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Just a beer

  • Friday, August 07 2009 @ 06:29 PM CDT
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Two nights ago , my wife wanted to go out alone , so I decided to hit the neighbor hood titty bar for a few beers and to enjoy the view. As I got my beer and sat down in what migh be called a dark area or just an out of the way area where I could enjoy watching the girls , and kind of relax by my self, my cell phone rang. I answered it just to quiet it's loud ring. It was my wife. You might know. She asked me if a friend of ours was dancing tonight , and I told her yes, that she was comming over to my table when she went on break. My wife told me to have our dancer friend call her when she sat down with me. I said I would, and when our big titted friend came over I gave her the phone. As she talked with my wife she looked all around the bar, and , finally spotted a guy she was looking for. Before I could say a word, she waved him over to my table and told him to sit down. He was neat and dressed in a casual manner, and overall friendly. Our dancer friend introduced us and went back on stage. He and I made small talk about how big our friend's tits were and how he had once fucked her and her girl friend in an "A" frame house on river road. I live in an "A"frame on river road!! He went on to tell me that the woman who owned the house had gone so crazy when she saw the size of his cock that she told him he could fuck her every day of the year, and could even use her for his wildest fetishes , that he could do things to her that no other woman would let him. I didn't know what to say, and just sat quietly listening to him tell me some of the things he's been using her for. I wondered how big this guy's cock could be to make my wife so crazy about this guy. Finally our dancer friend came back over to our table, and told us to come with her. We did, thinking we were going to fuck her in the back office. When we got there she kissed us both and let us feel her up and suck and maul her beautiful tits. Then she told me to get on my knees, which I did. All at once my new friend thanked her and pulled the biggest cock I'd ever seen in real life!! It was HUGE ! I opened my mouth as he stepped infront of me and without a word pushed the bulbous head far into the back of my mouth . I wanted him to mouth fuck me , and begged him to pump my mouth full of his thick cum. He took a full ten minutes to finally pump a huge amount of cum into my sucking mouth. As I milked the last of his cum out of his now semi hard cock, my cell phone rang and our dancer friend answered it and I heard her say "He just finished fucking him in the mouth, and is taking Cass's cloths off now. Cass is still stairing at that big cock, and begging him to fuck him". The dancer said "She says do him, so she can hear him take it and hold the phone my his head while you pump it to him so she can hear him take it." I knew it was my wife by now and as He bent me over the couch back I begged him to gut me with his cock. As he pushed it to me I could feel it clear up in my belly. Then as I begged him to fuck me like he did my wife he rammed it to me like a machine for what seemed like ten minutes. Finally he pumped his cum deep in my belly,and pulled out of me . He grinned, handing me the phone, and my wife's voice simply groaned as she orgasmed on somebodys cock. Say thanks Cass she whispered, your his new best friend!


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