son up to the cabin for the weekend of bonding. We left early on Friday evening, the Jeep packed and off we went leaving mom and the girls home to fetch for themselves.

The first half hour of the drive was normal sports talk and other stuff. My nine year old son Joey was involved with little league football that fall and we had tons of stuff to talk about.He was getting involved with the game,was pretty good at it and he made a few friends on the team.

We were about a hour away from the cabin and it got quite quiet. I glanced over to Joey and I could tell he was in thought about something. Like a father who paid attention to everything about his son I glanced down to his crotch and noticed a little rise in the front of his jeans. My heart jumped a beat wondering what he was thinking about.

"So Joey what is on your mind?" I asked as casual as possible.

"Dad, what is it like fucking a girl?" he quizzed.

"Oh its pretty awesome Joey." I answered after taking a deep swallow.

"Dad, do you think I will ever get the chance to fuck a girl?",he continued.

"Sure son. Some day when you are older." casually remarked trying to stay focsed on my driving and sensing my own hardon coming on.

"Do you ever fuck mom?",he asked.

"Sometimes Joey."

"Dad, do you ever play with your dick?", he asked.

"Sure Joey. I do it allot. Why do you ask?",I questioned.

"Mom says I should not be doing that but I do it anyway." He confessed.

I didn't respond but I could see that his little penis was getting much harder the longer we talked as the buldge got bigger and it slid down his pant leg making a bump.

"Dad what do you like calling a womans thing.......a pussy or a cunt? He asked again.

"Joey I like both words. When I'm drinking at night I may call it a cunt more than a pussy......it just sounds better to me." I said.

A moment went by and he asked me if I was going to drink at the cabin. I told him yes I probably would.

He turned and smiled........"Good dad......I like the word cunt."

"Dad, do you like talking dirty to your friends?

"Sometimes Joey. Sometimes........" I said softly looking into his eyes.

"You say a dirty word dad and I will then say it......ok?" he asked.

"Ok".I replied to his request.

"Lets see.......shit......."





"Piss" he said.

How about motherfucker dad?"

"Yah........pretty dirty son." I answered.

"How about Goddamn sonofabitch"

"Wow that is on my bad list Joey!!!!!!"

"You dont mind Dad....?" he aked

"No son........I don't mind."

Then it got quite quiet for a few minutes and I knew something was brewing in his head.

"Dad.......can I see your dick when its hard?"

I didn't answer right away but drove in silence for a mile or two.

"Yah Joey...........its ok......you can see it if you want to."

He turned to me and smiled.

"Dad............I say Goddamn with my friends on the team allot."

"Goddamn......Goddamn......Goddamn......" he repeated.

"Say it with me dad........say it." "Goddamn.....Goddamn.......Goddamn."

Together we bobbed our heads to the music playing from the radio and singing "Goddamn.......Goddamn........Goddamn" over and over again.

"Dad I love you."

"I love you too Joey."

We both broke out laughing our asses off.

end of part 1.


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