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Mom was a pig

  • Thursday, July 02 2009 @ 12:56 PM CDT
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This is a true story about my mom . She was the hottest bitch I've ever seen. She was a whore, but she also was a pain whore , and knew that I watched the men work her over from my peep hole above her bed. When they were done with her she'd usually be passed out, so I'd run down stairs and work her huge tits and soft, muscleless belly over as she groaned and shivered . Once while I had dug my hand deep into her belly "claw style" , and was trying to rip her guts out, I said , "I want your guts Pig" , not knowing she had come too. She began convulcing and cumming! Suddenly her eyes opened wide and looked me in the eyes. " If I'm such a pig , then GUT ME " , she groaned. Pre cum was oozing like mad out of my hard cock, and she saw it. "Gutting me turns you on doesnt it honney. Just like your dad. Go ahead use the knife in the nite stand and slit my belly!, " she moaned. I took the knife from the stand and looked into her eyes as I pushed a quarter inch of the tip into her big tit. She groaned in pleasure and told me to push harder! I did, until a full inch of the pearing knife blade sank in. Still keeping her eyes locked on mine she began to orgasm again. I pulled the blade out and watched her start bleeding. " Thank you baby, now push it in here", she said as she pulled my hand down to her lower belly and pisitioned the knife tip just below her belly button. "I cant mom , it'll kill you " I mumbled . She started pumping her belly up and down and grinding her pelvis, making me want to go ahead and do it , but I knew better. Suddenly she blew her belly up so big she looked nine months pregnant, trying to get the blade in her. She did!!! It went in to her soft belly fat deep enough to stand up by it's self!!!!!!! Cum was oozing out of her used cunt, her own and, that of the guy who had just left from fucking her. Her belly started pumping and jerking , and we both watched the knife wobble in her pumping belly, both of us almost in a trance! As we watched her belly with the knife sticking streight up out of it , we were both startled as uncle Whitey came into the room and stood beside me and stared with us at mom's belly. Mom forgot he was comming over to use her, and now here he was. He had taken his cloths off on the way in and now was slow pumping his big cock as he stared. Then he put a hand on my shoulder and I sank to my knees, still watching mom, as he started slowly pushing his big blue cock into my already sucking mouth. I loved getting him ready for mom , and now mom was fisting her own cunt and telling him to cum in my mouth while he watched the knife in her belly wiggle. She was talking dirty and telling Whitey that she trained me to eat cum so her men could use me while she watches. "I'm the pig who put the first mans cock in his mouth with my own hand , and now I'm going to make a slit in my belly and let him fuck me IN THE GUTS"!!!! That was all it took! Whitey groaned and put his hand behind my head and jerked me all the way onto his huge cock, my face buried in his belly , his cock pumping his thick hot cum deep in my throat. Mom screamed in orgasam and fell back flat on her back, her big tits rolling all over her rib cage with blood seeping out of where i put the knife in her big beautiful left tit. Whitey's big spent cock flopped out of my mouth as I tried to pull him back into my mouth by his big balls. He snickered as he shoved me back. I slid over to mom and in a quick motion I pulled the knife out of her belly. I was the only one who hadn't cum yet . I was desperate as I held the knife to my own belly. I looked at mom and she was smiling. "Go ahead Baby, open your belly so I can watch Whitey push his big cock into the front of your belly and pump it in your guts. Show mommy what a Pig her little boy is , just like his mom". Whitey grabbed the knife and threw it into the hall telling mom what a fucking pig she was and now I was just like her. She hadn't heard a word he said. She was telling him to belly punch me to make me cum. She wanted to see me beg for belly pain while she watched. Whitey looked at my belly, and , sank his fist deep at my belly button , then stepped back so mom could watch my belly convulce. Mom said "Harder ! Bust his guts! Whitey gave me three more deep punches,turning my belly to a swelling bloating bag of brused intestines. I fell across mom's belly and felt the heat of her battered guts. "Tell me your a pig she groaned". I rolled onto my side, still laying across her belly, digging my own hip bone and ribs into her guts as hard as I could. I was looking over her big rib cage and tits at her face and said, "Belly punch me Pig , make me cum , do me now please, I'm a Pig like you Mom"! Whitey was raising my right leg and getting in positon to start his now hard cock in my ass while I laid there on mom. Mom smiled as she watched my face while Whitey pushed slowly until I felt the head of his cock behind my belly button! Suddenly Whitey called me a Pig and started pumping me so brutally that I knew he was trying to bust my guts. He was crushing me into mom's soft belly so hard I could feel her back bone as my body sawed back and forth like a big saw cutting her in half. "DO ME mom , DOME PLEASE"!!!!!! Mom buried her fist in my belly and kept driving it as deep as she could , actually hitting Whiteys cock inside me as it jack hammered inside me. Finally Whitey buried his cock to the hilt in me while mom kept punching the head through my guts, till I felt him start pumping his cum deep in me . I soon felt mom grab my balls and squeeze and pull ! As whitey finished pumping his cum deep in me she looked in my eyes and crushed my balls and pulled them so hard I could feel the chords up in my belly burn! Then I started to cum and passed out. When I woke Whitey was gone, I was laying on mom , and felt something between our bellys. I rolled off her and looked. It was the knife! Mom smiled. " Now baby , we're alone now so you can gut YOUR PIG and fuck mommys guts. I didn't do it , but two years later mom's little pig has a two inch scar just below my belly button , and yes, mom watched. Soon the same guy is gonna do me again. I guess mom was right - Some men get off on gutting pigs. I have the pictures on the wall in our "secret room" with the guy's cock stuck in my belly just below my belly button . My wife also watched and soon she wanted to know what it felt like to take a cock in the guts. Mom and I have made a fine pain whore out of her and her and mom want me to do "Gut the Pig' to them both. My buddy that did me has nine inches, and I need it in my belly soon. He's been fucking me in the mouth so they can watch , but the wife , mom , and me are ready for gut fucking. If you want to know more comment.


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  • Mom was a pig
  • Authored by: wilbur on Saturday, July 04 2009 @ 10:49 PM CDT
I'm getting used to these kinds of stories. I was wondering about the wounds made with the knives. Do they heal on their own?How do you know you won't do some real damage and end up in the hospital? Sounds dangerous. And yes write more.

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