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I became man-of-the-house at an early age.

  • Monday, June 22 2009 @ 08:41 AM CDT
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I was 12 when mom and dad seperated marriage. My younger brother was almost 10 that summer that still lives freshly in my memory. Dad had been secretly schtuping his business partners wife that whole winter. He eventually moved away after the school year concluded. My most vivid recollection of this entire twisted turn of incestual events is the "talk" he had with my prepuscent ass before he packed and went to sweeter pussyland. Sitting in his truck with all his worldly belongs in tow as the motor ran there in our driveway, he motioned me to jump inside with him so he could feebly justify to me, the older son, now to be the newest fuck buddy to mom how I must buck up to the situation and become the man who he always knew i could be. "What the fuck does that mean, pop,? I asked to him without ever really asking anything at all. " Your momma is going to need you more now. Make damn sure you're there for her, understand.?" I didn't understand but in a few short days and some ravenous nights it all became crystal clear to me and my ever-burgeoning libido. My brother and I slept in twin beds across the hallway from mom and dad's room. The third evening after dad's leaving, mom was on a drunken tear and by eight o'clock she was soundly or should it be, coma-like, nakedly sprawlled across her bed. Out like a fucking light. Open-legged, fur-lined, tit-showing, ready for the new daddy to cum, errrr, come to the rescue. After my kid brother had dropped off to sleep I deftly exited my preteen bedroom prison bunk for the glorious new freedom of mom's sweet heaven-cunt! I entered the dark rooim and stood at the side of her looking down at the very birth canal that just over a decade before I had been evicted from so abrubtly, so rudely, that I recall I wailed until the gyno doc guy had to beat my virgin white ten-minute-in-this-world ass.But now it was all so different. My looms were about to lose all of their fruit. I softly lie next to her as she deeply breathed and moaned. I smelled the liquor wafting above us and then is when I thought to myself," Lick her." Afterall, I had walked in on dad licking her on saturday morning at the breakfast table. That alone gave me the sense to know how to mouthe upon her meaty lips and dive orally into my own mother's bush.>>>>>>> IT IS 6:32 A.M. HERE IN TEXAS. LABOR BECKONS. UNTIL SOMETIME THIS EVENING I WILL CONJOUR THE CONCLUSION OF MY STORY. HAVE A GREAT DAY!


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