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My Wife And Me At The BookStore Part 2

  • Wednesday, May 13 2009 @ 03:26 PM CDT
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So they bought the magazines walked out and drove away. On the way home:

"Now what dear" She said.
"Hey I know of another store we could check out if you want."
"Sounds like a hot one to me."
"It is babe,it is."
"You going to keep me guessing?"
"You will see,you will see."

So they drove across town and stopped at the next store and walked in. There were a few men browsing the books,toys and magazines looking up once in awhile just to check things out. Two or three couples were in the back of the store thumbing thru the DVD's.
The interesting part of this store were the video booths. A quarter would buy you 3 minutes of hot eye candy. As we walked back to the booths a strange thing happened. We met some friends of ours in the fucking store. Bill and Julie.We made eye contact with them and stopped to chit chat.We always thought Bill and Julie were much too moral to be seen in a place like this but we were wrong.After a minute or two of casual talk we said our solongs and moved on down to another part of the store not wanting them to see us race to the booths. When we turned around to go back they were gone.

"Ok dear now what is it you wanted to show me?" my wife asked.

"Lets just hit the first booth" pointing over to the corner.

We both crammed in and I dug into my pockets for a handfull of quarters,two quarters into the box and the flick came on. By now my cock was in my hand and her hand was down inside her panties fingering her cunt like a bitch in a beauty salon.

"See down here?" I asked her.

"What the fuck is that hole for?" she quizzed.

"You will see"

"Yah you fucking keep saying that."

Not 30 seconds went by and the guy in the booth next to us had his cock hanging thru the hole ready to be sucked."

"Its called a glory hole." I wispered into her ear.

"go ahead and try it if you dare." I told her.

She got down on her knees and took the guys cock in her mouth and began sucking while I kept feeding the quarters into the box.

Christ I thought,she is a good cocksucker just like always.My hand kept stroking my meat watching her take this strangers cock in her mouth all the way down to his balls.

"Suck it babe.Suck fuck it just like you fucking do mine. Oh Fuck!!!!!!!! you are sooooo godamn fucking hot babe.I love it when you let me watch you suck cock.Sooo fucking hot. Keep sucking it.

I stroked and dropped more quarters.

Now it was my turn.

"Hey save me some of that pole." I said to her.

She stood up and now it was all mine. By now the glory hole cock was 8 inches of hard meat. I worked my mouth over the head stopping to lick on the piss slit. This fucker is one hot bastard I thought as I kept sucking and my wife watched while her cunt was fingered raw.

My wife was dripping wet.

"Oh fuck..........I think he is going to shoot."

I glanced up to my wife who was leaning back on the wall and watching the video.

Cum shot into my mouth.Hot waves of sticky white cum from his dick. Goddamnmit I love this I kept thinking as I licked more cum from his piss slit. I got up and we kissed so she could taste the creme that ran down my throat.

After a few more quarters, my wife sucking off the wet cum off his dick,we composed ourselves and got the hell out of the store.

"Hey I wonder what happend to Bill and Julie?" I asked as we drove home and pulled into the driveway.

"Who knows"

"hope they didn't see us go into that booth." she said.

"Probably not. Probably not."

More to come................


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