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I watched her laying on her back, Her puffey nipples on her small "A" cup tits erect as her young girl protruding belly slowly rose and fell with her heavy breathing. Her legs were spread wide , her young virgin cunt wet from my sucking toung. She was ten years old , and I was thirteen, and already had almost six and a half inches, that at ten years old she was begging for. I ate her cunt and finger fucked her every chance I got for over a year. Our mom knew it was going on and being the whore she was, didn't say a word when she walked into the basement and I had sis hanging naked from the same celing hooks that dad and his buddies used to hang mom and work her over on weekend nights. My cock was standing streight out, with strings of pre cum hanging from the oozing head. Mom smiled as I looked streight into her eyes and I pushed two fingers of my left hand up into my sister's little cunt causing her to groan and writhe as she hung by her wrists. " OOOOHHHHHHhhhhhh, Cass , Mom whispered. She's your sister , Honey. She's too young to fuck. Is'nt me letting you do SPECIAL things to me enough for you son?" I kept looking into mom's eyes as she took my dripping cock into her hand, and slowly pumped it. Then she softly asked me not to make sis into a pain whore like her. She said she knew sis would be a whore because of our family life style , but , she didn't want her to need pain to be satisfied. I still had my fingers in sis and as an unspoken answer to mom, I shoved them up in sis as hard as I could , making sis scream and thrash , her little hips suddenly pumping hard on my hand, and begging me to belly punch her. " I guess you have been using your little sister longer than I thought," mom said. "The only thing I ask of you Honey, is, don't belly punch her. You'll bust her guts. A young girls belly can't take it. " She let go of my cock and as I pulled my fingers out of sis, mom gave sis one last look, and told me I was a lucky boy to have a pice of meat like sis to use. Then she told me to get done with her because one of my "uncles" was coming over to "visit" her. That was a year ago, and now at ten years old sis was moaning and telling me to go ahead and start pushing my cock into her little cunt. I got between her legs and holding my rock hard cock in my right hand, slowly guided the head into her tight meat. She started telling me to push more in , to hurt her ! She was just like mom and me after all. Suddenly with one powerful thrust of my hips , I drove my cock into her to the hilt! Her mouth flopped open and she threw her arms around my neck , a deep groan coming from deep in her little throat. " I feel it up in my belly, Cass, now hurt me some more! Do me like they do mom", she breathed. Thats when I started pounding my cock into her as hard as I could, pumping her for all I was worth! Suddenly she quit pumping me back and just held her hips tilted up to me and let me hammer her. She was having her first orgasm from a cock in her! I was ready to cum too, so I quickly pulled out of her and moved up on her to put my cock in her mouth to cum as I jacked my meat. "NO", she breathed, "IN ME like mom , Cum in me, DO IT, " she begged. I couldn't help my self . I got back between her legs and mounted her little body again, just in time to shoot rope after rope of my hot cum deep into her little belly. As we lay there , my semi hard cock still in her, we deep kissed and I lowered my head down to her little tits and sucked her untill she was moaning and thrusting her little hips again. "Do you want me again? she grinned up at me. I pushed in her all the way again. "You're my whore now Sis, I'll take you when ever I want now" I growled. "Your just a pig like mom now Sis", I told her as I kept deep pumping her. She smiled and said the words I heard mom say a hundred times. "If I'm such a pig, THEN GUT ME !" I went over the top hearing her taunting me like mom does to her lovers. I raised up on my elbows and put the "claw hold" on her little belly, digging my fingers as deep as I could into her pumping guts squeezing and twisting her intestines and listening to her urge me on, sounding just like our mom. I was starting to cum again, and this time I Belly punched her as I started to shoot. She went into a convulsing orgasm. I kept my cock in her cunt and emptied my balls into her again. When she finally lay still , I slid out of her and kissed her nipples . "Twist them", she moaned. Then we got cleaned up and I felt her up and told her she was my whore from now on, and we used each other for our personal pain whore for years till I left home at eighteen. This was years ago, but like yesterday. I hope you enjoyed my true story.


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  • SIS & ME
  • Authored by: SinCityA on Monday, May 30 2011 @ 01:24 AM CDT
Love this story

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