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Passing It On To The Kids Part 2

  • Thursday, June 11 2009 @ 04:53 PM CDT
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This story is about incest,water sports and scat and is extremely explicit depicting what most people would call taboo. It is pure fiction. If this offends you or if you are under 21 years of age then please stop reading.

This story is for adults only and should not be read by or read to anyone under the age of 21 years.

The author does not encourage anyone to engage in activities that are contained in this story.

You have been warned!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad and me were in the bathroom,him on the toilet doing his shit and me with my hand between his legs catching some of it. He had already pissed on my hand so it was pretty wet so I just worked his poop through my fingers and started stroking my dick with his piss and shit.My cock was covered with his shit. He started yanking on his cock as he watched his boy get off. Next thing I knew dad had leaned over and I began fucking his mouth with my cock.Dad always liked the taste of his own shit but this time it was fucking dripping off my cock in his mouth.This was sooo goddamn fucking hot watching my shit covered cock fuck dads mouth. Now it was my turn to return the favor. Dads did another wet turd and caked his cock all up and down his shaft. Having dad fuck my mouth with his shit covered cock was awesome.
Dad and I rubbed our cocks together as he stood up and ran his fingers through my hair.We had masterbated our cocks together sooo fucking long that most of the shit had worked into my hand. Dad then turned me around and got down on his knees and began licking on my asshole. He had fucked my asshole manytimes but wanted to see how far his tounge would go up inside me.I knew I had some shit up there so he got a good taste as well.

After that we jumped into the shower and lathered up to clean off.

We didn't actually ass fuck that time but our shit play between dad and me was somehow better.

The next day out in the garage we just sat together on stools at his work bench looking at porn together and talking about what we wanted to do. I told him how I wanted to bring a friend into or activities which he agreed to but he had other plans as well. He talked about bringing my little brother and sister into our shit and piss sex.
I thought about and said why not.They may even like it more than I did.


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