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I am waiting for my flight out to you it has been a long time coming you have set up a hotel and a driver to pick me up at the airport to take me there I no that what the next four days holds will last with me a life time.
I had finished my bussiness and was very excited that the time was here in a few short hours all of my fantacies would come true all the long hours of dreaming about your taking me were at hand.
We were going to meet for a drink in the hotel bar
thinking about it had my pussy so wet my nipples were hard and standing out my breathing was shallow.
I jumped when I heard my flight being called I got up when it was my zone being called I said to myself ok no backing out now girl you have made it here go.
Sitting I take out a book but do not read it I go over all our conversations and get even more excited I am going to have my deepest desires met in full.
I close the book and lean backand close my eyes it is a three hour flight to you . I must have fallen asleep because I was dreaming that I had landed and was in the room.
I was walking out of the bathroom from my shower in just a towel and I see you sitting there waiting for me you say nothing you walk over and tug on the towel it falls to my feet.
You lean down and kiss me softly then you whisper hello my little slut its about time you have come to me it took you a very long time and I will make you pay for making me wait.

You walk me over to the bed and I see a white dress laying out on the bed you tell me to put it on I say yes Master.
I bend to pick it up but before I reach it I feel the first lash of the crop on my ass I put my hands on the bed and say nothing knowing that yes this was deserved for making Master wait.
Again and again I feel the lash four in all then I feel you kissing my now red ass telling me that I was a good slut to have bent over to take my punishment then you are spreading my ass and licking the hole deep I moan.
You stop and turn me and tell me that now I can service your cock and ass I sit on the bed and take off your slacks and briefs I take ahold of your large cock and I lick it from bottom to top licking the head.
You grab my head and push it down telling me to take it all I open my mouth and suck in your cock taking as much as I could sucking and swirling my tongue I feel you grow even bigger I gag but try to take it all.
Loving that you are letting me suck your cock I stop and fall to my knees and I start licking and sucking on your balls you lay back making it easier for me to get to your ass I push your legs up i spread your checks and plunge my tongue your sweet ass over and over rubbing above the hole with my finger.
You roll over and get on your knees and spread your ass wider and tell me go deeper you ass sucking whore I am getting wetter every second I push my tongue in as deep as I can and swirl it around you buck into my tongue saying yes pet just like that.
I spend a long time tongue fucking your ass and love every second of it you turn over and tell me to get on your cock and ride you that you want your cum deep in my pussy I get on top and ride you hard you are smacking my ass saying yes ride me slut fuck your Master good.
Soon I am begging you Master please can I cum you say yes pet cum hard for your Master I let go and rode even harder and soon was cumming harder then I ever have before this sent you over and you were slamming into me hard and cumming also.
We both lay for a while catch our breath but soon you are kissing me and telling me it was about time I got my ass to you you rolled me over and slide down my body your hands on my nipples you start sucking our cum out of my pussy and pinching my nipples I dont ask with an impish grin I grab your head and buck into your mouth and cum again.
I know that while in the pet status I am supposed to ask before cumming but I did not care I had dreamed of his lips sucking my clit drinking out our juices for way to long to care about what form of punishment he would give me.
Mmmm I open my eyes and notice the man sitting next to me was looking at me I blushed and asked was I snoring or drolling he laughed and said no but what ever I had been dreaming of must have been hot because I moaned alot.
I laughed and told him he did not know the half of it he said he would like very much to hear all about what could have had me maoning with such pleasure.
Me being the NaughtyGirl I am leaned over and whishered in his ear the whole thing I could see his cock growing with every detail of my dream I knew that when I was done he would be off to take care of himself.
But no I was wrong he put a blanket over his lap and grabbed my hand and he began stroking his cock with my hand when I was almost done he took a tissue from his shirt pocket and he exploded into it .
He then told me that my waiting Master had sent him to fly with me and that yes I was a very Naughty little slut and that he would be very pleased that the waiting was not for nothing.
He still had my hand over his cock and to my surprise it was still hard he smiled and told me that I was in store for things beyond anything I could or would have thought of up until now.
I smiled and said I know I expected nothing less from my sexy online man he had touched desires I had never knew I had he pushed me to beyond the limits and came out on top.
I tried to pull my hand away and he would not release it he said no you will keep me hard until we land then we will be the last off the plane so my cock can go down.
I smiled and took his cock out of his pants and then squeezed it hard he jumped and let go of my hand I sat back and said very softly you will be my pet and you will pay for thinking I am your slut he laughed.

We soon landed and were out getting our bags I let him carry mine as I followed him to the waiting car it was a nice limo with leather seats and a bar I mixed a drink and sat back he smiled again and made one for himself.
it was a short ride to the hotel rather un up scale one I was moving to get out when he again stopped me and said you will get your chance to punish me little slut but I will enjoy every second of your days here.
I had no doubt that he would I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth after touching it and feeling him cum and stay hard he would be a great fuck for sure.
He lead me to my room and put my bag down he told me to be in the bar at 8pm sharp that you would be waiting for me I agreed and closed the door behind me.
Walking around the room I notice the four poster bed the red dress on the bed I had to smile it was not white like my dream I glanced at the clock and noticed I had time for a bath I walked in and ran the water.
After taking a long bath I went and got ready dress pumps the hair down the makeup just right I still had 30 min before I was due downstairs so I went over to the bar and made a drink .
looking around the room I knew would hold much pleasure I knew I had made the right choice in coming here I finished my drink then headed down to the bar.
I was damp and getting wetter the closer I got to the bar and my desires forfilled I stopped just inside so my eyes could adjust to the lighting it was a small bar but rich looking.

I scan the room while standing at the door and I see you oh my god you are better looking in person your shoulders are wider your hair thicker and darker your lips firm.
I almost bolt but then you look up and see me standing in the door you raise an eyebrow as if to say this is your last chance to run my dear if you walk over you are mine.
I walked on steady feet towards you wanting to get this started soon I was in front of you and you smiled at me and I knew then that for the next few days I would be safe no matter what took place between now and then.
You ordered me a drink and we went to a table it was then I notice the other people in the room at the table were men and women all shapes and sizes.
I felt at ease standing there knowing that these people were going to be a part of my lusty needs they were a tool to be used nothing more then one of my sex toys at home.
Soon dinner is ordered and they arrive I have very little desire for food but knowing I will need to keep my energy up I eat the chicken cordonblu without tasting a single bite.
I then notice that some of the people are leaving I do notice the man from the flight was still among the ones left behind he smiles and nods hello I nod back unsure if I am allowed to do that um I guess not from the stern look i got.

The four of the people left get up when we do and we all go to the room where the first thing Master says to me is strip slut I knew then he was not happy with me grrr I didnt even make it two hours as a sub without getting in trouble.
He then started talking to the others he said she is a pretty slut but a bad one she was on a flight to me yet she acted like a whore with another she told him of an erotic dream she had then she stroked him while doing so she also touched his bare cock.
They looked on in horor at my lustful deed all but the one I had done it to he smiled and went on to say she not only did that she squeezed my bare cock telling me I would be her pet.
At this you my Master took out the paddle and smacked my bare ass you then told the four to each tie a hand or foot place me face down on the bed this was done fast I could not moved.
I felt hands on my ass spanking me I whimpered but did not scream out in pain it hurt worse then I had thought it would but it also felt better then I ever dreamed it would.
My ass was on fire ok this was much more punishment then my erotic dream but oh my god I loved it , I then felt the ties binding my feet undone I was told to kneel ass up.
I was retied this time so I would stay in the possition Master wanted. He then told me my punishment was long from over that if I wanted to act like a whore with strangers then strangers would treat me as one.

Not sure what could be worse then the spanking I relaxed wrong move or maybe a smart move but all of the sudden I felt cocks on my ass smacking it rubbing it .
I felt a sharp pain a cock entered my ass with no lube and went deep the man was leaning over me he whispered hello again slut as he started pumping in soon another cock was in my at least wet pussy fucking it.
I did scream then in pleasure and pain begging for what I did not know for sure lube or to be fucked harder soon my ass was filled with cum my pussy was filled with cum and I wanted to cum but knew better.
Not wanting to be punished again I faught the urge to cum and made it but just barely oh my god just barely.
I felt the next cock enter my ass omg it was huge a strapon from the hardness of it at least it was not dry this time it started fucking me and this time I begged to cum.
Master said no whore not just yet just then the toy was gone and yet another cock was in my pussy pounding fucking and cumming it was leaking out I was so full.
Soon it to was over tears running down my face I begged to cum yet to no avail I felt the paddle again 5 more times I was going to explode and soon would say to hell with punishment when Master said now pet you can cum now and I did wave after wave.
i heard people dressing and laughing about how much fun it was to punish a bad pet I would love it when it was my turn to do those voices I knew.
I smiled..
I felt the ties being undon but could not move yet Masters hand was on my ass so I did not moved soon he was sucking the cum from my pussy and telling me sweet pet cum for your Master cum hard and I did.
I felt him pick me up after and he caried me to the waiting bath we both got in and he held me in his arms kissing me and asking how was the first part of your fantacy I told him better then my wildest dreams...


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