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One Hell of A Summer Part 1

  • Wednesday, May 20 2009 @ 06:11 PM CDT
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My name is Mary. I have two girlfriends Beth and Jill. We live in New York.It was the first of June and no where to go much less nothing to get us there, but we had a plan. I don't know how we came up with this awesome idea but we all wanted to go to California and no way of getting there.Our plan looked like this. One night not too late we each packed a few clothes and went to the local truck stop. We would fan out and just wait until a trucker would see us alone and start a chit chat.From there we would try to hook up a ride where ever they were going no matter where that was. I ended up some place in Orlando. Beth made it to Chicago on the first try and well Jill I think it was some place in West VA.The idea was to continue to do this one ride at a time until we all three ended up in August in LA.Then we would meet and fly home together.We each kept a log and the idea was to see who could get fucked the most times both by guys and women and anything else for that matter.There were no rules. As long as we three made it to LA by August. We kept in touch by cell phone the entire summer. We had $76.00 between us.My pussy was red hot and so was Beths' since before we left, we both had great sex with Jill.Who knows what could happen. Maybe we would get killed or something or not make it to LA on time so the three of us fucked eachother in my apartment before we left.

Like I said my first ride was supposed to be to Orlando. Took me awhile to get there. This trucker and his wife picked me up at the truckstop resturant and offered me a ride which of course I accepted. She had nice tits and I could see by the outline on his jeans his cock was not a 4th graders.It was a fucking boner!!!I got in between them sitting onwhat ever they call that thing in the middle and we took off. His wife was the first one to pick up on what was on my mind and we hit it off well.She leaned over and said to her husband while he drove that she thought they were in for some good pussy from me. My pussy went beserk and was about to drown in the wet and goo.She sat back and pulled her shorts and panties down as I watched as she began fingering her cunt.It looked delicious.Deeper and deeper went her fingers all the fucking way in. Then fucking out just like getting fucked by a man.I leaned back and my hand went for his cock which was by now sticking out the zipper. Pumping him gently as to not wanting him to cum right there in the fucking drivers seat, I watched his wife finger fuck her fuck ass cunt. That was when all hell broke loose and I leaned over with my face and took over the duties of her finger with my tounge.Goddammit she is fucking hot. Her husband took his cock in his hand and put the truck on auto pilot so to speak and just stroked himself as he slowed down to a safe speed not wanting to atrack smokey. My mouth was getting full of bitch wet as I like to call it and he shot long streams of cum on the floor mat.

So I was in heaven by now and tried to lean back and relax just a bit, trying to eat a candy bar I had pulled from my backpack when the truck pulled over and stopped. The fuck ass bitch took hold of my arm and yanked me out of the truck as she opend the door and I sorta fell head first to the ground some place in Maryland. So much for Orlando I thought. As they left me there brused a bit on the side of the interstate I flipped them the bird as they drove off in smoke and well me? started a 2 mile trek down to the next exit. Tired and still hungy I crashed in the first resturant booth I found at this fucking truckstop and dosed off for a few ZZZZ's. My pussy was still wet.

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